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Aaron Eckhart said:

“I love Jennifer’s character, Eloise. How sweet she is and kind and carefree. And is exactly what my character, Burke, needs.”

“She was wonderful to work with. So easy. She’s a wonderful actress. She just has the best timing as an actor and she knows what to do with the material. But as a person, she’s just very easy to be around. And we laughed on set. You really couldn’t tell, you know, when we were rolling and when we weren’t rolling. It was all that sort of stuff. She’s an incredibly well-balanced, refreshing woman.”

“She looked lovely [at the Love Happens premiere.]“

“[What do I want the audience to know about Love Happens?] Well, primarily that Jennifer’s in it and she’s funny and she’s beautiful and sweet and everything you’d expect from her.”

“Jen has a sweetness and an innocence in a reality that no other person has. She has the ability to be the girl next door as well as this adventurous [side]. You’d think that she was just going to live quietly in a white picket fence and two cars, and then she’s off jet-setting with rockstars and this kind of stuff.”

“She has this duality in her that people are attracted to. She won me over the second I met her.”

“As an actor I really got to play all parts. It’s a love story. It’s about grief and healing. It’s a great actor’s exercise. Plus, OK, I got to kiss Jennifer Aniston. That’s really what it’s all about. Who’s playing the girl?”

“Filmmaking is about business, selling your product. That means shaking hands like a politician. The key is to do is as sincerely and honestly as you can, enjoy it and embrace your fans. Otherwise, you’re jaded and I’ve seen both sides. I also look to people like Jennifer, see how they do it. I just worked with Johnny Depp and that guy is out there with fans. I really admire that.”

“She’s fun, easy, effortless, a good actor and she has a charm. Not a lot of people have that kind of charm. She was the anchor in this film. I was happy to work with her.”

“[People people love watching Jennifer fall in love so much in movies] because she loves it — that’s the answer. She’s such a lovely person inside, she’s so sweet, and she’s got this face, you know and she’s got such a unique personality that people find joy in her finding joy. Now, would they if she went out and played a very, sort of depressing role? I don’t know but you’re right, there are certain people that people want to watch fall in love. I had a great time watching her fall in love. And getting to know her and seeing how she surrounds herself with beauty and love and is a very kind and good person.”

“She was wonderful to work with. Beautiful and wonderful actress, as well. And a good kisser.”

“[They're not my fans,] they are Jennifer’s fans, I just borrow them sometimes.”

“She’s hot. I mean, let’s be frank. She’s fun, she’s easy, she’s effortless, she’s a really good actor. She has a charm that – really, if you think about the history of movie-making or movie-making today, you know – not a lot of people have and that’s why she – we keep on going back to Jennifer. I think she’s the anchor in this film and I was happy to work with her.”

“The fans [at the premiere of Love Happens] came from all over the world to see Jennifer. She looked lovely.”

“Primarily, [I want people to know] that Jennifer’s in [Love Happens] and she’s funny and she’s beautiful and sweet and everything you would expect from her.”

“Well, Jen’s such a better actor than I am. She’s so effortless all the time. I really get jealous of people like Jen because they seem just to do it. You know what I mean? And her timing and how playful she is, and yet can turn on a dime and just be so thoughtful. I don’t know. I guess my process might be a little bit more laborious than hers. I don’t know her process, but she seemed to have it at her fingertips at all times.”

“I thought it was well written. I figured I hadn’t done something like this before, and then Jen was in the movie and I thought it was a challenge for me as an actor.”

“Well, there were times when it was impossible to actually act, because we were laughing so hard. Which was nice. But there were other times where we did hate each other.”

“Jennifer and I, I think, are better as – better have a platonic relationship. You know, it’s very deep. I don’t even know what platonic means. Jennifer and I are very good, you know, movie friends. I’m very happy that she was in the movie and I love her to pieces. Maybe I’ll make a run at her tonight since we’re all dressed up.”

“We did [have great chemistry.] It’s because we didn’t sleep together. I think that’s the key to a longer and lasting relationship.”

“She was very easygoing, very effortless. I think that’s the word I want to use: effortless.”

“She keeps good people around her. She’s interested. She asks questions. She gets outside of herself and lives, I would say at the very least, an interesting life. It’s not really always her own. She deals with it very well.”

“The best part of the movie was falling in love with Jen, we had a great time. I’d never met her before, [but] I’d heard great things. Her ease, her balance, her philosophies in life, how effortlessly she worked. She has great timing and surrounds herself with great people. Life is pretty good for her right now, she has such a good structure around her that I appreciated and they were kind to me.”

“I really have enjoyed working with Jennifer. She’s just a terrific person and collaborative and a great actress and I really feel like, you know, that this time we spent together has been, creatively, rewarding.”

“What surprised me was how balanced she was. I don’t know why that surprised me – I guess just because the girl has been through so much.”

“It was wonderful; she was awesome to work with. Good friend, sweet girl, total pro. She has just a heart of gold, and I totally enjoyed the experience.”

“I was so happy when she agreed to do the movie. I can see why she is who she is. [And why] she gets mobbed all the time. One of these days I might make a move and date someone famous — just to see what it’s like.”

“When I do a film like [Love Happens], my first question is usually, ‘Who’s my leading lady?’ I had a really good time with Jennifer. She has obviously had an interesting life and she’s so balanced and so much fun. She loves to laugh and she’s a total pro, great to act with.”

“Jennifer is a peach, she’s such a wonderful amazing woman to work with. Her reputation is well justified.”

Eric Edwards (cinematographer on Five) said:

“She was good at separating what she did and didn’t need as a director. We had roughly 20 minutes of programming to shoot in four days, and the economy of the shoot really focused her.”

Jewels Elmore (Jennifer’s chef and friend) said:

“Her friends are in and out all the time. Jen’s a homebody. It’s been so much fun to create a place where everybody feels comfortable, like one big family.”

“People used to always ask us, ‘What does Jen eat?’ We’d reply, ‘Healthy, clean food… like we do!’”

“When you know the person you’re cooking for, you can see when they need a boost. There are days when Jen is so busy, she’ll out herself on the back burner. I can help her take care of herself.”

“She’s not skinny. She’s perfectly fit. You know all that good stuff you’re supposed to do for your body? She actually does it.”

“To Jen, my boss lady and friend. Oh, Mamma! You are one of a kind. You have changed my life. You have a completely open heart and always, always, always make me feel so appreciated. I admire your incredible generosity of spirit and the deep appreciation you bring to all you have and do. Simply saying thank you just isn’t enough to communicate the gratitude Jill and I have for your unbelievable love and support. I can’t believe the amazing family you have created around you – and given to us! I am eternally grateful.”

Scott Elrod (co-star in The Switch) said:

“I grew up watching her on Friends. And she is that person. Very sweet. Very… just heart-warming. Welcoming. I mean, I got on set and she was great. So we had a lot of fun. Total sweetheart. She’s – you know, the girl-next-door.”

Toby Emmerich (New Line production chief) said:

“Jennifer Aniston was always our first choice for her part [in Horrible Bosses], Colin Farrell was looking to do a strong comedy and the minute we’d announced the movie, Jamie Foxx’s agent called and said, ‘You’re coming to him, right? He’d love to do this.’ So we knew we had a good chance to get this going, because having that kind of cast involved really helps because of the strong international numbers their movies have.”

Jerome Eskow (former head of drama) said:

“Jennifer had that capacity to show a greater capacity. To show emotions. Love, hate, joy, sorrow. You could see it in her eyes. So she was an interesting kid. One of the good ones. Most young people come to secondary education tabula rasa, a clean sleigh. And they let the faculty ride on that sleigh. Then there were kids like Jennifer, who appear not tabula rasa, but they seem to already be what they are going to be. They’re like a piece of undeveloped film, waiting for the developer to bring to the surface that embedded image that’s already been planted there.”

“One of the things I remember most about Jennifer was her working on stage crew. Hauling scenery. Painting scenery. Setting lights, working on make-up, sowing costumes. She always made herself available. And working on her scenes. Rehearsing after school for hours. But basically, I think of Jennifer as a member of a team. And watching her on Friends, she seems to have taken that into her career. But she was a great kid when it came to cooperating. And we’d have to send her home, ’cause she’d stay forever.”

“A question that arises frequently is there are differences between Jennifer and Rachel. How much of Rachel is Jennifer and how much of Jennifer is Rachel? But that’s a question that every actor faces. The good ones force you to ask that question.”

Gloria Estefan said:

“I ran into Jennifer Aniston at The View and she said, ‘Hey! Come over!’ And are you kidding me? I heard all about the movie [Five] and I’m excited. It sounds fantastic.”

Melissa Etheridge said:

“Jennifer’s on her journey and she’s really enjoying it. She’s just very happy and very grateful.”

“Jen is smart. I wish people would realize that.”

“The first time I remember [meeting Jennifer] was at a mutual friend’s (Ellen Degeneres’) party. She impressed me because she knew a game I was playing. The game was snaps.”

“[Brad Pitt and Jennifer] really communicate. They keep that personal connection there.”

“[Both she and Brad Pitt] have a drive for success, but it never overshadows their drive for a healthy, happy life. They enjoy their careers, but if it was ever bad for them, they would so drop it.”

Dan Ewing (Australian actor) said:

“I wish my horrible boss was Jennifer Aniston.”

50 Cent (the rapper) said:

“I just ran into Jennifer Aniston in a lounge in Switzerland she is beautiful in person. Wow.”

Donald Faison said:

“My best moment on Friends? Ross, Rachel and Chandler trying to get Ross’ new couch up to his new apartment. [Ross] going, ‘Pivot! Pivot!’”

Leon Falic (co-creator of Jen’s fragrance) said:

“Jennifer showed clear vision for the fragrance from the outset. Her references evoke her love of the natural world and the fragrance celebrates her as an intelligent, natural beauty whose strength and elegance are unparalleled. It was a pleasure to work with her on this beautiful fragrance.”

Mary Fanaro said:

“[Courteney Cox Arquette and Jennifer] are both great women that are passionate about anything they support and lend their name to and it’s not just about the campaign of the moment; it’s about real education and commitment to helping in anyway they can. They got involved [with 'Stamp Out Violence Against Women & Girls of the Congo'] because they are my friends and support what our brand stands for.”

Jon Favreau said:

“The only bummer of it at all was that Jen was so much in the spotlight at the time about her marriage, so she tended to stay in [when we were going out in Chicago]. We got her to come out a couple times, but she tended to want to keep a low profile. She had a whole other level of fame that made it difficult to go out and have a good time.”

Tina Fey said:

“Jennifer is not only incredibly lovely to have around, she also has what the young people would call ‘mad skills.’ And plus, that hair! We’re very excited that she’s joining us.”

“Jennifer Aniston is going to be on. She’s on the third episode of our show, and I got to be in scenes with her… and the episode is finished now, so I saw it, and it looks like I made it at the mall. Cause it looks like, ‘Put yourself in Friends!’ Cause it’s like… ‘Oh there’s the lady from Friends, and ‘Oh God! Who’s that idiot?!’ It just looks like I made it for my Bar Mitzvah or something.”

Celia Finklestein (co-star in Horrible Bosses) said:

“You know, she walks in and she’s a star. She’s generous and kind and lovely and hilarious. Killed every joke right away.”

Judy Finnigan (of UK’s Richard and Judy) said:

“I honestly don’t know of anybody we’ve interviewed who has inspired so many of our friends and teenage children to say, ‘Please tell her I love her.’”

Jenna Fischer said:

“I can’t believe [Jen getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame] didn’t happen sooner! Well deserved!”

Jason Flemyng said:

“A lot of people who are famous use it as a weapon to intimidate you, so you’re never at ease. Brad and Jen know the effect they have, and they negate it as quickly as they can. They couldn’t be more generous; there’s no status hierarchy at all. Lots of big American actors pretend to be nice, but at some point you’re firmly reminded of who they are and you go, ‘Oh, #$^%, here we go.’ With Jen, it’s not like that. She’s very proletarian.”

“She’s a female Brad. Couldn’t be more gorgeous, yet utterly without vanity. They took me out a few times in L.A. and, this will sound strange but it was so nice to be around such normal people. We just ate Mexican food and talked nonsense.”

Lyndsy Fonseca said:

“There’s so much of Jen in every single one of these stories [of Five]. Like, you can just – like, she – yeah, she’s really passionate about it.”

Mia Ford (young actress) said:

“[I would like to work with] Jennifer Aniston. [She] is definitely number one on my list. My favorite show is Friends so getting to work with her would be one of my dreams. She is a phenomenal actress and very versatile in both comedy and drama. I always hear people say how sweet of a person she is, which I think is most important. I have seen almost all of her movies so I would be really excited if I could get the chance to work with her.”

Jamie Foxx said:

“We all come from comedic backgrounds. You look at Jason, you look at Jennifer. We all had that sense of humor, so to just be able to let the cameras roll and he catches you and you know? That’s pretty smart.”

“I was privy to see Jennifer Aniston’s thing that she’s doing. She’s going for it. Any time you get people like that, that just wanna go for it, it’s gonna make the movie fantastic. It’s like watching an Allstar game. To see all these people having fun is gonna be amazing.”

Scott Frances (architecture and lifestyle photographer) said:

“She is exactly what everyone thinks about her. An incredibly sweet and supportive and warm person. I shot her bachelorette pad in L.A. before she sold it. It was mid-century modernist, overlooking Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Striking views, tremendous, nice. She had the candles going. It seemed like a party house, with these huge verandas.”

James Franco said:

“She’s a very beautiful woman. I think she’s dating someone. Yeah, [I would date her if she was single, though.]“

David Frankel (director of Marley & Me) said:

“[Jennifer] is really good with comedy, yet has the emotional depth to carry the darker moments in the story.”

“[Jennifer and Owen Wilson] found each other very amusing.”

“We made the set as comfortable as possible for her.” – on the skinny-dipping scene in the movie

“[Jennifer and Owen] are so captivating and it was apparent from the first second that I saw them together.”

“I was nervous to meet her, frankly, because the character had to age from 22 to 40, and Jen is in her late 30s, and I kind of felt that that was a stretch. But she came down the stairs and all of my anxiety went out the window. Within five minutes I said, ‘It’s yours if you want to do it.’”

“She has no words [in that very emotional scene in Marley & Me]. All the heartbreak of that moment, which any woman would feel going through it, is magnified when you watch Jen and you know how much she does want a family and children. My wife said it’s the most wistful movie she has ever seen. It is about the things we wanted in life and didn’t get, and yet we still have the desire to celebrate what we do have. I think that really applies to Jen. She’s gotten more than her fair share of happiness and success, and yet I think the reason her personal story continues to captivate us beyond all reason is that there is a very accessible yearning in her for something more, something intimate, something lasting.”

“What she does so brilliantly is play great tennis with the big stars of our day: Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Vince Vaughn.”

“And when she and Owen met, their chemistry was so charming, I knew this movie was going to be so easy.”

“Jen had some anxieties about preparing. You have crying babies, the kinks and stresses of being a young, exhausted mom — a lot of stuff she hadn’t been through personally or acted before.”

“She came really close to adopting [a puppy.] In the end, she felt she had her hands full.”

“That kind of magic [between Jennifer and Owen Wilson] is the luck of the draw. You put two brilliant movie stars together and they spark in a thrilling way.”

“Jen and Owen are a lot of fun and for all of us it was an enchanted experience to do this movie. There was something really wonderful about going to work and one, already trying to make each other laugh and two, being surrounded by wonderful dogs. I have five dogs at home and Jen has a couple of dogs and Owen has a dog and – so we’re all dog lovers and it really made us feel comfortable working with the dogs in Marley & Me.”

“There’s a sweetness to Jen and a real yearning for happiness that you can sense; you just connect with her in an instant.”

“Fortunately, Owen and Jen are dog people. They brought their own dogs to the set and the dogs lived in their trailer. They’re completely used to dogs doing wacky things – just being a reckless force. There were times, they had to put baby food on their cheek or hold treats. They had phenomenal patience with the puppies especially.”

“Oh, yeah, I would work with them anytime. From the first moment we all got in a room together you could see a spark between them. They are so comfortable. They like each other. Jen and Owen know where each other’s coming from. They’ve had so many experiences that are similar – not shared – but similar. They also speak the same comic language. They both understand the rhythms of both drama and comedy and not how to not fight the comedy — how to improvise and to play and to keep running to find funny stuff. There were very, very, very relaxed. There was no stress ever.”

“Jen Aniston and Owen Wilson have amazing chemistry together. It’s just… that’s luck of the draw. You put two brilliant movie stars together and they spark in a thrilling way.”

“Owen and Jen have just been great for me to work with because they’re easy, they’re calm. They have to be patient a lot. They’re working with dogs and babies and children a lot. And they let dogs lick them and puppies are all over his face and feathers.”

Soleil Moon Fry (guest star on Friends) said:

“In the end, Jennifer Aniston and I get into a fight. I had bruises on my arm for a week. She was strong.”

Cosimo Fusco (Paolo on Friends) said:

“People tried to kiss me just because I’d touched Rachel – men and women. There’s a lot of envy out there.”

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