Jen on Movie Characters

On Brooke Meyers (The Break-Up)

- “She’s an artist at heart, but she’s not really accomplished. She’s in a relationship she’s been in many times before… hoping to break a pattern she’s been repeating.”

On Sarah Huttinger (Rumor Has It…)

- “In the midst of her sister’s wedding, she opens this Pandora’s Box, which would explain why she is so unlike her father or her sister. She looks different; she doesn’t like to play tennis; she drives faster than they do. Suddenly, all of those differences make sense to her, so she goes on a quest to figure out: if she isn’t a Huttinger, who is she? And who is her dad?”

- “Sarah is confused and unsure of where she’s going and who she is. I think this stems from the fact that she feels there’s a big piece of herself missing because she has always felt disconnected from her family, especially after her mother’s death.”

- “Sarah has never been able to explore or understand those things she felt were missing from her connection to her own family. She’s a little like Mount St. Helens – ready to erupt. What we see in the film is her journey to finding her voice so that she can make the right choice.”

On Polly Prince (Along Came Polly)

- “Polly is a little flaky. She wouldn’t think so, but that’s sort of the charm – that she just doesn’t see anything wrong with how she acts. And to him it’s just like nails on a chalkboard. And yet they can’t help but fall for each other. I find her just very fearful of intimacy, fearful of letting herself be vulnerable, but I see her as very fearless, actually, in the way she sort of jumps all over the place. She can be anywhere, goes into all sorts of situations.”

On Justine Last (The Good Girl)

- “You don’t have to go and live in that life to relate to the problems that are pretty universal of feeling stuck and that loss of passion and vitality. She’s only 30 and she just feels like she’s done. I can relate to that. I think we all can.”

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