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Dr. Jeffrey Sachs (co-founder of the anti-poverty organization Millennium Promise) said:

“[Jennifer] is absolutely wonderful. She knows that she reaches so many people and is eager to contribute in many ways. It was absolutely fantastic to speak with her.”

Laura Saltman (Senior Editor In Touch Weekly) said:

“People love her. She is that perfect example of the girl that girls want to be friends with, guys want to date. She is not intimidating. She just seems like every girl out there that you really just enjoy, just a genuine person.”

Adam Sandler said:

“Put that [gum] down. That’s for you, Aniston. Nothing but respect. The best T-shirt I had. Here’s a little speech I wrote last night. Gather around, people of Hollywood because it’s fairytale story time. Once upon a time, there was a poor little Greek girl, grown up in Manhattan by the name of Geniever Anistonapalofogus. Now every night before going to sleep, or sleepypofonon, as her yaya would call it, the 600-pound 4-year old Geniever would kneel beside her bed in her pajamas and pray to the Greek god of coolness, uncle Telly Savalas. She prayed for three things: to have everyone in the entire world be fascinated with her haircuts. To one day star in a movie about an evil leprechaun who kills people. And most importantly: receive a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well, today, Geniever, the trifecta is here! It’s here! It hasn’t been an easy road for that poor little roly-poly Greek girl. Sorry. She endured many professional disappointments before landing the part of Rachel Green in a show called Friends at the age of 52. But by the time the show ended its run, she’d abtained five special real life friends, a permanent place in America’s heart and what we in the business refer to as Seinfeld money. But did that little Greek girl go and buy herself an island somewhere and forget us fans? She did not! She made movies, hit after hit. Comedies, dramedies, movies with Vince Vaughn and we loved them all. I loved them all. Except for the one where the dog dies. Not because the dog died but because I had a movie opening that same weekend and she kicked my ass. How dare you? I love this girl, my wife loves this girl, the entire world loves this girl! But mostly her family: pops, mom, brothers, fake-sisters and handsome and well-educated Justin Theroux loves this girl. And so, finally, belatedly, deservedly, I present – I don’t know if I do this but I wrote it in the speech – someone presents a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To the girl who put the grace in Office Space, put the jolly in Along Came Polly, put the wh@re in Horrible Bosses – sorry – put the good girl in The Good Girl and took her naked boobs out of Wanderlust. For God’s sake, let the girl keep one thing that she can keep to herself, you greedy bastards out there. Ladies and gentlemen, people of Hollywood, the great Geniever Anistonapalofogus.”

“There was no challenge. [Her butt] was a pleasant, pleasant challenge. Excellent stuff, back there. You know what was nice? Because you get an hour lunch when you’re shooting a movie, Jen-Jen let me sleep on it.”

“I kept screaming, ‘Quit Friends and do a movie with me!’ And she was like, ‘I just need another $16 mil and I am outta there!’”

“I’ve known Jennifer through four or five stages. One of the stages was at 320 pounds, when I first met her. I appreciate the nice, kind energy that Jennifer has. She’s so sweet to so many people; she makes people happy, and no one makes my wife happier than Aniston. I come home after a fourteen-hour day, and the first question is, ‘How was Jennifer today?’ She’s just the most worshipped girl that I’ve ever seen in my life, and I appreciate how women feel about Jennifer. I get more high-fives on the street now from women. They’re like, ‘Hey! Working with the princess!’”

“This scene [with Jen's and Brooklyn's character at the end of the movie] is very nice because they’re both nice to each other. And in real life, they were both really, really nice to each other.”

“Aniston is very good in the [romantic heartfelt scenes.] She looks nice.”

“You know what we did [to get that chemistry on screen]? We bought a chemistry set.”

“Aniston was poppin’ nice [in the hula scene.]”

“Nicole [Kidman] and Jen-Jen never did this before. They were pretty good. Don Ho’s granddaughter was kind of showing them the [hula] moves.”

“This is a lovely scene [the one where their characters tell each other what they love about the other.] I thought it was excellent. I improvised all my nice things about her. She had to have hers written. Say ‘Adam’s nice.’ She looks good, though, Aniston, in this [scene].”

“Aniston’s body, pretty ridiculous, everyone. You know your body is good when it looks hot in slow motion.”

“The phone call where she does that cute high voice, that was cute. Aniston was great there.”

“Intimidating. Aniston can scare ya.”

“That was a stunt leg. I was afraid to get kicked by Aniston, so they built me a wooden leg [for the scene in Just Go With It].”

“I said, ‘Yeah, it sounds like you’re gonna make a dime or two but no one’s gonna notice your hair,’ I kept saying [when she got Friends.]”

“Met her a long time ago when we were young. She stayed young.”

“Aniston was on fire that day. Loose as hell. She is – what did it take, a couple of days to shoot this [scene where Jen's and Brooklyn's character meet for the first time]? – she was loose. Killing it. I remember trying to keep up with her.”

“Look at this. This is a crowd-pleaser. We had the premiere in New York last night and the whole place started cheering for Jen walking in [when she shows up in slow motion after her character's makeover]. It was awesome.”

“Aniston is so cute. She’s so funny.”

“This was fun. It was late at night [when we were shooting the shopping montage in Just Go With It.] We were playing some music, having fun. Shot like five different costumes on Aniston. It was great.”

“Aniston was really, really funny.”

“When I came in the room, I knew there was something really special about her acting and I said, ‘You know what? This one could be funny, too.’ And also I said if she does her hair right, I think other ladies will respond.”

“I kept watching her movie after movie and I said, ‘Is she ready? Is she ready for the Sandman?’ But then I called her and said, ‘There’s this wonderful role I want you to come in and read for.’ And she read for me and I gave her the part after five call backs.”

“Quick, funny, smells great, fantastic in the moment, nice supple lips – chewy.”

“I was baffled by Aniston. From the front and the back. All lookin’ good. Good stuff, baby. Good stuff.”

“[How long have we known each other?] We were babies near each other in the hospital. And I kept saying, ‘Hey. Hey, dummy. Follow me.’”

“I always wanted to do [a movie] with Aniston. I just wanted her to get ready. I finally send her the right people to coach her and then she clicked. She clicked. ‘Oh, that’s how you act. Now I’m ready for uncle Adam.’”

“She’s very picky about her lines. ‘I won’t say this. I will say that.’ And she goes, ‘I will say that.’ And I go, ‘But that’s my line.’ And she goes, ‘Yes.’”

“Aniston is hilarious in [Just Go With It]. I feel good about her performance in it. ”

“I’m a giggler. Aniston’s a giggler. We both giggle a lot.”

“I try to make her happy. I try to make her laugh. We did go after each other and tried to make each other feel comfortable, tried to make each other laugh.”

“Brooklyn, I have to say, tremendously nice. When [Jen and I] would have our giggling fits – She’s like, ‘Alright, I’ll let these guys…’ She’s like, ‘Alright, I guess these guys have done movies before.’”

“It was funny. Jennifer and Nicole Kidman and Brooklyn [Decker], they all came with their – all three girls come with their own hair people, their own wardrobe, their own restraining orders. I didn’t actually talk to those three but all the crew was like, ‘Oh, they’re very nice.’”

“Yeah, I know her a long time. Terrific. I know her since we’re young. She dated a guy that I was friends with. I know her since, like, [our] early 20′s. That was neat. She’s a great girl. Fantastic. She’s solid.”

“[Would an average Joe be able to land with Jen or Brooklyn Decker?] Aniston, at my wedding… all my friends from growing up, she actually talked to them, made nice conversation, slow danced with each one, let them press… alright, no. Nobody pressed.”

“We can talk and enjoy each other’s speech patterns and humor.”

“I call [my daughter] ‘Fifty Fifty Sadie.’ When she’s nice to Aniston, I’m in a good mood. When she’s nuts I’m like, ‘Sadie, come here for a minute. That’s Aniston! It’s fine.’”

“We met at Jerry’s Deli through a bunch of mutual friends. We shared meals together. I watched Aniston eat!”

“Incredible. Incredible. I couldn’t believe how quick and funny Jennifer – I know she is in real life but it was pretty amazing when we were together, how much fun we had and how much she added [to the scenes]. She ended up beating me [in our verbal tennis matches. I would be] walking back to my trailer going, ‘I gotta get the writers to help me with this scene!’”

“My wife loves Aniston and Aniston’s taste. So I get to bring home some shoes and I say, ‘Hey, hon. Aniston picked these out for you.’ And then I said, ‘Take your clothes off.’”

“Jennifer would – used to see me do stand-up a lot and would say, ‘Why is he so funny? I’ve never seen anybody that cool before.’”

“[Her body]‘s a beautiful, beautiful thing. Jennifer works hard, she eats right, you know, she does. She never snacks on the stuff I snack on.”

“I have to say, anywhere Aniston goes, she gets that vibe. I was with Aniston in Kentucky and they were giving her the same please-let-me-do-anything-for-you [vibe]. ‘Can I hold your calf muscle?’”

“I keep [Courteney and Jennifer] together, by the way. Those two are always going, ‘She said this about me!’ And I go, ‘Hey, hey, hey, Courteney… It’s okay. It’s Jen. How long have we known her?’ They’re always together.”

“In those five weeks [in pre-production], I’ll tell you what went on. This girl and I did Pilates every day together. I kept saying, ‘I gotta thin out those ankles, Aniston.’”

“I was impressed with that body. I knew Aniston had a great body from years. Every time I would hang out with Aniston, she’d go, ‘Check this out’ and rip her shirt off. I was like, ‘We gotta get that into the movie.’ Yeah, [she's like], ‘Why are you so uncomfortable with my nudity?’”

“I worked with the both [of them, Burt Reynolds and Jennifer] now. I’ll tell you who drinks harder… [Burt?] Nope! Shame on [her]!”

“I remember being on the ninth floor where Lorne Michaels’ office was, and seeing Jen come in. I was like, ‘Oh, my God. There’s Aniston. Is she about to be on our show [Saturday Night Live]?’”

“[Nick Swardson]‘s a funny guy. He gets loose on screen and we try to reel that in. Aniston kept it under control. She would give him the beautiful blue eyes look and Swardson would say, ‘I have to calm down.’ Aniston would nod her head. ‘That’s enough.’”

“You can trust Aniston. That’s what these ladies see in her. You trust her. She’s fun, she’s smart, she’s cool. Honestly, always in a great mood. I’ve never seen Aniston in a bad mood. I’ve seen me in a bad mood [but Jen snaps me out of it. She won't have it.] She’s demanding. I get it. My wife’s in that gang of Aniston’s girlfriends.”

“She looks gorgeous. I love [her] dress [at the New York premiere of Just Go With It] I love it.”

“Aniston passed [the Bond girls]. We were working real hard to beat Bond and then Aniston just stomped [Halle Berry].”

“Stricter than me [with the kids] – but loving. She is very sweet to my kids. This morning Sadie kept asking, ‘Where is Jennifer Aniston? Where is Jennifer Aniston?’”

“I wasn’t surprised that she’s funny. I knew that. I was just surprised she was funnier than me.”

“Jennifer Aniston now loves Nick Swardson. They’re like best friends now.”

“It was fun. She works hard at staying in shape. And it certainly makes you feel stupid when your shirt comes off. It was a rough beach day every time she was there.”

“She’s funny as hell.”

“She’s good at ping pong. [She] took down [Kathy] Najimy the other night.”

“I’m the Edge and [she] is Bono. For 20 years now, I’ve been saying that. She is [the real star]. But without me, she wouldn’t get it done.”

“We had one of the best times I ever had shooting a movie. And she is a very nice person and of course, we’d like to do one together again, yeah.”

“I really do believe that Aniston’s funnier but I’m just more pleasant to look at.”

Susan Sarandon said:

“I like her a lot.”

“I can honestly say I had more fun doing the taping of Friends than during any other experience. It’s not that there was more time to get over one’s fear, there just was such a supportive, playful atmosphere. Right before the taping, David Schwimmer came over to Eva (her daughter), who at the time was 15, and I, and told us to watch the segments before ours – everyone watches and seems genuinely enjoy watching the other segments they’re not in. Jennifer and Courteney kept cracking up and starting over, and by our turn I felt much braver and less self-conscious. Eva had been watching Friends since she was little and said it was the reason she wanted to act. All the cast really knows their territory and they bring out the best in each other. The respect and love they have for each other is genuine and palpable.”

Diane Sawyer said:

“I love Jennifer Aniston, you know. And word came in [that my picture was going to be used as masturbation material in The Switch] and I do love her so much. And word came in and a laugh is a laugh, you know? At the end of the day, a girl’s got to make a living.”

Paul Scheer said:

“The trailer for Horrible Bosses looks super funny, but we’re supposed to believe that Jennifer Aniston wanting to have sex with you is a bad thing? It’s like, ‘Oh, my boss wants to have sex with me.’ Oh no, not your super-hot boss Jennifer Aniston!”

Charlie Schlatter (ex-boyfriend and co-star from Ferris Bueller) said:

“It is funny. Every few months I get a call from People magazine for comments about Jennifer. And I just say she’s a great girl, a great actress and she’s got a nice career. Had I known I was making history, I would have been a better boyfriend.”

“She kept tiny scissors in the glove compartment of her car [to fight the damage of her split ends.]. Every so often she’d pull a strand in front of her face and snip it.”

David Schwimmer said:

“I could say what I think should happen [with Ross and Rachel after they finally get together in season 3] as kind of an outside observer. I think they should eventually kind of find problems within the relationship that’s kind of like a fantasy relationship right now. It’s kind of like, ‘This is the girl, you know, that he’s wanted for years’ and it’s not very realistic. I think they should get together, have that really intense high of the first month or two. And then problems start happening – ”

Matt LeBlanc said:

“Cause she slept with Joey.”

David Schwimmer said:

“Right. So I think they should break up for a while and hopefully, we’ll get married in the future. I’m just sayin’. That would be cool.”

David Schwimmer said:

“We’re like silly brothers and sisters. When we’re all together, we call each other really rude, vulgar names and it’s all affectionate.”

“Sure, I was method [acting], so yeah, [when I first met the girls of the Friends cast], I was definitely attracted to all of them. And I had a small crush on Jennifer’s character. No, I was in a very serious relationship at the time. We all kind of knew – we had like a silent agreement that became verbal after a while that nothing was gonna cross the friendship boundary.”

“Jen – she amazes me, she’s generous. A warm, warm person. Just always puts the other person first and I think it’s a gift.”

“I believe Jen to be one of the finest comediennes ever, her timing, her instincts are so, so good, and so on the money. She has this rare combination: not many girls that attractive are that funny and have that much heart. She’s got the emotional life underneath it to match the funny. And she’s adorable. It’s a triple threat and an honour to have worked with her.”

“She’s amazing. I really compare her to Lucille Ball – one of the best comediennes of all time.”

“When Jennifer and I play these characters we have really good chemistry, and we both enjoy doing scenes together. I hope, given the history between the characters, there is another last round for them.”

“Jennifer was amazing in that episode ["The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 1/2"], but then again, she’s always amazing.”

“It’s a job – someone’s gotta kiss Jennifer Aniston. The reality is, Jennifer and I can do our job well because we truly are friends. But when the day’s over, she goes home to her boyfriend and I go home to a magazine.”

“I did ask Jennifer if she would mind if I wore a wig and did that naked bum pose on Rolling Stone magazine [...] She said, ‘Don’t you dare.’”

“When we, [the Friends cast], get to work, we check our egos at the door and concentrate on coming up with the best jokes, giving each other healthy criticism or suggestions and, basically, having a blast together.”

“I think, me and Jennifer, we make a couple like Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase. There’s something between us. Maybe in ten years, we’ll play a married couple in a movie.”

“Jen is adorable.”

“I’ve been nominated for [an award.] Let’s see, Lisa [Kudrow] has won the Emmy herself once. Jennifer won it this year. I think Jennifer was really sweet this year. She was great, very generous. In fact, she wanted to make sure all of us in the cast felt it was for us, as well – she offered for each of us to take it home for a week, which we – of course – all declined. Except me.”

“It’s a little easier [to shoot the Ross and Rachel scenes] because Jen is phenomenal. And we have so much history to drop on. Just being in a scene with her is a thrill. And it does come easily.”

Ivan Sergei (co-star in The Break-Up) said:

“Even though she was going through her own breakup and it was all in the tabloids, she just always had a smile on her face.”

Stephen Shadley (interior designer) said:

“I’ll be lucky if I ever do anything with this kind of team and freedom again. [Building Jennifer's house] was a project without a problem.”

“Jen was a very quick study. Not everyone wants to be that involved in the design process. She loved the communal aspect of it and even did some very good drawings.”

“She told me at the outset she wanted a quiet, Zen-like retreat that also had a sense of drama for entertaining.”

“Jen said things like ‘Zen’ and ‘Bali’ when we discussed the design – rather than doing a theme house, we got at the spirit of that.”

“The painting, [Robert Motherwell's 1963 A Throw Of Dice No. 17] just spoke to her.”

Tom Shadyac (director of Bruce Almighty) said:

“I think the reason people respond to Jennifer so strongly is because she’s a good person. She’s got all the money from Friends, all the fame, all the notoriety, all the awards, all the publicity. And she still is a really grounded person.”

“On one hand, maybe just a few fingers, can we count the amount of people, male or female, who can give you beauty, strength, intelligence, vulnerability and a sense of humor. The sense of humor is the really hard part – the really hard part and she has it. She is just a funny person.”

“There’s no question in my mind she’s going to be Jen Almighty. If you’re pretty and you’re funny, you’re going to be in high demand.”

“Fisherman that he [Jim Carrey] is, he might catch a 7-pounder, but there might be a 12-pounder out there. So we shoot a lot, and that’s a very different process for Jen. Jen’s come mostly out of television, where they know their characters. It’s three takes and done.”

“Jennifer just has ‘it’, if you look at the handful of A-list actors that exist in Hollywood, you realize that the thing they all share, in addition to being beautiful and talented, is this amazing reliability. When you watch Jennifer, she manages to amaze you and make you feel like she might be your next-door neighbour at the same time, which, when you consider how much money she makes and who she’s married to, is pretty incredible.”

“I don’t like to use the well-known cliché but Jennifer Aniston is one of the hottest people in the show business. You can count the people, if male or female. Jen’s role, Grace, is not passive. She’s strong, that’s why we wanted Jennifer.”

“She was a dream choice [for Bruce Almighty.] You’re looking for someone who’s beautiful, funny, sexy, intelligent, vulnerable. She’s perfect in her naturalness.”

“It’s hard for her not to be cute. She’s got a playful sensibility about her. She’s very accessible.”

“She realized she was the grounding force of the movie. You know, Jim is allowed to spin off and do crazy things and have the wish-fulfillment/God power fantasies. And Jennifer literally brings us home.”

“Can Julia Roberts carry a film? I think we have to put Jen not just knocking at that door but she’s in that door now, you know? She can carry a film.”

Tony Shalhoub said:

“[I've done some interesting, little-known things off-Broadway—for instance, a play in 1988 co-starring Jennifer Aniston] at the Public, a play called For Dear Life. She was about 17 at the time. She played the girlfriend of my son, played by Stephen Mailer [son of novelist Norman Mailer]. She only had one or two scenes, but I remember her being adorable, and a very strong presence on the stage.”

Michael Shamberg (producer of Along Came Polly) said:

“Ben’s not just perfect for Reuben, Ben’s a great naturalistic actor. And he also has that kind of vulnerable ‘everyman’ quality that he’s so comfortable with, as does Jennifer. She’s very much the big-screen lead with Ben in this. They’re a great pair – gifted performers with heart and serious acting finesse as well.”

Martin Sheen said:

“I didn’t get the chance to work with Jennifer but I’m a big fan. When I got here, she had just finished her last scene, so I didn’t even get a chance to meet her. So my first question to Brandon [Camp, writer and director of Love Happens] was, ‘Can I still say that I worked with Jennifer Aniston?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’ So, okay. I can brag about that.”

Stacey Sher (producer of Along Came Polly) said:

“There’s no arguing that Jennifer’s done fantastic work, both on television and in her films. But with Polly, she’s really amazing. She’s this wonderful mix, funny and touching, a true star.”

“She has a unique physicality to her. Take her talent for screwball comedy, in the tradition of a Lucille Ball, coupled with how adorable and gorgeous she is, (and that makes for) an irresistible combination. You don’t see that often.”

Jane Sibbett (Carol on Friends) said:

“During my first or second episode, it was raining hard – big puddles all over the Warner Bros. lot and the girls – Courteney, Jen and Lisa had to go and play in the puddles. It was so great seeing them come back sopping wet from their heads to their toes, sides aching with that delirious laughter, having to hold each other up it was so funny, that I suddenly had this clear picture, that with that kind of giddy fun, if they could hold onto that, if they could bottle that joy, they could do anything in this world. And they did, didn’t they? Every week.”

“There’s nothing like watching that group of people laughing. That first episode I was shooting, it was pouring down rain and Courteney and Lisa and Jen splashing in this puddle, jumping around like kids and going crazy. I looked at them and said, ‘If they could bottle all that joy, all that fun, they could do anything they want.’”

“If any group [on television] deserves this money, it was this group [of Friends.] Because they were so committed to making comedy great.”

Robin Siegel (makeup artist and friend) said:

“Jennifer likes L’Oréal’s Lash Out mascara and a favorite lipstick is Cargo’s Plume. MAC Lipsticks in Touch and Frolic are also favorites.”

“Doing [Courteney, Lisa and Jennifer's] makeup really is quite an intimate process and we are good friends, but I always try to maintain a level of professionalism. Outside of Friends I do quite a bit of work with Jennifer. I did her makeup for that film that she did with Mark Wahlberg – So You Wanna Be A Rock Star [a working title of Rock Star.] That was really fun.”

“Jennifer asked me to do her makeup for her wedding – I would have been pretty offended if she had asked anyone else! She wore the Plume lipstick I created.”

“I did [shed a tear at her wedding.] You do when you see the bride in her dress but there was a lot of humor at that wedding – a lot of laughter.”

“I started out doing makeup on an HBO series called Dream On, produced by the same people who created Friends. When they asked me [to do the makeup on Friends], at first I turned the job down because it was only two days a week. But as the girls and I got to know each other they all came up to me individually and asked me to stay on. After that how could I refuse?”

“Well, with Jennifer it’s her eyes [I like to enhance], she has those beautiful eyes and great skin tone.”

Lindsay Sloane (co-star in Horrible Bosses) said:

“I read the script and I was like, ‘There’s no way that sweet Jennifer Aniston is going to say these words and they’re going to sound sexual and aggressive,’ but then it was like, ‘Whoa, she’s like a crazy diva sex machine,’ ” costar said at last night’s Hollywood premiere of the movie. “She ad-libbed a lot. Sometimes she would say things and after they would call cut, she would be like, ‘I don’t know. Isn’t that taking it a little too far?’ But then everyone loved it.”

Hardin (the girl from a St. Jude’s public service announcement in 2009) said:

“She was nice and kept hugging me and kissing my head and wiped the lipstick off.”

Hardin’s aunt, Elizabeth Smith said:

“She was so personable. Hugging her and telling her how precious she was, when she said those words. It just touched me to the bottom of my heart.”

Liz Smith said:

“I think Aniston is such an appealing person and actor. And she is on the career upswing with Marley & Me and He’s Just Not That Into You. My one chat with her was a phoner — she was promoting one of the Weinstein Company’s first ventures, the dire and aptly titled Derailed. I had been so strenuously warned not to ask anything personal, that I was a nervous wreck when the call came through. What kind of a difficult bitch was she? Surprise! She was lovely, relaxed, witty and easy. And I might have gotten much more from her had her PR person not interrupted the call after the allotted 15 minutes!”

Stacey Snider (CEO of DreamWorks and friend) said:

“She’s special enough to be somewhat unattainable but real enough that you can imagine a friendship, which is why you pursue her. And you either pursue her as a fan reading everything there is to read about her or you pursue her as a journalist, as you have, just superinterested, or me as a film exec, always conscious of her work. There’s something so pretty and sunny and winning about her. You bask in the reflection of her goldenness. Sometimes I think it must be horrible for her that so many people are interested in her every move, but I’d like to believe that a lot of that interest—not all of it, maybe, but a lot of it—is that people love her and want the best for her.”

Lisa Snowdon said:

“I wouldn’t want to comment on Brad and Jen, but when I was with them, they seemed extremely happy. Jennifer is just wonderful. She’s a bit like Rachel but less scatty – very well put together. She’s extremely tactile, one of my favourite people. I’m a big fan.”

“You can’t compare yourself to her at all: she’s just beautiful and perfect. I was always going, ‘I want Jennifer Aniston arms’ and doing some really silly exercises. She didn’t exercise once and her body was just amazing. She ate ate ate pasta. I’ve actually become quite friendly with her. We had a couple of weeks to hang out, and then in Rome we hung out a little bit more. She’s one of my favourite people actually.”

“She’s a babe.”

Rick Solomon (executive producer of Love Happens) said:

“She does that real well. That sashay, that strut.”

“She looks really beautiful in the movie. She’s really beautiful.”

“Both of them [Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer] looked and dressed great in this movie.”

Kevin Spacey said:

“Yes, I can imagine [asking her to do theater], and I can also imagine her telling me to go f**k myself. [She should] come play Richard III, there’s an offer!”

“No, [I wasn't surprised to hear the naughty words come out of her mouth], she’s a sluttly little B.”

“Jennifer Aniston has probably single-handedly absolutely destroyed whatever reputation she might have had [with her role in Horrible Bosses]. Anyone that ever thought they knew what she was like, she absolutely is so willing to go where the script asks her to go. It’s hilarious. I think it’s what audiences will enjoy. Everyone flipped.”

David Spade said:

“Saw The Dan Band. A killer show, as always. Also ran into Aniston there. A stunner in person, as always.”

“[I] went to [the] set of [the] Adam and Aniston movie yesterday. Looks good. Very funny and they seem to get along great. Lot of fun. [I] stole her scrunchie.”

Will Speck (co-director of The Switch) said:

“Atmospherically, [Jen and Jason] loved each other and were supportive of each other and ran lines with each other, like friends do. [They're] telling us stories about sharing a ski house together and getting completely wasted. There was a ski house and a weekend and lots of drinking and I’ll leave it at that.”

“The most scandalous thing I can say is that she’s the realest person we’ve met. She’s totally cool, totally relaxed. Her trailer was the place everyone wanted to go to hide from the chaos. She’s the girl who wants to throw on jeans.”

“We did two and a half weeks of nights, which is just brutal. We’d wrap at six in the morning and we’d all leave. We’d be in the car going back to our hotel and we’d get a text message and Jen would be like, ‘Pancakes?’ And we’d go to her hotel room, where we’d all meet.”

“[Jen and Jason] were friends and they were in each other’s lives but more peripheral. But at rehearsal, they were telling us all these great stories about, you know, life together in their 20′s and parties they were at together. Immediately, they had all this history. And we had all these notes about their backstory and all these anecdotes about things that we would have come up with. About how they met.”

“Yeah, they were both so great. And they’ve been friends for such a long time, so it’s great to have them together in a movie.”

“When we first met with Jen, she said, ‘I love this script.’ We said, ‘You know, we do too. We love how unconventional it is.’ We talked a lot about it and she said, ‘I want to play Wally.’”

[On comforting Thomas Robinson who plays her son in "The Switch" after he grew tired between takes] “There was a bunch of stuffed animals on set. Jen just started to make up these stories about the animals and gave them names.”

“She’s really relatable, she’s really funny. She seems like a real person and she’s also really funny.”

“[Go watch The Switch because] it’s an amazing chemistry between Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston. She’s never been better.”

“A lot of executive producer credits are sort of vanity and bulls—. But Jen dug in and gave on this film. She stepped up and owned this film alongside of us.”

Lara Spencer (ABC News) said:

“She [is] great. Very cool woman.”

Penelope Spheeris said:

“[It was remarkable] how extremely thorough [Kristin Hahn and Jen] were in making sure that each director got what she wanted [in Five] and was able to put her own mark on it and do her own style.”

“[Jen and Justin Theroux] are lovey-dovey. He was there for some of [the filming]. I’m so happy she’s happy – the whole country’s happy she’s happy.”

“The kind of work she does is phenomenal – it’s for a good cause. She’s just got that thing, she’s like the sweetheart of the country.”

“She introduced [Justin Theroux] to me and I’m like, ‘Who?’ Someone was like, ‘That was her boyfriend!’”

“Jennifer was awesome, extremely gracious and totally classy. And I’m not just saying that to kiss her ass. I’m saying that because it’s true.”

Brent Spiner (guest-star in TOW Princess Consuela on Friends) said:

“Eighty million people saw that show, and I had one tiny little scene. A scene with Jennifer Aniston. You know what – she kept saying something to me, and I don’t quite get it – she kept saying, ‘You are so much cooler than Brad.’ Who’s Brad? Is that, like, another actor on the show or something? Anyway, it was really fun doing Friends, actually. It was a very short little scene – when they asked me if I wanted to do it, I said, ‘Well, it’s so small,’ and they said, ‘It’s just you and Jennifer’ and I went, ‘Okay!’ The thing I’m proudest of is, I actually wrote a line and they used it – it was a line about Hugo Boss, and it got a big laugh and I was really pleased with myself.”

Cole Sprouse (Ben Geller on Friends) said:

“My favorite cast member to do scenes with is Jennifer – ’cause she’s hot.”

Bob Stephenson (co-star in Friends with Money) said:

“She’s incredibly giving, and she doesn’t walk around with an entourage at all. She just shows up with, basically, her security people that she has to have now, since there were 40 paparazzi camped out across from where we were shooting every day. We started shooting this movie right after the announcement of (Jen and Brad Pitt) splitting up came out, so it was really nuts. But you would never know from being with her every day. She’d show up and was just focused.”

Howard Stern said:

“I’m like the only person not having dinner with her. I know 20 people who are now friends with Jennifer Aniston. I’m the only one who isn’t.”

“Jen has a great ass, I’ll tell you why. How I came to know this. I was at some – I was doing a benefit – I forget what it was – David Lynch Foundation, yeah. And I see a girl – and I was with my wife – we were hanging out, listening to some music and I see, like five rows ahead of me, like, someone’s ass and I don’t know, I’m not pervy like that but I’m going, Oh my God, this is like the greatest ass I’ve ever seen on a woman. It was her ass. I don’t think of her like that. I don’t see her as very sexual. I mean, in person, though, there’s a whole thing going on. It’s all in her ass.”

“I don’t know her. I met her once. For – before Friends, the tv show, hit. She came in here, she was part of a weight loss programme. Nutri-system. And she actually came in and got interviewed for that. But that was it. I never met her. She’s got a great ass. I saw her, sat behind her at a concert, she stood up, like she’s dancing around… Million dollar ass. No question. No question.”

“The beautiful Jennifer Aniston. Not an easy one to get, this is top A-list. Good for you, [Gerard Butler]. I applaud it.”

“I would brag if I got her.”

Jay Stern (producer of Horrible Bosses) said:

“Jennifer Aniston is exceeding all expectations. We always knew Jennifer Aniston was really funny but the fact that she’s playing a completely different character here is really juicy and wonderful.”

Fisher Stevens said:

“She was great. She came in and did her job. She was just one of the regular people.”

Ben Stiller said:

“Jennifer is amazing. She’d come to me months before, saying, ‘Anything I can do to help [your foundation].’ And then she showed up and bought an amazing piece [of art to benefit my foundation].”

“I’ve known [Justin Theroux] for years. I’ve known Jennifer for a while too, so… It’s funny to see two friends that you know separately all of a sudden become a couple and then… it’s just so funny to me how people are so obsessed.”

“[Jen and Justin Theroux] seem to be really happy together. They’re both great people. I love them both.”

“Hi, I’m Ben Stiller. I’m launching a new foundation that focuses on schools and areas affected by poverty around the world. That in itself is challenging. Even more challenging has been coming up with a name for the foundation. Here’s a few of the names we’re considering: The Stiller Global Initiative, The Ben Cross, No Child Left Ben-Hind, the Ben Schooler Foundation, The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too, So You Think You Can Donate, Touched By A Ben-Gel. But the one we finally decided on is the Jennifer Aniston Foundation. It just seemed like more people would go to that. So please, go to”

“I’d say that Jennifer’s just, there’s so few – How do I say it? I don’t want to say that there are so few women who are good at comedy. That sounds like a really sexist thing to say, but she really is one of the few actresses that I know where she has such impeccable timing as a comedienne/actress, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. She really listens and she has timing in terms of knowing. I don’t think that it comes out of a premeditated thing. It’s just in her bones. She knows when to say it and when to not say anything. She just takes things in and she listens in a way that’s very real too, I think. [She has] just incredible timing, which I think is a real gift.”

“Her personality is so wholesome, which is part of her appeal, but she’s beautiful too.”

“It was kind of traumatic for me (doing the nude scene in Along Came Polly), but Jennifer was great. She was very supportive and looked straight ahead while holding my hand as we walked off down the beach together.”

“If you spend five minutes with Jennifer, you get that she’s funny, beautiful, charming, sweet – all of those things. The sense you get from watching her work is really who she is. It’s a great combination: a woman with a great sense of humor who also is attractive. She’s also normal while living a life where it’s not that easy to have a normal life. I give her credit for that, because it’s harder to do that with all the attention that’s paid to her and Brad [Pitt] as a couple and what they have to deal with. It’s crazy. It’s easy for people to lose it. Under the circumstances, she’s pretty grounded.”

“The first time we met was 1991 or 1992. We both had Fox shows. She was doing “The Edge,” which was a sketch comedy show, and I had “The Ben Stiller Show,” also a sketch comedy show. We met at one of those press tour things. Over the years we’d run into each other and for years we had the same manager. – on how they met

“John had the idea for her to do it (playing the leading role). I was all for it. Not only does she have a good sense of humor, but also she’s funny. She understands how to act in a scene that’s funny and her timing is so good. She listens and is in the moment and makes the funny choices.”

“She’s the best. There’s no sweeter, warmer, funnier, more talented actress out there.”

“There’s something that radiates from her that is so warm and generous in a very real way. It just makes her more beautiful.”

“[She's] the great catch of all time.”

“With Jen, you can’t go anywhere without 20 guys on motorcycles following. [One day she cleverly rented a boat to take Stiller and friends up the Seine to a secret pier] and these insane photographers are off their bikes, running to catch the boat, and are left screaming on the dock like something out of Les Misérables.”

“I knew that we both kind of enjoyed each other’s company and laugh together and have fun together. Jennifer is just a great person to hang out with and is [an] extremely giving, fun, good person.”

“So working with her was great ’cause when you’re doing a comedy and she’s sort of like, no bold. She sort of came in and does her thing and knows what she wants to do and doesn’t have any weirdness about it.”

“Working with Jennifer couldn’t have been better or more enjoyable. She’s incredibly present, and is instantly reactive to whatever comes up in the work. And I don’t need to tell you that she’s funny, and charming and cute. I guess now that I think about it, she’s pretty much the perfect woman.”

John Stockwell (writer of Rockstar) said:

“He [Mark Wahlberg's character in Rockstar, Chris] wakes her up with that call, but she’s not mad, and he’s just reporting in, not out of sense of duty, but out of love. He’s so in love with her, and I think he feels like he’s truly hit the mother lode. But part of the character’s journey is that at the beginning of the film he doesn’t realize how good he’s got it, or how amazing she is. In fact, I think Brad [Pitt] could never cheat on Jennifer. I think he just felt like, there’s no way – once you got her, you’re not looking at anyone else. It is sweet. I mean, it will give you diabetes.”

“Something about her seems like she’s just one of those people Hollywood types fly over on their way to L.A. She’s not cynical, not jaded – the sort of girl that you can’t imagine what she does with the three quarters of a million dollar she makes every week.”

Barbra Streisand said:

“I was very flattered that Jennifer Aniston chose to interpret my style with the photos in Harper’s Bazaar. She’s a delightful person, and I think she did a wonderful job. If only she had a bump on her nose.”

Collier Strong (friend and makeup artist) said:

“When she comes in before shoots, she looks amazing. There’s nothing scary about her in the morning. Her favoured look has long been simple and natural. Even if her make-up looks dramatic, it always leans to the natural side. I want her eyes to really standout because they’re so gorgeous.”

“[She] has a body that rocks the world.”

Michael Sucsy (possible director of Goree Girls) said:

“She can sing. And she’s going to learn how to play the Dobro [guitar].”

Jason Sudeikis said:

“Fortunately all of the stories have been very flattering to me but it is weird to read stories that are completely untrue and you think, ‘Where did this come from? Who is this source?’ Like, there was a story that Jennifer Aniston and I were dating. Obviously she’s dealt with it for years so she’s as cool as a cucumber about the whole thing.”

“She’s not naked. So, like, when I’m looking at her undressing [in the movie], I’m looking at a f*cking red tape, unfortunately. Pretending like I’m watching her versus actually getting to watch what’s happening on film. Unfortunately.”

“I think [people will be surpised at] the things coming out of her mouth and the various things she has going into her mouth [in the movie].”

“As far as I can tell, she’s been sexy for a long time.” (when asked if she’s become more beautiful because she’s in love – 2011)

“[She welcomed Charlie Day] with an open lab coat.”

“Yep, [she is as good-looking in person as she is on screen.] Sometimes with people, it’s all smoke and mirrors. But nope, not her. She looks like that all the time.”

“She’s got really good timing, whatever she does. Very funny lady. I think people will enjoy really taking the ride with her. She seems a lot like someone you’re either married to, family with, want to date, dating, you know? She’s got a little bit of the every woman in her which is nice.”

“As a joke, you know on the iPhone where you can put like these titles – under Jennifer Aniston’s phone number, I literally have ‘She played Rachel on Friends.’”

“I don’t think people realize how funny she is. [They do] but I mean just really funny. They know her as a comedic actress but how, like, clever and sort of, like, quick and everything she is.”

“I would choose the dentist lady [as my boss], immediately.”

“[Her new haircut] is great, it’s cute, it’s wonderful.”

“No, we didn’t [date]. But do we have to put it in the story? My mom – she will be crushed.”

“[Seeing Jennifer in lingerie, eating a hot dog, etc. while shooting a scene vs. watching the movie...] It works both ways, it’s effective both ways. It’s not, you know, not that hard of a job. It’s not manual labor, it’s not teaching maths to kids – it’s a – it’s a – pretty darn lucky, yeah.”

“[If Jennifer wants to sleep with you but you're a happily married man], you’ve gotta go for the threesome though, right?”

“It was really interesting getting to know people for the first time when I had the mustache. Jennifer Aniston only knew me with a mustache, so when I saw her again after I shaved it, like a month or so later at a screening, it was surreal.”

“[The buzz is] mostly about her being super foxy [in Horrible Bosses].”

“When they told me that my character has a crush on Jennifer’s character, I was like, ‘Oh, okay. I’ve been working on that for the last 15 years, so that’ll be easy to accomplish.”

Mena Suvari said:

“She’s an amazing woman. We’re both Greek and Aquarians so that was really fun to find out about each other. She’s an absolute sweetheart. I can’t even imagine having the life she has but she stays so grounded and down to earth.”

“The first time we met, we ended up sharing stories of our past and she has that personality about her that’s so down-to-earth and easy that you can’t help but open yourself up.”

“She’s so sweet and beautiful. It was an honor to play her sister. She was very friendly.”

“She’s a really wonderful, giving, down-to-earth person. She was so professional. It was such a pleasure working with her. I admire Jennifer for who she is and how she handles her life. She never brought her private life to the set. You would never have know what she was dealing with unless you’d read or heard it somewhere else.”

“Well we’re both Greek, which is a shoe-in right there. But you know when we met, it just was really easy. We ended up sharing stories about our past, our childhood and our upbringing, that it just kind of happened. I mean, she has such a warm, down to earth, easygoing personality that you can’t help but open yourself up to her.”

Nick Swardson said:

“Aniston is awesome. She’s the best. She’s… and she’s so down-to-earth, it’s like, it was weird. We shot for months and it was one of those things where I spent, like, every day with her and you would see stuff come out in the tabloids about her and it was so, like, psycho. People make up all these things and none of them were true. Just fabricated. ‘She’s addicted to baby food.’ And, ‘she’s an alien.’ And I swear to God, and we would just sit there and read these, like, What is going on?”

“Aniston is really good with her facial expressions.”

“[Adam's] and Jennifer’s chemistry was so solid throughout the whole film.”

“Those were real hits. She hit me [in Just Go With It]. She didn’t want to do it but I said, ‘Do it!’”

“This is insanity. That I’m kissing Jennifer Aniston right there. It felt surreal.”

“Aniston’s really, really funny – she’s funny in the whole movie but her doing this duo part is really funny.”

“Jennifer, I love you.” (DVD commentary – when Jen’s name shows up on screen during the end credits)

“That’s my favorite part of [Just Go With It]: just trying to not make her look hot, ever.”

“[Adam Sandler]‘s dynamic with Aniston is really brilliant, you know? And it’s really been fun to watch.”

“Obviously, I’ve worked with Sandler a lot but Jennifer was amazing.”

“Jennifer Aniston is like this huge star. Gorgeous. But she’s one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. I’m not just saying that because I’m, like, close to her. ‘Yeah, she is.’ She really is, like, awesome.”

“I was so blown away by how effortless she is. I mean, she’s just classic. Beautiful and sweet but she also has phenomenal comic timing. Really, it’s like I said, she always asks if I have any other jokes or anything she can punch up. I’m like, ‘You’re so great.’ The way she is. She has no problem bouncing off with Sandler. I mean, I’ve worked with Sandler for seven years and to watch somebody just go toe to toe – I mean, like no problem. It’s the word I use to describe her: effortless. She’s so funny and natural and charming and organic. There’s nothing corny about it. It’s just genuine.”

“It’s not challenging [to play her boyfriend]. But it’s hard because you want it to be real life but it’s not.”

“It was pretty surreal. That was incredible. [Getting to play Jennifer's love interest] was another thing I couldn’t really process. I get to kiss her in the movie and it was just like – I was like – and Adam’s like, ‘Go! Kiss her!’ And I was like, ‘Wha– she’s gonna call the police.’ He’s – ‘No, we’re shooting a movie.’ ‘No, something bad is going to happen.’ He’s like, ‘No, just kiss her, she’s not going to scream.’ But no, she was amazing. She’s the most down-to-earth – and I’m not even just saying that. She’s one of the nicest, coolest people I’ve ever met in my life. Honestly.”

“She didn’t surprise me because I always thought she was funny on Friends. She is somebody who really had great timing. This is a movie that showcases her really well and kind of makes people… remember how funny she is and how talented.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna debut The Rachel this summer. She’s working on it. We’re gonna grow it out.”

“I asked for a blindfold to be on set because [Jen in a bikini] is not something I want to subject myself to. Yeah, no, they were incredible. Jennifer, Brooklyn and Nicole Kidman are just statues. I mean, they’re so beautiful. They’re not only beautiful but they’re like funny and nice. They’re all, like, the most genuine people. Honestly.”

Alison Sweeney said:

“I’m definitely a sucker for the Ross and Rachel romance.”

Michelle Sy and Orian Williams (producers of a Jeff Buckley biopic) said:

“Jennifer Aniston actually introduced Brad [Pitt] to Jeff’s music. She has always been a fan of his.”

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