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September 28, 2011

Elle Women in Hollywood Honor

The 18th annual Elle Women in Hollywood Celebration will be held on October 17 at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills Hotel and Jennifer is one of the honorees! Very exciting!

Some especially nice words coming from the star of Jennifer’s film “Mia”, Patricia Clarkson: “She is born to be a director, she has a beautiful eye. I was just surprised at how formidable she was. I worked with a little someone named Martin Scorsese and a little someone named Woody Allen and let me tell you, Jennifer holds her own, baby!”

And Jennifer hand-picked Patricia Clarkson and had this to say about her: “Did I pick Patricia Clarkson? I was so – I couldn’t believe that she actually said, ‘Yes.’ It was one of those things where I jumped, cried – tears came to my eyes because I couldn’t believe it. Everyone was like, ‘You’re never gonna get her. It’s Patty Clarkson. Do you not understand who you’re dealing with? She’s never gonna get Patricia Clarkson.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, you can always try, though.’ Next thing you know, a day later, ‘Yep.’ We had so much fun. She’s so gorgeous. She’s just gorgeous in this film. And she’s a trooper and a hard worker and loves – just like, ‘Alright, tell me what you want.’ Wants it, she’s like a sponge.”

What a love story, huh?!

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By: Laura

September 27, 2011

Warriors in Pink PSA

Following her second job as a director with Five, a film following five people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, Jennifer continues to support breast cancer research. She recently designed a “Reach for the Moon” t-shirt, and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the shirt will go toward finding a cure for breast cancer.

If you want to support this cause, do as Jen says and visit To order the t-shirt Jen is wearing in the PSA, go right here (available in grey and white).

After you’re done watching this announcement, you might want to check out our interview section (recently updated) and the quotes section called “Others about Jennifer” which is now at a proud count of 1569 quotes. And when you’re done with that, spread the word about breast cancer. Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

By: Laura

September 26, 2011

Private “Five” Screening in New York

Tonight, there will be a private screening of the Lifetime TV event “Five.” Thanks to Lyndsy Fonseca.Net, we can share a few details about this. For one, it’s a private event. It will be at Skylight Soho, 275 Hudson Street, New York, New York. Also, the red carpet is supposed to start at 6 pm, the screening at 7 pm with a private party at 9 pm. No word yet on whether Jennifer will be there but chances are high since she’s currently in New York anyway.

Make sure you check out the trailer and don’t forget to tune in on October 10 at 9 PM.

By: Laura

September 21, 2011

“Five” Poster Released

Look how fierce Jen and her colleagues look right here! Girl power all the way! Mark your calendars if you haven’t already: October 10, Lifetime. Until then, enjoy two behind the scenes (duh! she’s a director on this one) pictures of Jennifer (and her dear friend Kristin Hahn) as well as the other beautiful women who are supporting this film Demi Moore, Patty Jenkins, Alicia Keys and Penelope Spheeris as well as the glue that holds these five short films together: Jeanne Tripplehorn! And check out the official site of the film to see more from all the other awesome people involved. I can’t wait!

By: Laura

September 9, 2011

Wanderlust Release Date Update

According to Box Office Mojo, the new release date for the Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd comedy ensemble Wanderlust is scheduled to be released on February 24, 2012.

No date for this yet but apparently, Jennifer is going to appear in a nationwide fundraising commercial for St. Jude’s with 21-month-old Hayli Nobles.

Jen is also scheduled to appear on The View sometime in September. My best guess is at the end of the month to promote Five which airs on October 10.

By: Laura