September 28, 2011

Elle Women in Hollywood Honor

The 18th annual Elle Women in Hollywood Celebration will be held on October 17 at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills Hotel and Jennifer is one of the honorees! Very exciting!

Some especially nice words coming from the star of Jennifer’s film “Mia”, Patricia Clarkson: “She is born to be a director, she has a beautiful eye. I was just surprised at how formidable she was. I worked with a little someone named Martin Scorsese and a little someone named Woody Allen and let me tell you, Jennifer holds her own, baby!”

And Jennifer hand-picked Patricia Clarkson and had this to say about her: “Did I pick Patricia Clarkson? I was so – I couldn’t believe that she actually said, ‘Yes.’ It was one of those things where I jumped, cried – tears came to my eyes because I couldn’t believe it. Everyone was like, ‘You’re never gonna get her. It’s Patty Clarkson. Do you not understand who you’re dealing with? She’s never gonna get Patricia Clarkson.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, you can always try, though.’ Next thing you know, a day later, ‘Yep.’ We had so much fun. She’s so gorgeous. She’s just gorgeous in this film. And she’s a trooper and a hard worker and loves – just like, ‘Alright, tell me what you want.’ Wants it, she’s like a sponge.”

What a love story, huh?!

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