August 11, 2010

Jen spars with a “reporter” for “The Switch”

Amid all the silliness is a gem…

From The Vancuver Sun:

The last thing Jennifer Aniston really needs at this morning’s news conference is to hear about the tabloid media.

Yet the way she responds to one reporter’s persistent questioning shows how much of a class act she is.

It’s been a while since former husband Brad Pitt was lured away by Angelina Jolie, but it’s not yesterday’s news to the tabloids, which continue to find Aniston useful fodder for their monthly fantasies. But if the star of the forthcoming The Switch is feeling any pain over the situation, she has no intention of showing it today. Instead, good humour is her weapon of response.

Motherhood is the subject of the romantic comedy opening Aug. 20 – motherhood via a sperm donor – and now we have this one earnest reporter remembering what the tabloids were suggesting about her a few months ago.

“You remember those, huh?” Aniston responds crisply. “It’s powerful reading material, yeah.”

Seemingly oblivious to the underlying sarcasm, the hapless reporter presses on. Seems a tab had this photo of her clutching her tummy – enough for it to suggest pregnancy.

“Yeah. I have 13 children,” grins Aniston, who has yet to become a mother. Then comes a truly inane question: Do the tabloids affect her professional decisions about what roles to take?

Aniston doesn’t skip a beat in replying.

“I usually really try to steer away from making my creative choices based on what the tabloids are saying,” she says sweetly. “I would be really screwed if I did. But yeah, no I don’t. It’s all silly.”

From The Vancuver Sun