June 18, 2010

Jennifer Aniston – Jason Sudeikis, Friends, ‘Horrible Bosses’, Wanderlust and Angelina Jolie?

So, what did we have this week ?

The Gossip circles were in overdrive about Jen’s new movies ‘Horrible Bosses’ and Wanderlust and some, not content with that got in their time machines, lest we forget that Jen and Brad were once married.

In other words, the usual…

As of – Jennifer is not:
»  Dating Jason Sudeikis
»  Making a Friends Movie
»  Getting Naked in ‘Horrible Bosses
»  Getting back with Brad Pitt
»  Pissing off Angelina Jolie

What do we have that is true? Well David Wain will be keeping us up to date with Wanderlust from his blog.

And there are (so far) two new major players in the family: Jennifer Aniston, who co-starred with Paul in Object of My Affection and Friends, is the female lead. She is awesome and funny and you’ll see cool new sides of her in this one.