July 17, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Lolavie fragrance launch at Harrods : London

Jen’s Lolavie fragrance will launch exclusively in Harrods in London on Wednesday 21st July 2010 and Jennifer will personally be signing bottles for customers in Harrods Georgian Restaurant
[on the 4th floor] from 1-2pm on Weds 21st July.

Update: word is the name will be “Jennifer Aniston” not Lolavie.

Update: Mon, Jul 19, 2010: Gossip Cop has confirmed the perfume name is “Jennifer Aniston”, not Lolavie.

David Lipman designed the bottle and said ( it has ) “the flow of a Frank Gehry building combined with the fluidity and organic form of a cresting wave.”

Jennifer Aniston Lolavie perfume bottle

A new fragrance from Jennifer Aniston - Lolavie

“Translating Jennifer’s vision and her life into one of the most sensory experiences is a wonderful project. Her clarity and passions lend themselves so naturally to a fragrance.

I think together we have created something unique and intoxicating that is truly impactful,” said David Lipman.

“Jennifer showed clear vision for the fragrance from the outset. Her references evoke her love of the natural world and the fragrance celebrates her as an intelligent, natural beauty whose strength and elegance are unparalleled. It was a pleasure to work with her on this beautiful fragrance,” said Leon Falic.

Jennifer Aniston Lolavie

A new fragrance from Jennifer Aniston - Lolavie

The Lolavie fragrance is supported by a campaign created by David Lipman and shot by Mario Sorrenti.

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