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Kamia from Maryland, US
I was known not to be bothered on Thursday nights. It was my time to watch Friends. "Where is Kamia?" "You know its Thursday, she's watching Friends!" I could never figure out what was my lure to this show. Yes, the cast was funny, but so are casts on other TV shows. No one could even try to emulate what that was because it was so great, yet there was something else that was keeping me from freeing up my Thursday nights.
"So who's your favorite person on the show?" The first time I was asked this, I never really focused in on separating the cast into individuals. "Rachel I guess" was my answer. "Why?" "I don't know" was my answer, at that time. I really did not know why I was immediately drawn to her, but I was. That is when I honestly started my journey into finding out more about who this woman was.
Now I am at the point of finding out more about this woman. At the time she had just did an interview for Elle Magazine. "Great! I found a recent interview" was my response. I always felt that through most celebrity interviews you really get a feel as to how they really are and how they present themselves to the public. I brace myself, not really knowing what I am going to read. Wait. First I need to go over the things I already know about her, a pre-read check list. Ok, she is on Friends. Check. She is married to Brad Pitt. Check. She is funny. Check. Ok I think I am ready. So I read. Really found myself blown away from what I just read. This is not the same girl I have been watching on TV right? She is so the anti celebrity, not Rachel Green at all. Not like I thought she would be. This is where my interest in Jennifer goes into full swing. My date with "Friends", every Thursday, still has its name and number penciled nicely in my day planner, but now another name is added next to it. Jennifer Aniston.
Over the years I have had the opportunity to watch Jennifer evolve from being not just Rachel Green, but America's Sweetheart. Yes, there are a lot of America Sweethearts floating around, but only one true person can really have this title. One of the things I have always loved about her is her ability to be real and unapologetic for that realism. You just don't find this often in people. She doesn't try to pretend to be more than she is. She just tries to do the best she can. Simplistic. Elegant. Beautiful. Excuse me, Naturally Beautiful. She is not in the world of the fake and plastic. Jeans, a T-shirt, and a pair of Flip-Flops do her just fine. She is a hard worker, wonderful actress, a wonderful contribution to our society. Everyone she encounters have generally nice things to say about her. She has this sense softness and approachability which is another reason why I feel people are so drawn. We want to see her happy. We want to see her life move along the right tracks whether it be personally or successfully. Bottom line for me is that as long as she is happy, I am happy in whatever she does and that is all that matters.
Kirsty from Scotland, UK
From the moment she ran into Central Perk in her wedding dress, accusing her jilted fiancée of looking like 'Mr Potato Head' you couldn't help but love Rachel Green. In an instant she became someone we, as women could relate too. We watched her struggle with finding the perfect job and obsessively followed her love life every week on our television screens. Jennifer Aniston, undoubtedly touched hearts of women everywhere with her portrayal of one of televisions best loved characters. We copied her haircut, fashion sense and bought every magazine she graced the cover of, desperate to find out more about Miss Aniston. She's not the most beautiful actress, not the funniest, not the smartest but she has an appeal which makes it impossible for her not to be liked. She's sweet; she giggles during interviews and can laugh at herself. She doesn't pretend her life is perfect and readily admits she makes mistakes and bad choices. Unlike many Hollywood actresses, Jen's not a diva. She doesn't flaunt herself at any given opportunity or use award shows as a stage to tell the world her opinion on politics and the President. She's someone you can easily imagine having a drink with at your local bar or chatting away in a restaurant over some Mexican food and cocktails. When she married Brad Pitt women everywhere where delighted for her, not bitter that she'd managed to get one of the world's sexiest men down the aisle. But when they divorced and he was quickly seen on the arm of another woman, Jen was the inspiration for divorced woman world-wide, for her class and dignity through an impossibly difficult time, with the whole world watching. It's difficult to say exactly what makes Jen so appealing. She loves her girlfriends, sun-sets and her dog. She manages to keep a sense of normality despite the constant hoopla surrounding her every move. Perhaps it's just that she's simply a nice, sweet girl trying to live her life the best she can, while the world watches.

Laura from Germany
Jennifer Aniston might be the only role model who doesn't want to be a role model and yet, somehow, tries to be one. She isn't the most beautiful or the most intelligent woman which makes her relatable and when she says she doesn't understand why people are so interested in her and her life, you believe her. I can't say exactly what it is either.
While others feel the need to force their way on the cover of several tabloids, she doesn't know why she's there. Without any efford whatsoever she's been on many, many tabloid covers. Unfortunately, she's become one of the best paparazzi targets, unvolunteerily overshadowing her career with her personal life. That's why I'm convinced she's one of the most underrated actresses around. "She's Rachel", or "Rachel again", are the constant arguments in her movie reviews. Always trying to forget that she's successfully challenged herselfself with roles in Rockstar, The Good Girl, Office Space, Derailed, Friends with Money, and even The Break-Up, they make her out to be an actress who can play comedy only. They read the genre and instantly think it's a Rachel Green role; talk about fairness. Through it all, she's proved to be a really strong woman and actress and that's why I love her.
She's never forgotten her friends and family and strives to be a better person every day. Hint the role model who doesn't want to be a role model but still tries to be one. :) She can make fun of herself and is generally funny.
To sum it up, Jennifer Aniston is real, funny, humble, relatable, honest, smart, strong, nice, beautiful, youthful, adorable, mature, wise and most importantly talented.
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