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Jennifer Aniston Center Policy:

All images on this site were either scanned or captured for the Jennifer Aniston Center. If you have a website, and wish to use a few images, you may do so by following these simple rules:
Do not remove JAC tag on images. Give credit back to the Jennifer Aniston Center, and the person who scanned or captured the image.

Wallpapers, stationery, and ecards were made exclusively for JAC. If you wish to use any of these on a website, you must email us for permission.

Articles: All articles on this site were personally typed by Laura, Bill, Kamia or someone contributing to this site. Typing entire articles takes a lot of time, and effort, therefore we cannot allow anyone to use these on other sites.

History of the JAC and its owners:

The Jennifer Aniston Center was created and designed by Layla back in 2001. But due to a heavy work load, it was never completed. It was finally completed in the summer of 2002, but due to an unfortunate virus, and files not backed up, all was lost. So it was back to the drawing board. Finally, we set our sails on the internet in April of 2003.
This site was not frequently updated due to forces beyond anyone’s control. Pneumonia, and the brutal death of a close friend, and the death of a family member. Hopefully, if the Almighty (Not Bruce!) does not decide to deal us another bittter hand in the game of life, we should have this site running as it should be.
The current version of JAC was designed by Bill and Marre. The original JAC was designed by Layla using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 6.0, Ulead Photo Impact 8, and Adobe Photoshop 7.
JAC was owned and run by Layla and Josan until August of 2004, when ownership changed hands. The site is now owned and operated by Kirsty, Kamia, Bill, Mike and Laura.

This is an unofficial, non-profit site. This site is in no way affiliated with Jennifer Aniston. We are merely fans.
All images used are for entertainment purposes only. Copyrights are held by their respective owners. No copyright
infringement is intended. If you are the owner of any image, and would like your pictures to be taken off, please email either
Bill or Laura. Please do understand that while the images in the galleries are intended to be visitor’s personal use, a linkback to this site is deeply appreciated, if for nothing more than out of respect. Everything took time to do. We are only asking that you respect the site… .

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions about the site and its contents.

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