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May 18, 2012

2012 Forbes Celebrity 100

Jennifer has made it on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list as one of the most powerful actresses in Hollywood once again. Her recent hit movies Just Go With It with Adam Sandler and Horrible Bosses where she was joined by her friend Jason Bateman earns her rank 22 on the most powerful list. This is just another highlight of her career since the actress recently got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and could eternalize her hand and foot prints in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. And with three movies in pre-production, Jennifer will surely appear on Forbes’ list in the next few years as well.

By: Saskia-Maria

June 18, 2010

Jennifer Aniston – Jason Sudeikis, Friends, ‘Horrible Bosses’, Wanderlust and Angelina Jolie?

So, what did we have this week ?

The Gossip circles were in overdrive about Jen’s new movies ‘Horrible Bosses’ and Wanderlust and some, not content with that got in their time machines, lest we forget that Jen and Brad were once married.

In other words, the usual…

As of – Jennifer is not:
»  Dating Jason Sudeikis
»  Making a Friends Movie
»  Getting Naked in ‘Horrible Bosses
»  Getting back with Brad Pitt
»  Pissing off Angelina Jolie

What do we have that is true? Well David Wain will be keeping us up to date with Wanderlust from his blog.

And there are (so far) two new major players in the family: Jennifer Aniston, who co-starred with Paul in Object of My Affection and Friends, is the female lead. She is awesome and funny and you’ll see cool new sides of her in this one.

By: Bill

June 2, 2010

Tabloid Update

No one is perfect, that is what we all believe. Star seems to be chasing perfection though, by being wrong 100% of the time. Odds are with them that eventually they will get one right.

It would be a Scream if they did, unfortunately not this time, Jen is not doing Scream and Star is wrong … again.

By: Bill

May 15, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Gossip Update

It comes as no surprise when Star publishes made up stories about celebrities, it’s their job, like pests they’re expected, like mosquitoes at a picnic. For one you take bug spray, the other you just ignore.

Well, most of the time anyway.

David Wygant and the editors at the Huffington Post apparently didn’t get the “ignore these people” memo.

David published a piece yesterday, Does Jennifer Aniston Have a New Love Interest?

Maybe David, maybe not, but you need to get a better source than Star. Gossip Cop shot down this silly piece of tabloid nonsense nearly two weeks ago.

By: Bill

March 29, 2010

David Schwimmer isn’t mad at Jen

Here is a big surprise, David Schwimmer isn’t mad at Jen. The Daily Mail had David angry at Jen for not knowing his new fiancées name when she was on David Letterman. Turns out David had not told any of his friends about the pending nuptials so Jen didn’t know about it, no one did.

Gossip Cop has the story.
Gossip Cop

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March 2, 2010

Tabloid Update

Well let’s try this again. Stopped this for awhile because let’s face it, it is a colossal waste of effort and there are better sources ( and writers ) to slap the bogus out of them, and naturally Gossip Cop comes to mind.
Anyway Star has Jen purchasing a new $3000 telescope for her latest hobby ( you will recall the cook book incident. )

Now as an avid and long time amateur astronomer I am thrilled at the prospect, but and however, Star has an abysmal track record.
Oh and what do you know, the article moves into the poor Jen territory claiming Friends, ( oh sorry “Source” ) say Jen is looking outside the showbiz box to find a wealthy business man.

And, as if you need reminding, Jen was once married to Brad Pitt and she is devastated because of John Mayer.. uh huh…

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