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Mandy Ingber (friend and yoga instructor) said:

“She’s got great abs.”

“I hear her grunt [during tummy-toning planks] sometimes. Or bringing the knee to the forehead from downward-facing dog—the moves that really engage the core.”

“She likes sun salutations. Those are good for her arms. And she loves balancing poses. She’s very focused and graceful. She could stay in tree pose longer than I could! She’s learned how to stay focused amid a bunch of other stuff happening.”

“[She's] the best. And the sweetest friend.”

“Jennifer continues to dominate the acting world for the most part, because her fitness and health is still very much at the top of her agenda. Women like Jennifer are fairly healthy too, so it’s just a part of their lifestyle choice. She looks amazing. She’s so comfortable, has a great attitude, stays consistent and knows what she can do and where she can push the limits… so Jennifer really knows her body.”

“She turned me on to a great abs routine from another trainer that she’d had in her past. The routine is efficient, and works everything out.”

“I find her to be completely inspiring as a [yoga] student. Her consistency and her dedication is amazing.”

“I had become a spinning instructor in ’96. I had a following. People would always tell me it was like a yoga class on a bike. It happened very organically. I added a yoga teacher’s training, post-break-up, and I got immediately approached by 4-5 different people simultaneously. That’s how you know something is meant-to-be. I immediately began teaching and it caught like wildfire after the SELF magazine spread that Jennifer Aniston, my client, and I did it. Have you ever heard of her?”

“When I first started working with Jennifer, she had been doing lots of cardio and weights, so I think she was bored with her routine and burned out. So we started doing yoga three times a week and I watched her body completely transform. But more than that, she got more tuned into her body, her breath, and the way she started holding herself. At first, we did yoga 60-75 minutes three times a week. Then we added 30-40 minutes of cardio on to that, too. She’s a very consistent exerciser, she took my DVD Yogalosophy on location while she was filming her last movie.”

“Jen is very disciplined. When you’re a celebrity, it’s like constantly having a wedding day coming up because all eyes are on you. So, she has things that she has to stay in shape for, which helps to provide motivation! She’s very moderate with her diet and has amazing willpower – she’s a person who can literally eat one tortilla chip!”

“I can’t guarantee Jennifer’s body but I can guarantee feeling amazing in your own shape. To me, she’s such an inspiration because she looks how we all want to feel. She looks comfortable in her own skin, she looks healthy, she looks graceful and I think we all want that.”

“Jen is an amazing boss! Pass it on! She saved me from my horrible bosses.”

“She is a sexy boss.”

“[Jen's favorite yoga pose is] hands down, tree pose. I think it’s ’cause she’s really good at it. She’s actually better at tree pose than I am, it’s freakish. I don’t know [how long she can hold the pose] because I always fall out of tree pose before she does. For all I know it could be a day and a half.”

“Success has changed her for the better. I think she has become more connected to her internal self. All the hype that’s put out there has forced her to go inward, to look at herself and say, ‘What do I want?’- not just, ‘What do all the other people think I am?’ It always comes down to ‘Who am I?’ – without this career, without this man. Once you get everything you’ve dreamed of having, you’re once again left with yourself, and it’s like an identity thing. Having what you want is almost as much of a question-raiser as not getting what you want. Jennifer’s journey is bigger than just being an actress.”

“Jen’s a yoga natural because she inhabits her body gracefully. She’s very comfortable in her own skin.”

“It’s about finding peace even when your muscles are burning. Jen brings a real calmness to each [yoga] pose.”

“Jennifer Aniston is the poster child for health and wellness.”

“Women look to her as the perfect blend… She’s very natural. Who has a better body than Jennifer Aniston?”

“I think with Jennifer, really, it’s just… we knew each other and we came together and started – I was very surprised [that Jennifer is so into yoga.] She is a very fast-paced person. I wasn’t thinking that she was going to like yoga. And then it turned out that it really was something that she loved, and it worked to help her get her body where she wanted it, so that was a joy.”

“Jennifer was at something a lot like this, a red carpet thing and somebody said, ‘Tell us about your body.’ Basically, ‘We need to know what you’re doing.’ And then she went, ‘Well, why don’t you do a story on my yoga instructor?’ So I think that’s how it evolved. I don’t know if anybody thought that was ever going to happen but just step by step, that’s what ended up happening. [And then] we did this great spread for Self.”

“Happy Birthday to a most inspiring woman, my top client and one of my dearest friends… Jennifer Aniston.”

“She is great with all of the balancing poses. She has amazing focus and presence. She does a mean tree… and can outlast my tree any day. [Her favorite pose is the] tree.”

“I have so much gratitude for being able to reach so many more people now because of Jennifer Aniston. That’s a huge part of this experience for me, that I’ve been given such a gift from this person backing me up so strongly.”

“If anything I feel like, the yoga community can be very exclusive and elitist and my goal is to not have it be that and to bring it more to the general public, which is happening because Jennifer Aniston does yoga! You know what I mean?”

“As a teacher you have to go in with a clean slate, no preconceptions as to who someone is. With a celebrity there’s a whole story that comes with him or her. As an instructor, you have to go with their energy and ignore that story. At the same time, actors are often good at mimicking things so they may learn fast. Jen is good at yoga naturally, and at mimicking. Also, celebrities have eyes on them all the time, which makes them especially motivated to exercise.”

“I loved that shoot [with Jennifer for Self Magazine]! And Ms. Aniston is the best!”

Steve Ireland (Mr. Zelner on Friends) said:

“I had to do most of my scenes with Jennifer Aniston. Am I a lucky guy or what? When we were doing ‘The One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss’, I left my script out on the table at home and my wife flipped through it during breakfast. I come in and she says ‘Wait, what is this? Jennifer Aniston touches your crotch?’ I said ‘Oh no honey, it’s uh, all camera angles and special effects.’ I don’t think she bought it.”

Jason Isaacs said:

“I found it odd because I was so familiar with her. Like the whole of America I felt like I knew her really well. And suddenly there was this girl sitting next to me who is actually doing the scene rather beautifully, being a fabulous actress and it took me a little while to get over the fact that I don’t know her well at all. I never met her before. But you feel so intimate with people you’ve seen on television before.”

Chris Isaak said:

“I met Lisa Kudrow and tried to teach her a little guitar. Then I met the other girls too, and I thought, ‘Wow, the girls on this show [Friends] are sure good looking. Seems like a pretty good gig hanging around all these pretty girls.’ From their behavior, I didn’t realize what big stars they were. It’s testament to two things – how naive I am and how nice they are.”

Jelena Jankovic said:

“After the final was over, I got to meet actors Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson. They were accompanied with their producer since they are making a movie here in Miami. They came to watch the match and they seem to enjoy tennis. All of them invited me to have dinner with them so I accepted the invitation. They are really great individuals and I had a great laugh with them. They are outgoing and very natural which I really liked. I am very communicative and I like when others are like that as well.”

Jonathan Jaxson (loser publicist) said:

“I know she would make a great mother, as she is one of the nicest and most sincere people I know in Hollywood. Always giving before asking for anything for herself.” [In response to adoption rumors]

Wyclef Jean said:

“I like the vibe, the personality, the energy, the honesty. I’m all about the pure, when someone just can be themselves. With me, the whole industry’s my friend. It’s all love.”

Patty Jenkins said:

“[Jen and Justin Theroux] seem very happy. She’s smart, she’s hot, she’s cool. She’s a self-made person. Jennifer has made an incredibly intelligent, powerful career out of herself, through sheer talent – and beauty – but talent.”

Stephan Jenkins (co-star in Rockstar) said:

“I think Jennifer is a really cool girl and I liked working with her a lot.”

“I get to have a ball in the movie and that’s great. You know, I walk in, tear up all of Mark [Wahlberg]‘s flyers, fight in the parking lot, attack Jennifer Aniston, kick him out of the band and I’m on a plane. It was a ball. I loved it. It’s just action, all action the whole time.”

Richard Jenkins (co-star in Rumor Has It) said:

“She has such a big heart. When you meet her, you think, ‘I bet when you’re her friend, you’re always her friend.’”

Shawn Johnson (artistic gymnast) said:

“She is natural and really confident. I think that’s beautiful.”

Dylan Jones (editor of GQ magazine) said:

“Jennifer is the ultimate girl next door – the one woman every man wishes would call round asking for a cup of sugar.”

Mark Jones (director of Leprechaun) said:

“[The studio chief] said, ‘You can have her on one condition. You gotta bleach her hair blonde.’ And I loved her kind of auburn hair. But I said, ‘Okay.’ I said, ‘I’ll bleach her hair blonde.’ So I called Jennifer and there was, like, silence on the phone. She goes, ‘Oh, Mark, I can’t do – I don’t wanna do this. I can’t do this.’ I said, ‘Jennifer, I told the studio you were going to do it. We’re three weeks from shooting, you show up the day of shooting, your hair’s not bleached and we’ll start filming. What are they gonna do? Shut us down?’”

“Jennifer was in shorts, which… She never forgave me for putting her in those shorts. But she was supposed to run and she had sprained her ankle and I said to her something like, I said, ‘Well, we can use the stunt double’ I said, ‘but her legs are not as nice as yours’, so she goes, ‘No, I’m okay, I can run. My ankle’s okay.’”

Mike Judge (director of Office Space) said:

“Casting Aniston helped me cast [Ron Livingston, Stephen Root, David Herman and Gary Cole]. I would say ‘Thank you’ – also, I thought she was great in it, I thought she was terrific for it – but also that it helped us put the studio at ease. At least we have one famous person in it.”

“Demi Moore was kind of that way as well [with the fart machine] I guess when you’re America’s darling, it’s a nice release, that kind of humor.”

Nancy Juvonen (producer of He’s Just Not That Into You) said:

“Jennifer is perfect for the role because there’s no coldness to her. She’s so real.”

“Women are going to flip. [Ben Affleck] is more darling than ever, and [Jennifer] is divine.”

“You’re beautiful, everyone adores you, you get to be a gazillionaire, you never wait on line, and everything is free — but you’re going to be followed around and every time you blow your nose it’ll be in a magazine. She can’t even brush her hair out of her face without someone saying she’s bawling. That’s a huge price to pay.”

Jane Kaczmarek said:

“We [she and her husband Bradley Whitford] knew Jennifer Aniston a little bit, and he asked her for her Emmy dress [to donate to the Clothes Off Our Back foundation] and she said, ‘Yes.’”

“It was disappointing to lose [the Emmy to her], but what was OK was that I would get [her] dress for charity. That dress sold for $50,000, and it was a real surprise. I had no idea that it would go that well.”

Andrew Kaen (fellow graduate) said:

“I went to Music & Art. I graduated with Jennifer Aniston. 1987 was one of the most talented years.”

Nathan Kahane (President of Mandate Pictures) said:

“This is a great time for her. She has shown that there are more tools in her chest than any of us knew.”

Ellie Kanner (casting director of Friends) said:

“She could play a total bitch and yet so likeable. I think you immediately fall in love with her.”

Kim Kardashian said:

“Watching a Jennifer Aniston movie. I just love her! She’s so pretty!”

Nick Katsoris (author of “Loukoumi’s Good Deeds”) said:

“Jennifer was wonderful, [she and her dad] were so easy to work with and it was the first time they had done something together. They recorded in LA last fall and she was just a joy to work with.”

“All the proceeds go to St. Jude’s and Jennifer is a big fan of them. She was very laid-back, it was a lot of fun.”

Deena Katz (senior producer for Dancing With The Stars) said:

“I’d love Jennifer Aniston [to be on the show.] Our dancers are all like, ‘Please if you get Jennifer Aniston can I get her?!’. I’m like, ‘Yeah, if I get Jennifer Aniston!’”

Marta Kauffman said:

“Rachel was the part that was hardest to cast. Jennifer Aniston came in, and she was in a show that was on the air—Muddling Through [on CBS].”

“Ugh. Thousands and thousands of women came [to read for Rachel. And with Jennifer having Muddling Through on the air] we really took a gamble.”

“Something that Jennifer felt really strongly about during this season [season 9; is] that what [Rachel] had was a crush on [Joey]. She wasn’t in love with him. She wanted to make sure that it was really clear she’s very attracted to him.”

“Jennifer got on this funny roll this night [of shooting The One With The Late Thanksgiving]. She was just having this high energy thing that was just really funny. [The way she says 'Congratulations!' in this episode] was so funny. It was so unusual.”

“[When Rachel finds out that Monica would name her baby girl Emma and she has to convey that it's beautiful and she wants it but she doesn't want to steal the name] – that’s a really hard moment to act and she does it so beautifully.”

“[Jennifer and David Schwimmer] work so well together.”

“It was wonderful. She did such a beautiful job [with Five]. And I think she’s very talented, not only as an actor, but as a director. It was a little bit of, ‘My baby’s growing up,’ but I can’t take ownership of her. She’s got a great visual sense, she’s smart and she did a great job. And I really enjoyed that relationship.”

“[When Rachel realizes she's still in love with Ross in The One With Ross' Wedding] – that was a really tough speech both to write and for her to do. To get the character there.”

“I know [Jennifer and David Schwimmer] were very worried about the seriousness of this moment [in The One With The Morning After].”

“Ugh, that [look she gives Ross when they break up] killed me.”

“She is so good. She’s so good in this [break-up scene]. They both are.”

“[Ross and Rachel's kiss in The One With The Prom Video] is one of the most exciting moments, I think, in all of [the] eight years [of Friends we have had so far]. I always get teary when [Ross and Rachel or Jen and David Schwimmer] kissed. And I remember the first time we did this. We were all embarrassed that we were all crying at characters kissing.”

“She looks different. Jennifer has changed a lot over the years. She’s gone from being a, I think, girl to a woman. Or something. She looks so, again, naive and innocent [in the pilot of Friends].”

“Ross used to have a crush on Rachel, we didn’t know that that was going to be the central romance of the series. It was just chemistry. It was just seeing the two of them work together. Just, something magical happened.”

“Rachel was the last we cast because [Jen, like Matthew Perry] was also unavailable.”

“There is this proverb that says: ‘God doesn’t give with two hands.’ But with Jennifer, he gave with three hands.”

“We didn’t see a Rachel at all, until Jennifer walked in. Then it was amazing because there Rachel was. Jennifer just had this incredible ability to play such a brat and make you love her anyway.”

“She was doing two shows at once [Muddling Through and Friends.]“

Robert Kazinsky (British actor) said:

“I’ve had four dogs, I had about six cats, so I do like animals but I’m here for Jennifer Aniston, I’ll be absolutely honest.”

Catherine Keener said:

“Brad loves Jennifer and is 100 percent himself with her. We’ve been friends for a long time and we like to stay home. We just switch houses and order out. We hang out with each other and play silly games like dominoes or Ping-Pong. And we don’t take these games lightly. It gets pretty competitive!”

“[Jen and Brad] just made each other really happy, and it was completely obvious.”

“You know, she’s a good cleaner! She is, I’m telling you! She is, she’s lovely, she’s very much of a care-giver, you know, kind of person.”

“I couldn’t believe my dumb luck, so I was giddy the whole time.” – on working with Frances McDormand, Jennifer and Joan Cusack in Friends with Money

“I know Frances, so that was thrilling, and I know Jen, and that was thrilling. But Joan, I’ve never crossed into actually knowing her. I’ve just completely admired her, so that was really exciting for me, to hang out with Joan, just because she was the new different one, and there’s no one really like her. But there’s no one really like any of them, I guess. I mean, who’s like Frances McDormand? Who’s like Jennifer Aniston?”

“Oh, I love her in this movie (Friends with Money). I think there’s such a poignancy in her. You just knew that person. She just was that, all the time. It was sort of effortless, graceful. I always love her, but this was a different part for her. It was great to see.”

“It bothers me probably more than it bothers her. She’s so gracious and just a pro at it, and it’s just like, ah, swat it to the ground. I, on the other hand, have to jump down people’s throats and tell them to behave. I think it’s just feeding the beast and they just keep doing it, and it’s ridiculous. Everyone should raise the bar a little bit on themselves.” – on her (Keener’s) impatience with reporters grilling Jennifer about her personal life

“I look at [her] work on Friends and I can’t believe how [they] all work together. [Their] chemistry’s incredible.”

Minka Kelly (co-star in Just Go With It) said:

“I unfortunately never got to be on set with her. We passed by on golf carts and I was like, ‘Oh, my God…’ [and waved at her.]“

Kerri Kenney said:

“I don’t know if it actually made it into the film or if it will end up on the DVD but I saw a clip of it in a commercial but we had a blast doing it. It was hilarious laying there half-naked with Jennifer and Malin, you know? It was hilarious. Who gets to do that for a job?”

Alicia Keys said:

“[My 1-year old son] is actually Jennifer’s boyfriend. He kissed her and I was like [gasp]. It was kind of tender.”

Nicole Kidman said:

“I did [Just Go With It] because Adam called me up and also, I’ve known Jen for years, so it was easy to say yes to this lighthearted [movie].”

“We faked the hula, you know. It’s a very, very hard thing to do. It takes years and years to learn, so we kind of tried to fake our way through it.”

“Adam and Jen are such nice people. They’re such a delight to work with.”

Leigh Kilton-Smith said:

“My children at the orphanage [in] Mexico, [we're] very lucky to have Jennifer in our corner!”

“I am very lucky to have such a kind friend in my life.”

“I remember sitting in the audience of Friends, talking with her publicist and I, in my naivité, said, ‘Oh, my Gosh. She must be so excited about all this hair stuff going on.’ And I’ll never forget – he looked at me and said, ‘We’re not that excited about it because she’s not a hair style. She’s an actor.’”

“I remember watching them all fall apart on stage [when the cast of Friends was shooting their last episode] and we’re sitting in the audience and I remember them trying to get through the last take. The last take is the take at the door where they say, ‘A cup of coffee?’ ‘I know a place.’”

“She’s my Besty best! A hell of a woman, an awesome spirit and a terrific talent, happy birthday to Jen!”

“That [drawing attention to the charity "Friends of El Faro" by promoting it on Access Hollywood and in People magazine] was all Jen’s doings, she had the idea and we all just followed, a great heart, that one…”

“She’s rescued us so many times from letting the kids [in Mexico's Friends of El Faro orphanage] fall into positions of desperation”

“I taught her [the famous hair twirl.]“

“[Management is] one of my fav[orite movies] I have ever worked on. Such a sweet underrated movie. I always wanted them to change the title to Mike and Sue. Steve and Jen make such an awesome screen couple.”

Jennifer Klein (interviewer and fan) said:

“She was really very nice, exactly how I expected. She gave me a huge hug when I walked into the room. She was very down-to-earth and easy to talk to. It was amazing. It was probably the most exciting experience of my life so far.”

“I always liked her work on Friends. Her character was my favorite. She seemed very down to earth, friendly, very classy.”

Jane Krakowski (30 Rock co-star) said:

“Jennifer was such a great spirit. She was so fun – and so stunningly gorgeous. She was very game, because we do a lot of flashbacks to the nineties. She possibly could come back – and we’d love to have her.”

“Jennifer is probably the nicest person I have ever worked with on a set. She was so positive and enthusiastic and is one of the happiest people with the best energy – we had so much fun.”

Kris Kristofferson said:

“What I really like about [Jennifer] is that she knows what she wants. And … she’s not afraid to tell an old guy like me what to do and how to do it.”

“I just wanted to meet Jennifer Aniston, because I’ve always been a big fan of that TV series of hers.”

“I have so much respect for Jennifer as an actress; it’s very easy for me to take direction from her. I think I’ll get more work if there are more women directors.”

Lisa Kudrow said:

“I mean, I think [the Rachel haircut] was work… [but] I thought it was fantastic!”

“Jennifer is way more spiritual than me. Sometimes I think she would have been a great Phoebe. “

“There was this backlash after our second year on the show. We were overexposed. We weren’t used to being actors who had choices. We did a diet coke commercial, as a group, because the studio wanted us to do it, and Jennifer was the lone voice saying, ‘I don’t think we should do that’, she has good instincts, because after that there was nothing but negative press, pitting us against each other, in terms of who was getting what movies and so on. We all got slammed, but we talk about everything, especially us girls, and we work through those things.”

“Jennifer is just one big throbbing heart to me. Because she’s all emotional and feeling and support. She’s right there with you. Even if you came to her and said: ‘I’ve accidentally killed someone.’ She’d say, ‘Honey, it’s not your fault. It couldn’t have been your fault.’ Just that kind of loyal, unconditional support and love is just who she is to me.”

“She’s very emotional, spiritual, loving and supportive, whatever you say, she’s going to find a way to support you with it.”

“It’s a great haircut. But most women just don’t wear it as well as Jennifer. They can cut it however they want, but they still won’t be her.”

“No one does it [playing with the fart machine] as well as she can. [And that] is a huge compliment. It’s funny when she does it, because it doesn’t seem very sophmoric – it seems very sophisticated. Because she’s so subtle. It’s fun to watch her go through her array of embarassments.”

“She’s just a good person and she has a huge heart.”

“She is an emotionally available person, you know. So it just makes her, you know, perfect for a friend, in every kind of relationship. I don’t have every kind of relationship with her, but you know.”

“Phoebe was so spiritual and ‘out there’ – and I wasn’t at all. Not. At. All. If anyone was it was Jennifer. She introduced me to certain books that gave me an insight into that world – Phoebe’s supposed world – which was a more spiritual realm.”

“[When Friends ends], we won’t get to see each other every day, especially the girls, and have lunch together every day, and that will be awful.”

“[When we shot 'The One Where No One Proposes'] Jennifer got weepy, like, ‘This is the last time we’ll have the first day of the show.’ And it was like, ‘Okay, don’t go there! We can’t do this 24 times.’”

“No matter what’s going on, her ear is always tuned into you.”

“To me, Jennifer has a real artist’s heart. Jennifer is all love and emotion. Acting is the perfect occupation for a person like that. It seems to me she just came into the world like that. Like some people have blue eyes or long legs – it’s a personality trait you can’t do anything about.”

Ashton Kutcher said:

“The last tine I was single I wasn’t famous. I had Jennifer Aniston as my screensaver, the Rolling Stone magazine picture where she was naked. And I know that, at that point in time, if I would have met her, I wouldn’t have even thought twice about who she really was. I thought I knew who she was just from her image. So I could see how people could see me as some image.”

“I met a bet when I was in high school. You have to imagine I’m living on a farm in the middle of America, right? And really having no chance of having a happy life. So the best ideas I have are sitting around with my buddy in the basement, making up bets of what we would do someday. So I make a bet with my buddy, I’m probably 17 years old. I said to him, ‘I bet you $1000 that someday I will go on a date with Jennifer Aniston. I’m 17 years old and she’s, like, on my screensaver on my computer at this time, right? He’s like, ‘You’re on.’ Someday. So, you know, 4, 5 years later, I actually meet Jennifer Aniston. And she’s married to Brad Pitt at the time and so I went to Brad Pitt and asked him permission to ask his wife out on a date. ‘Listen, I made this bet with my buddy. You gotta – you’re a cool guy, you’re gonna let this go down, right?’ And he looks at me and he’s like, ‘You go for it.’ I’m like, ‘You’re the coolest guy I’ve ever met in my life.’ And so I asked her and she turned me down. I asked her, I said, ‘Listen, I asked permission from your husband. He said it’s okay. He says it’s all fine. I just wanna take you out for a pizza or something.’ And she’s like, ‘I don’t think – that’s not a good idea, no.’ So it didn’t happen. But now we’re friends, so it might still happen, but now I have to ask Demi’s [Moore] permission and I just don’t know how to broach that with the wife, but I do want to win the bet.”

Ken Kwapis (director of He’s Just Not That Into You) said:

“A lot of very strong actors wanted to step up and play in the film. It’s a tribute to Marc and Abby’s script that a lot of good actors found they had something personal they wanted to say with these roles. Ginnifer Goodwin came in and said, basically, ‘I’ve been living this part.’ Bradley Cooper came in and said, ‘For better or worse, I know this guy intimately.’ Aniston, I think, was at first concerned about playing this kind of role but then said, ‘You know what? I really have something to say with this.’ One thing about her is that whenever she plays one of these romantic parts, since she is so ubiquitous in pop culture — you can’t go to a grocery store without seeing her face on a magazine — I think she’s very sensitive. If she plays a romantic role, the film is like an echo chamber of her fictive role of what people perceive her to be in real life.”

“The challenges of casting these big-name actors quadrupled because it was done without the benefit of knowing if they had chemistry together. You don’t call Jennifer Aniston and say, ‘Gee, I’d love you to screen-test with Affleck to see if you guys look good together.’ The whole thing was a gigantic chemistry experiment. In their case, weirdly enough, they’d never worked together and didn’t really know each other. But I thought they had such a wonderfully lived-in quality onscreen, it was almost as if you’d seen them together before.”

“I find [Jennifer and Ben's] chemistry to be quite magical. It is one of the secret weapons of the picture.”

“When [Jennifer's character] realizes that he won’t marry her, the pain she expresses—boy, I don’t know. It’s one of those moments where, whatever’s going on with her as an actor, it’s not a show. At that point you realize we’re not in for fluff anymore.”

“[One thing] I really love about Jennifer is she wants to do a broad range of things. What’s great about the choices she makes is that she seems really motivated to tell stories that resonate with her personally, and that’s why they resonate so clearly with audience members. Because when I look out into the audience and see the rapt faces of people when they’re watching a scene with Jennifer, especially an emotional scene — wow — that can’t be beat.”

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