August 20, 2010

‘The Switch’ Opens today!

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman in The Switch

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum and Juliette Lewis, “The Switch” is produced by Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa. Nathan Kahane, Jennifer Aniston and Kristin Hahn are executive producers.


Jason Bateman in The Switch

Jason Bateman in 'The Switch'

Neurotic, self-absorbed and pessimistic Wally Mars’ (Jason Bateman) financial success with New York stock trading partner Leonard (Jeff Goldblum) does little to shake his fundamentally gloomy perspective on the world.

Jennifer Aniston in 'The Switch'

Jennifer Aniston in 'The Switch'

The one bright spot is his best friend Kassie
(Jennifer Aniston), beautiful and funny, who, unfortunately for Wally, is content being just friends. When Kassie, in her early 40s and single, announces that she wants to have a baby and doesn’t plan to let the lack of a husband or boyfriend stand in the way, Wally is bursting with anticipation at what he expects to be asked. Then Kassie lowers the boom—she wants him to help her find Mr. Perfect Sperm Donor, not be Mr. Perfect Sperm Donor.
Before long, Kassie finds the perfect donor in the form of charming, Nordiclooking Roland (Patrick Wilson). At Kassie’s “insemination party,” thrown by her best girlfriend Debbie (Juliette Lewis), Wally makes what is surely a lifechanging switch, then passes out and remembers nothing.
Jennifer Aniston and Thomas Robinson in The Switch

Jennifer Anniston with Thomas Robinson as Sebastian

“The Switch” is based on the short story “Baster,” written by Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist Jeffrey Eugenides, author of “The Virgin Suicides” and “Middlesex.” Screenwriter Allan Loeb discovered the story when it was originally published in The New Yorker in 1996 and believed it would be a great premise for a film. Loeb subsequently developed the screenplay with producers Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa of Bona Fide Productions.

Producer Nathan Kahane, president of Mandate Pictures (“Juno,” “Stranger than Fiction”), had an opportunity to read the script and became an enthusiastic fan. “We felt it had a totally fresh approach to a very unique subject, so we reached out to Albert [Berger] and Ron [Yerxa], whom we have worked with in the past, to let them know we were extremely passionate
about partnering with them on this film.”

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman in The Switch

Walt Disney Pictures and Miramax - The Switch ©2010 Baster Productions, LLC

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