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Elie Tahari (designer) said:

“She knows fashion.”

Jamies Tarses (former vice president of comedy development, NBC) said:

“Then we had Jennifer Aniston crying to Les Moonves [then president of Warner Bros. Television, which produced Friends] to let her out of the CBS show she was on.”

Christine Taylor said:

“[Jen and Justin Theroux] are both just very cool, terrific people.”

John Taylor (bassist from Duran Duran) said:

Do you ever think, “I could’ve slept with Jennifer Aniston”?
“Oh, yeah, she’s hot! But does that mean you should shag all your teen fans, because you never know who will be the next Jen Aniston? It’s amazing to know that you’ve been on their walls, but it’s not really meaningful.”

Andy Tennant (director of The Bounty Hunter) said:

“When you have that chemistry [like Jen and Gerard Butler have], you’re like, ‘Thank God.’ Thank God, they’re still having fun on day 45, day 65 and they’re still flirting.”

“Jennifer Aniston, after ten years of doing Friends, is really very quick on her feet. She would play with Gerry, but also kind of throw him off a little bit. Watching their scenes together was like watching two people playing a really good game of tennis.”

“[Jen and Gerry] just get on so well. At the start of filming we had to tell them to slow down.”

“It’s hard to fake chemistry. Especially for 60 or 70 days on a film. But with Jen and Gerry their chemistry was still going strong on day 45 and again at day 65.”

“[Jen and Gerry] are terribly sexy. They’re terribly funny and for a movie that’s sexy and funny, they’re the perfect cast.”

“Jen, wearing heels, does all [of] her stunts, too.”

“Jen is just a pro. I’ve known her since before Friends. She’s lovely. I think she’s one of the most misunderstood movie stars there is. I mean, she is so kind and normal and relaxed.”

“[Jen and Gerry's] chemistry is really good. They came to play every day. They were game to do anything.”

“I didn’t have them in mind but I certainly was thrilled when they said, ‘Hey, what about Gerry Butler and Jennifer Aniston?’ So we had one dinner together and we all decided we wanted to have a good time and go to New York and play in New Jersey and have a nice summer, so we did.”

“I had been trying to work with Jennifer for a while. There’s been a couple of projects where we almost got together on some things. I think she’s just really talented, very funny and sexy and beautiful.”

“Jennifer was really comfortable with the comedy. She was more excited to do the action stuff.”

Tila Tequila said:

“[When we did Between Two Ferns], I was so star struck that I – if you look at the video, if you look closely, ’cause if you’re doing [these things] you don’t really know who they’re zooming in on, whose face, so while she was talking, I was looking at her like, ‘Oh my God, that’s Jennifer Aniston.’ And you could kind of see it in the video. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I look like such a dork.’ But for me to be able to work with her and be next to her, that’s awesome. It’s like a dream, you know? That, to me – it just made my day. It made me laugh.”

Mario Testino (photographer) said:

“With Jennifer, there’s no role-playing. The picture is to do with a moment in her life, when she’d just split from Brad Pitt. I thought, let’s make her sexy and attractive, and get hearts beating, you know. Yes I did (ask her, ‘Jennifer, I want to shoot you naked’). I said, ‘I want to show a side of you that’s a little more daring, that’s not the all-American good girl.’”

Charlize Theron said:

“Sometimes you get wind of someone saying something about [having] children or being married. If you don’t have that sorted out [at my age], society kind of worries for you. We want to believe that has changed, but it hasn’t. I’ve seen it with other women — this obsession with people like Jennifer Aniston. I feel bad for her. I don’t think she was ever in a panic about [not having kids]. Other people go into a panic about it.”

Justin Theroux said:

“[Jen and Paul Rudd] are dreamy.”

“I’ve known her for a long time, I’ve known her for five years. I mean, you know, the things that surprised me in working with her are just that she’s an extremely spontaneous, present actress, you know? I mean, I’ve known that from seeing her other work, obviously but being in a scene with her… it’s just so – she has this way of being incredibly grounded, ’cause her and Paul [Rudd] really have to anchor this movie otherwise it becomes too farcical. So you have to believe in their relationship. So she has this ability to be incredibly present in the scene and anchoring it but at the same time has absolute freedom to be funny and improvise and is extremely playful.”

“I don’t deal with [the tabloids]. I have to get comfortable with the idea that the person I’m seeing, there’s people who are going to invent truly insane things and stories to write about me and I actually have to sort of just laugh at it, like, ‘Alright. I guess that’s what’s apparently happening to us this week.’ But it’s not real to me. It might be to other people but… Absolutely, 100% [worth it, though]. In the confines of my own home, everything’s great.”

“She’s just a wonderful person. She’s kind, she’s lovely, she’s funny, talented.”

“[The spotlight] makes your job more difficult — I’ll need bigger and bigger beards and glasses and wigs to disappear into roles. But the heart takes you wherever it takes you.”

“If you say everything [that's reported in the tabloids], eventually one of those things will be right. But I’m here to tell you we’re actually happy and there’s nothing wrong. Unfortunately, that’s less interesting than ‘Everything is falling apart.’”

“We met around five years ago when I was working on Tropic Thunder. She was vacationing on Kauai with her friend Courteney [Cox], and I met her one weekend.”

“[The tabloids and paparazzis] – that’s definitely new for me. She’s a pro at it, though. I take a lot of my cues from her. But it’s just something that… What’s the other option? I’m not going to let them dictate the way I want to live my life.”

“We had dinner. Just dinner. I got her something nice [for Valentine's Day].”

“I didn’t get her out of the film. I got her after the film. That’s what everyone loves to think [that the romance was kindled during shooting], but no. You are getting the scoop. No, we were friends before and during the filming of the movie.”

“[I don't let the press get to me] by reminding myself what’s important and that’s what happens within the four walls of my own home and my own head, for that matter.”

“My first impression working with Jennifer is how spontaneous she is. She’s an incredibly present and hysterically funny actress. We [immediately] had a fun time.”

“Fantastic [birthday party for Jen's 43rd]. Just a private thing. Just some of our closest friends. Hers and mine.”

“We share those responsibilities [of cleaning up after our dogs]. We’re just trying to get them to understand the outdoors. Pitbull boxer mix, yeah. So we’re putting everything on really high shelves, yeah. Nothing too valuable [ruined by the dogs yet] but a couple of belts. You know, some old belts, a pair of shoes. But no wallets or anything.”

“She’s better. She’s better at disciplining me disciplining dogs.”

“I’m gonna say me, just so I take the bullet but it wasn’t me [who took the longest getting ready for the premiere out of Jen and me].”

“She’s super-funny. She’s great – such a lovely woman.”

“She was fantastic, the classiest lady I know. She would take care of me a little bit. When I would feel low, she had all these Chinese herbal medicines she’d give me. If I caught a cold, she’d make blueberry smoothies with antioxidants. She was a fantastic blender chef.”

Louis Theroux (cousin of Justin Theroux) said:

“She is a lovely person! Her hair is thick and lustrous and she’s charming and just like you and me. Very normal. I have [met her], yeah! She lives in LA with my cousin Justin. It’s a different world that I’m very occasionally allowed to peep inside.”

Marlo Thomas said:

“I liked doing Friends. It’s fun. First of all they’re all very talented. Every single one of those actors is very gifted. Any one of them could have their own show. They’re unspoiled. They work very hard and they work at their craft, so I was very impressed with them. I adore Jennnifer. She’s a lovely, young woman. And it was fun because it’s very much – as we were talking before – who would That Girl be today. That girl would be Rachel, you know? She really would be that kind of girl. I mean, if you would do a That Girl today, that’s who she’d be. Somebody independent, who has a good job, who is having complicated relationships with men and even goes so far as having a baby. And single.”

“I was a big fan of Friends long before I played Jennifer Aniston’s mom on it. And you know what? The cast is hilarious even when they make mistakes.”

“All of her [St. Jude] spots, every year, they are the warmest one. You could see how she just loves the kids.”

“Jennifer is adorable. Sweet and giving.”

“Jennifer was adorable, so supportive, and so much fun. I really enjoyed it and we got to be good friends. Jennifer was a big fan of That Girl, in fact, she told me that Ross was her Donald.”

Frank Thon (who worked with her on The Bounty Hunter) said:

“Jennifer, as an actor you are an inspiration to me. I too acted in The Bounty Hunter. And by watching how you co inside with everyone from BG to fans yelling your name while you were on set it just taught me so much on how to be a pro. Your smile when they yelled your name was real because when you turned to face us actors you still had that smile. You are amazing!”

“I worked BG for Jennifer Aniston for The Bounty Hunter. She was an awesome person. And was nice to EVERYONE on set and the fans watching.”

Addison Timlin (Amy, co-star in Derailed) said:

“She was sooo nice. The next day in the paper there was a gossip item that said, ‘Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen were out partying together’ or something, and it had a picture of them holding hands. But it was a still from the movie. I was, like: ‘Hello! They’re acting!’”

Jeanne Tripplehorn said:

“Working with an actor as a director is sometimes the greatest thing because she is on film sets a lot. So she knows how she wants them, the dream set to run. The energy was just so great. As an actor, I always feel that I am in service to the director to bring her vision to fruition. Jennifer’s set was just lovely. So keep doing it Jennifer and do more. You should now go bigger. You have graduated now.”

“What is great about Jen is that she’s consistent, she brought that same energy and sparkle, and that love of life that she brings to everything. She was really at home and really comfortable not being in front of the camera, I really envy her for that. She was very specific, and nurturing and gentle. All the qualities we love about her, she had as a director.”

“She was exactly like the Jennifer that I’ve always known. She had a great spirit. She was a really good multitasker. She was just lovely, you know? And she did a really intense subject matter and she approached it with a lot of sensitivity and care and a lot of humor. There was a lot of humor on the set.”

“[She was] an enhanced, stronger version of herself [and had great skills behind the lens].”

“When I started acting, I always took these masculine blockbuster movies—but I always wanted to work with women. So to finally have a female-centric set was a dream come true. I think people like to say that when women group together, they become very competitive… but when you’re in the shadow of breast cancer, you really do have to band together. Everybody had a great sense of humor and focus. And while Jennifer and Demi [Moore] had both directed shorts before, this was just on another scale completely.”

“I mean—she’s Jennifer! This is a serious subject, and she approached it with real sensitivity. She had complete control of the set, and as a director, that’s something that has to be first and foremost. I’ve known Jen for a long time—going on about 20 years now! She’s a real girl’s girl, and she surrounds herself with such good, strong women.”

“Jen had, like, such a great heart. She was dealing with one of the most painful of the films [in Five]. It was just really heart-wrenching.”

“I have to say Jennifer and Demi [Moore], watching them transform from actors to directors was really exciting to watch. They are naturals, they should do it more often.”

James Michael Tyler (Gunther on Friends) said:

“It was a very fitting closure for Gunther’s story line. Jennifer Aniston made it both very easy and very difficult at the same time. Our scene went beyond acting – the emotion was real – it was a moment I will never forget.”

“[Drooling over Rachel] was not very difficult to do as an actor. She’s like a sister to me. She’s just a wonderful person, great heart, wonderful actress and beautiful.”

“Gunther is actually the one who had a crush on Rachel [from Friends], but yeah, I had a little bit of a crush on her, too.”

“Oh, yeah, absolutely. [I knew she would be big in the movie business.] She just exudes charm.”

“[Marcel, the monkey on Friends] would throw pillows, chase Jen, grab her hair and pull her hair and then jump off at David Schwimmer. It would just cause chaos.”

“[Brad Pitt] was [on the set of Friends] constantly, so it wasn’t really a big deal seeing, ‘Oh, hey, Brad Pitt.’ You know? ‘Getting some pizza?’ ‘Yeah.’”

“It was a very fitting closure for Gunther’s storyline. Jennifer Aniston made it both very easy and very difficult at the same time. Our scene went beyond acting – the emotion is real – it was a moment I will never forget.”

Mia Tyler (model) said:

“[She] is like one of those cardboard dolls you could put anything on and it would look good.”

Aisha Tylor said:

“Jennifer Aniston always looks sensational and streamlined and put together. Things never seem fussy or uncomfortable.”

Vince Vaughn said:

“Yes, I did like her right off the bat as a person as well. I think she’s terrific.”

“When we were writing the screenplay, we had Jennifer in mind right away.”

“She’s the best. Jennifer is the best. She’s the one we had in mind for the film the whole time. She’s really good at comedy and drama too. What you see is what you get. She’s very genuine, honest and down-to-earth and it’s important to have that kind of likeability in the film. She’s a great actress. She’s got a great sense of humour.”

“[The day we shot Jennifer's nude scene] was the first day, that was the only day, that I showed up early. I was the last one to leave the set, and I was like, ‘Guys, I think we’re making a mistake walking away from this!’ I don’t remember how many takes [it took]. Maybe 64. No one told me I was going to heaven that day!”

“She has such a great quality about her that is so likable. There really was no one else. She was our only choice.”

“I showed up early that day [of Jennifer's nude scene in The Break-Up], and I was the last one to leave the set. I said, ‘Guys, I know what you’re thinking. This has been an 18-hour day, but I don’t want to be left in the editing room without choices. Let’s shoot this again.’ ‘I can’t repeat what Jen said at that point!”

“I’ve always been allowed to collaborate and do stuff. And that’s what I mean when I say on [The Break-Up, Jen was so important, because we really embraced her ideas and opinions and were open to her affecting the screenplay and the character in a way for the better."

"We went out of our way to make her uncomfortable. It was important to set paramters - No, she was great. She's so easy to get along with - Jen - and she's such a good actor that, you know, when - I had her in mind for the part. Really the only person I had in mind. Cause I was looking for someone who is great at comedy and also is a good actor. And also on top of it, Jen has such a great likeable quality to her that's important if you have a flawed character. That it's someone the audience can connect to and root for."

"My favorite scenes [in The Break-Up] are really, like, the one scene with Jen where I come home and she’s kind of at a more real place. I think that’s great.”

“I think Jennifer is an awesome actress and an awesome person, but we’re not a couple. We met those times because I wanted her to be part of the film. We were talking business. I’m one of the producers on the film and I wanted Jennifer to be my co-star.”

“Honestly, Jennifer and I don’t think of those things as much as other people. It’s the media that draws those kind of parallels.” – on not wanting to change the title of the movie ‘The Break Up’

“She’s awesome … . I always thought of her when we were developing the movie. She has just a wonderful warmth and likability about her.”

“Jennifer is just awesome. Both of us just ignore all the stuff because we’re working on a script we love. She’s just a great actress and really, really funny.”

“She’s great. She’s funny. One of the things too I liked in [Wedding Crashers] was a lot of times in these comedies, girls are stuck laughing at what the guy says, whether the guy’s funny or not. But Isla’s funny as hell in this movie and my character’s like the crazy, zany character, but by default I become the straight man when I’m in scenes with her. And she kind of becomes the comic relief and I’m the guy kind of going, ‘This guy’s normal, she’s off the hook.’ And I kind of liked that she got to be really comedic and driving and be really funny with it. Same in The Breakup. Jennifer gets to be really funny. She is really funny and she’s also a good actor. Favreau’s going to be in the movie playing my best friend. Vincent D’Onofrio plays my older brother. Cole Hauser plays my younger brother. John Michael Higgins, a very good actor, is in the movie; [he] plays her brother, Jennifer’s brother. Justin Long from Dodgeball is in the movie. Jason Bateman is in the movie.”

“The thing with Jen is, she’s so easy to feel drawn to. She’s so genuine and warm, and she has a lightness, a classy ease about it all. You can see why people are so enamored. It’s like she’s stuffed with Elvis dust. Little kids see her and they don’t know she’s famous, and they just gravitate to her, they hang on her.”

“She has an extreme emotional intelligence. People could abuse that. But she chooses to use her gifts to make people feel good. She chooses to be kind.”

“Jennifer’s great. She’s one of my favorite people. And she’s–she’s easy to… she’s–she’s just really smart and funny and easy to be with. Very considerate. And she’s just great.”

“I started thinking of her when I was writing because she’s not only a great actress, but she also has a quality that’s very likable, very warm and appealing. There’s a genuineness to Jen. And she’s also really funny.”

“It made my acting easier that day (when Jennifer did a nude scene) — she just looks great. That was everyone’s favorite day on the set!”

“She has a great quality, you’re just drawn to her. There was no other option. I just responded to her nature. She’s very funny and bright — it just flowed.”

“I just responded to her nature. She’s very funny and bright — it just flowed.”

“Her timing is so good. She’s so good with real moments that it made my job easier.”

“She was the only one that came to mind when we thinking of someone who was good with comedy, good with drama and who’s really likable, so we really didn’t have a back up choice. Thankfully we didn’t have to go through (having to think of someone else). She said yes right away. Well, not right away. But she did say yes.”

“She’s got Elvis dust. It’s unexplainable. People are drawn to her. Jennifer’s the kind of person you could put in a room and all the kids would come over not even knowing who she is.”

“I’m unfortunately circus tall and Jen is regular height. I’m always taller. She was in heels a lot or I’d take my shoes off.”

“Jennifer is a wonderful comedian, but she is also immediately sympathetic to an audience. That would ensure I’d have a strong actor to play off.”

“Jen’s always great… you know you… Jennifer. You won’t find anyone more classy, smart or more genuine than Jennifer is. She’s just truly just a gracious, good-hearted, bright person. You know, as far as my personal life, I have always just chosen to kind of keep something to myself and not discuss that, that’s not really my thing. But I love talking about her as an actress.”

“She was the only actor that I had in mind, because she’s so good with comedy and she’s also a very good actor and she also has a quality to her that just inherently she’s very likeable. There’s a warmth to Jennifer. These characters are both very flawed, so it’s important to have that. And when we started the rehearsal process right away, I really was impressed with her acting, her timing, with all of that. Jennifer is really the heart of the movie, like Owen is the heart of the movie in Crashers. If she isn’t as good of a straight man, as it would be, in this movie, and then also able to be comedic if it calls for it, but never lose that sense of being real and being a real person taking this journey, the whole movie would falter, so she was really instrumental. And yes, I did like her right off the back as a person as well. I think she’s terrific.”

“She gives such a great performance in this (movie, The Break-Up), in those scenes that she does when it turns dramatic. They are simple and really truthful, not overdone, not overacting. Just really raw and honest.”

“What do I like about Jennifer? I like everything about Jennifer. I think she’s great.”

“She was really the only actress that I thought of for the part because of her comedic acting ability and her likability. That stuff (in the tabloids) transpired as we went on but I felt that ultimately you do your best to make a great movie and I can’t really handicap the other stuff, how it will affect, how it won’t affect, is it good, is it bad. I know that we had a piece of material that we believed in, that we worked really hard on and that’s really all you have control over.”

“It’s true that she was the only actress I had in mind. When we rehearsed, I was impressed with her acting and timing. It was also a good role. Unfortunately, a lot of times women in romantic comedies are stuck sort of rolling their eyes at what the guy does. I wanted her to be really funny on screen, too. Jennifer is the heart of this movie.”

“She is like Elvis, people love Jennifer and what you see is what you get; she is a genuine article and very warm, very aware and people respond really well to Jen.”

“She has a dignity and a warmth and a kindness to her, that I think comes across in her performance. You have this very flawed character on a journey, I thought it was important to have someone who you’d think, ‘Oh, I like her.’ And I think she has a goodness to her.”

“I think the one thing to know is that Jennifer is one of the brightest, most emotionally intelligent people I’ve ever met, and I think whatever experience she has only betters her. She’s a very warm, genuine, happy, great person and I don’t think there’s anything to worry about her being able to… she’ll always have an optimism and a brightness about life. I think it’s just innate to who she is.”

“Hey, [Jennifer and Joey Lauren Adams] are both great actresses, and I knew they’d be great together. Which, you know, they were.”

“Just want to say thank you very much to my co-star Jennifer Aniston, one of the funniest and most genuine people I know. She’s the best.”

“I have such a great friendship with Jennifer. Really, I still talk to her constantly. I have a real, genuine connection with Jen. And I have a real appreciation of her. That continues to this day.”

“[I believe in female leads sharing the jokes.] Whether it is me and Jon [Favreau] in Swingers or with Jennifer Aniston, these things work best when they are a ping-pong match. It is about the relationship becoming the humour. It was like with Jennifer in The Break-Up. Her character has asked for lemons for a table centrepiece and my character doesn’t understand why she needs them.”

Paul Vasquez aka Yosemite Bear (co-star in Smartwater commercial) said:

“Oh my God, [Jen] was wonderful! She instantly made me feel at ease, welcomed & appreciated. She walked up to me, said she was a fan and asked if she could take my pic. She was perfect! I had a powerful scene with her and got to look into her emerald green eyes. It was powerful! She was incredible.”

Donatella Versace said:

“She really knows how to choose clothes that suit her. Sleek, simple, romantic. She follows her own instincts.”

Mark Wahlberg said:

“My mom read the stories [about me hooking up with Jen] and called me. She was furious. She told me to leave that nice Brad Pitt’s girl alone. I couldn’t believe my mom bought that nonsense. I consider Brad a good friend. I’d never do something like that to him. Besides, I have my own girlfriend. I don’t need to steal anyone else’s girl.”

“She’s an amazing actress. She’s everything I wish I could have – that kind of person.”

“She’s fantastic. She did a really great job. She put herself out there a bit. I like people who take risks.”

“Well, I just think we clicked together. We both felt really strongly about the material and we were both committed 110%. We went a little crazy in that disco scene, though. I was like, ‘whoa!’”

David Wain (writer and director of Wanderlust) said:

“She is surprisingly easygoing, normal and easy to talk to. Everyone in the cast hung out together like we were all normal people.”

“[The film is] a fun departure for her. She’s kind of America’s Sweetheart, so we thought it would be great for her to then kind of play against that – join a commune and go deep into it. She was totally game.”

“I think she goes to places in this movie that she’s never gone in a million different ways. Her character and her as an actress breaks out of her shell and really explodes.”

“She was up in that tree, in a way that I would be scared to. She really was up for anything and everything.”

“But in thinking about the Linda character which is a very tricky character and a very tough casting choice and a very – it’s very delicate. And to find – there’s not many women in the world that are funny and in that age group and sort of have the spirit of someone that you like and that you can identify with all the way through. But they are also appealing in the right way. She has a mixture of qualities – I don’t know who else we could have cast. Again, a dream to work with her.”

“Everybody brought it on set. [Jen and Justin Theroux's] hook-up happened, like, way after shooting, so I didn’t really have any gleaming. Everybody loved each other. We all had a great time and I didn’t see it coming, I’ll tell you that.”

“She was amazingly game, which was really wonderful to see. As we were talking about who would be the great leading lady for it, she was first on our list and we couldn’t believe that she actually agreed to do it.”

“Jennifer Aniston is no novice. She has done every kind of comedy over the years, so she was very comfortable doing different kinds of things. We would throw her things and she would look at me funny and be, like, ‘What? You want me to say what?’ But she wasn’t alone in that.”

“Jennifer Aniston is the female lead [in WanderLust]. She is awesome and funny and you’ll see cool new sides of her in this one.”

“We also shot on the streets of midtown and I’e never had the experience of trying to shoot a scene when the actor is Jennifer Aniston, and there are literally 100 photographers there trying to get close to her. There’s a whole game you have to play with them, because they know the laws I guess, and they can legally make it literally impossible for you to shoot unless you play along give them some access. So weird. At the end of the last night, Jennifer came out of her trailer which was parked on the street, and there was a crowd of photographers waiting right there, who’d been taking pictures of her the entire day. She stopped and posed for a moment and then politely asked that they wrap it up for the night, so she could walk on the street in peace. Amazingly they all agreed and let her go on her way.”

Lisa Ann Walter (co-star in Bruce Almighty) said:

“Jennifer’s one of us. She’s like, gets down and dirty with girlfriend talk. She’s sweet and loving, she’s adorable with little Maddie [Madeline Lovejoy] who plays my daughter in the movie and she’s a lovely girl.”

“My girlfriends and I in real life have a saying when we meet someone who we like. We say, ‘You’ll love her, she’s one of us.’ Jennifer is one of us. She gets down and dirty with girlfriend talk, and she’s sweet and loving, too.”

“She’s one of us. She’s just the nicest chick. You just want to go, ‘You’re not really a big, huge star.’”

Vera Wang (fashion designer) said:

“I’d like to dress Jennifer Aniston. I dressed her in Vogue, but I haven’t dressed her myself. I think she’s a strong and independent woman, and I love that about women.”

Warren the Ape said:

“Don’t tell Dr. Drew Pinsky, but I was a little loaded the night I signed [the autographed picture Jennifer has of me]. I believe it was most likely a ribald sketch, a drink recipe, and my phone number. To my knowledge she never called, so I hope she enjoyed the bananatini. Most celebrities want nothing to do with me since my career tanked. I swear, even O.J. Simpson says I’m bad for his image. But if my show can reach just one attractive person in this crazy industry, then perhaps there’s hope. And maybe this washed up Ape is finally ready for his spin cycle.”

“[What would I like to do with her?] Other than the entire Kama Sutra? Honestly, I would want to do nothing to betray the integrity of my show, which is 100 percent reality. We’d start by just having a light lunch while the cameras were on, and see where things naturally led. But I suppose if it helped ratings we could also try playing a former astronaut and mystery writer who pose as Top Chefs to solve supernatural crimes for America’s culinary elite. You know, so long as it felt real.”

“I admire Jen as a woman of taste and distinction and I’ve always appreciated her political support of Fabricated Americans like myself. She also knows how to rock a bikini.”

Teri Weinberg, (executive vice president, NBC Entertainment) said:

“What a thrill to have Jennifer back on NBC on a Thursday night. She is the perfect comedic talent to work with the Emmy-winning 30 Rock cast. This promises to be a memorable, hilarious night of comedy.”

Harvey Weinstein (executive producer of Derailed) said:

“She challenged herself to be more uninhibited than she’s ever been onscreen … this role is very sexual.”

“This is not Rachel from Friends. She challenged herself to be more uninhibited than she’s ever been onscreen. This role is very sexual.”

“I’ve known Jennifer personally for 10 years. When I saw how great she was in [2002's] The Good Girl, I wanted to give her the opportunity to stretch. I think this role puts her in the rank of actresses like Charlize and Gwyneth and Reneé and Nicole.”

“Clive and Jennifer had fantastic chemistry.”

Raquel Welch said:

“I love her. I love her comedy. And I think she’s got a rockin’ body!”

Gucci Westman (make up artist) said:

“She’s one of my favourite people to work with, incredibly cool and beautiful. She’s a girl that everyone falls in love with – she just has this really charismatic charming way about her.”

“We did her kind of 60s/70s [in her Allure February 2011 cover photoshoot] – lots of lashes, golden skin. She always looks so beautiful with a tan and blue eyes. Just gorgeous babe which is what she is.”

Maggie Wheeler said:

“I seem to remember [Marcel, the monkey on Friends] taking a crap in the couch cushions and then reaching up and showing it to Jennifer.”

Carrie Wiatt (former nutritionist) said:

“She walked into my office, so sweet, so full of energy. And she just wanted to lose a little bit of weight. She looked really healthy and so we didn’t take that much off. I know there’s been some reports about thirty pounds… it hasn’t, it was not thirty pounds.”

David Wild (author of ‘Friends… ’til the End: The One with All Ten Years’) said:

“Jennifer Aniston has been in some great movies. She has that appeal on – any size of a screen, she’s going to be adorable on.”

Michelle Sy and Orian Williams (producers of a Jeff Buckley biopic) said:

“Jennifer Aniston actually introduced Brad [Pitt] to Jeff’s music. She has always been a fan of his.”

Bruce Willis said:

“I only want to work with attractive women in every film that I’m in, regardless of whether it makes sense. I want to do more comedy. I’d love to work with Jennifer Aniston again.”

Patrick Wilson said:

“That’s the thing: it was such an easy ‘Yes’ between – ’cause at the time, I actually forget who was involved. I knew it was Jen and Jason. They’re both such likeable people, so I thought, when you got a concept of two people that are – that can’t really figure it out, these communication issues but you want both to succeed, I think that’s the key to a solid movie. At least where you want to see the on screen romance, so yeah, I think it plays well.”

Reese Witherspoon said:

“I kinda had to give her an award at an – about six months ago and I played her younger sister on Friends. Mainly so I can meet Jennifer Aniston. She’s just so lovable and amazing. So yeah, I told her publicly in front of a whole group of people which makes me feel safer.”

“I also have a major girl crush on Jennifer Aniston but I mean, that’s like.. Like, doesn’t everybody have a crush on Jennifer? Dogs have crushes on Jennifer Aniston! Dogs are like, ‘Ah, I wish that was me in Marley & Me.’ She’s so cute.”

“Okay, so most of you probably know that for 10 years, Jennifer Aniston starred on this little, tiny television show called Friends. But what you may not know is that in 1999, I was asked to play her sister on Friends. It was very exciting because like most of the world, I was completely obsessed with Friends. I watched it morning, noon and night. I’d just had a baby. I could not stop watching Friends. They were my friends and there was no taking me away from my friends. So when my agent called me and said, ‘They offered you a part on Friends, I was super-duper excited, y’all! I said, ‘What?! Oh my lucky charms. How did I get so lucky?’ So I showed up on set and I was super excited! I was on Friends! And in all my enthusiasm I completely forgot something very crucial — and that was that I had never been on television ever before in my entire life and I never really had never been in front of a live audience before ever in my entire life. And I panicked. I totally froze. It became immediately clear to me that I had no idea what I was doing and I was completely out of my league. So there I was at Central Perk. I was in Central Perk! Okay? And I… couldn’t remember my lines and the writers were yelling things at me ’cause that’s what television writers do across the studio. And I just stood there, completely frozen. And so Jennifer Aniston was there and she was playing my sister and she came and pulled me to the side and she said, ‘Hey, are you okay? You’re kind of freaking out a little bit.’ And I said, ‘No, no. I’m not okay. No.’ And she said, ‘Okay, hey, here… I’m gonna do a little trick.’ And she said, ‘You’re just gonna make a mistake in the next take. Make a mistake and you’re just gonna flub your line or whatever and the audience is gonna love it. They’ll go crazy and everybody will love it!’ And I said, ‘Really?’ And she goes, ‘Yeah, because – Don’t try to be perfect. Just be yourself.’ So the next time I did and I went out there and I couldn’t remember my lines anyway, so I flubbed my line and I stopped and I let the audience just enjoy my mistakes and my failability. And she was totally right and they did love it and I immediately felt comfortable. When I was thinking about Jen and what I wanted to say about Jen, that is the story that sort of captured Jen the best for me. That’s who she is.”

“On one hand, she’s this gorgeous, breath-taking beauty that men lose their thought process and speech pattern [over] – I’ve actually seen this, it’s incredible when they see her. And on the other hand, she is a woman who lets you in. She lets you see her flaws, she lets an audience laugh at her pain and her humility and her humanity. And there are not many actors in this world – there are not that many people actually who have this incredible combination of sex appeal and complete lovability. You just want to get your nails done with her and you want to make out with her at the same time. At least I do. And that’s what we do sometimes on Saturdays, don’t we? First we get our nails done — so cute! — and then we make out. It’s totally awesome. But that’s ’cause she’s my friend, not yours.”

“Her work spans from her extraordinary performance in The Good Girl to her hysterical roles in Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly and The Break-Up. Honestly, she’s worked with every male comedian in this business which I actually think she deserves some sort of military award for, you know? Maybe a purple heart for working with all those comedians? I think. Maybe? Possibly? She broke our hearts in Marley & Me and in Horrible Bosses, she plays a boss that every man in the 50 states and on 7 continents would like to work for. And speaking of Horrible Bosses, I’d like to point out that it just became her 8th film to cross the $100 million mark in the last 8 years. Okay? That’s more than any woman in the world, so it’s an extraordinary experience and I’d just like to say I’m pretty sure she’s gonna get invited to a lot of Christmas parties this year because of it. But now what’s extraordinary is she has rallied the troops, an incredible group of women to direct five films that explore the lives of women living with breast cancer and it’s very hard for me to imagine a woman that is capable of galvinizing extraordinary talent and steering them towards a worthy cause. But that is Jennifer.”

“She’s an awesome friend, as you can probably imagine.”

“I’m very happy to be here. We did Friends together and so it’s just great. It’s great. She’s a good friend of mine.”

“I love romantic comedies. I watch them all the time. I love all my fellow female romantic comedy queens, like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner and Katie Heigl. I also think that the questions romantic comedies ask about men and women are universal.”

“I love Jen, and I’m very happy she won an award. I think she really deserved it. After all, she’s my sister, even if just on TV. It feels as if we were really sisters.” – after Jen won her Emmy

Mike White (writer of The Good Girl) said:

“I came up with the idea of casting Jen. I thought it would be fresh. Who wouldn’t want to see America’s sweetheart get blackmailed for sex and try to institutionalise her boyfriend and cheat on her husband? I just wasn’t sure she’d respond to the material.”

Casey Wilson said:

“I love to impersonate Jennifer Aniston. I just love her voice, and it comes from being such a huge fan of hers. I used to be so obsessed with her and realized I could do her voice. It’s a tribute, I hope she sees it as that.”

Owen Wilson said:

“I felt extra pressure that we got along, because I had so many friends that had worked with Jen, and everybody has said the same thing, how much they loved working with her. I didn’t want to be the one guy she hates!”

“[Puppies are] like scene stealers. Don’t work with children, dogs or Jen, if you want any face time.”

“She got pretty naked. [The day we shot the skinny-dipping scene] was kind of a good day of filming. That’s where I got to say it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. You can kind of just sit back in your chair. They spent more time on [her] nakedness, skinny-dipping than on mine. When I jumped it, it was like, ‘Well, I think we got it.’ With Jen, they’re like, ‘Let’s get this right.’ We were all night on that.”

“It was right when [she] walked in during rehearsal, I was like, ‘That’s it. There’s my Castello.’”

“[We're] on the same page, humor-wise, and I think, I had just – everybody loves working with [her].”

“What can I say [she] literally look[s] great [on the cover of GQ].”

“Her instincts were incredible. She does the work in ways better than I ever imagined.”

“We didn’t really know each other before the movie began. We just met in passing and I think it was more like in rehearsal just early on feeling like were on the same page with the way we felt things should go. The thing about chemistry, it’s sort of you get along with a person and then sort of if the movie does well, then you have great chemistry.”

“You couldn’t ask for a better movie wife than Jen. All her sort of instincts and everything on how to play the character, everything just seems like exactly, you know, the way when I read the script, the way I kind of imagined it, um, is the stuff that she does. And then stuff that, you know, is better than you imagine.”

Thor Wasbotten (classmate at Rudolf Steiner) said:

“She was beautiful. Jennifer was very cute, with long, dark brown hair and great eyes. The best part about her, however, was her smile. She could light up a room with her smile. Still does.”

Patrick Wilson (co-star in The Switch) said:

“That’s the thing: it was such an easy ‘Yes’ between – ’cause at the time, I actually forget who was involved. I knew it was Jen and Jason. They’re both such likeable people, so I thought, when you got a concept of two people that are – that can’t really figure it out, these communication issues but you want both to succeed, I think that’s the key to a solid movie. At least where you want to see the on screen romance, so yeah, I think it plays well.”

Scott Winant (director of ‘Til There Was You) said:

“On the set, we could tell when it was a Jennifer Aniston day because the Entertainment Tonight cameras would suddenly appear.”

“Eventually, the focus will become about her talent and not her hair. And that’s where it should be.”

Oprah Winfrey said:

“It is so rare when a star has sex appeal, girl-next-door charm and is also funny, friendly, vulnerable, all at the same time. Jennifer Aniston certainly has all of those qualities.”

“I adore her. I have such respect for her.”

“I was just at the Bel-Air with Jen, ’cause we were doing the last interview about Friends, and I swear I watched her go to get in the car, and these paparazzi guys were, like, on the… They’re three cars behind – they’re all… I’ve never seen anything like that still to this day.”

“She’s a girl’s girl. I hear she… – when I talked to her – I did her for O magazine and she was saying sometimes she and her girlfriends get together and they just kind of howl at the moon.”

“I was delighted to find after talking with Jennifer Aniston that she’s as friendly and fun as we all imagine her to be. She tells her own truth about loving Brad Pitt and him loving her. Definitely sounds like the real thing to me.”

Robin Wright said:

“I instantly wanted to do something with her, not ever having met her. I just always loved her from [Friends].”

“Everything just flowed, there was no on-set tension. Mind you, we only shot for three days, but it’s still pretty rare to not have that. It felt really sweet and warm.”

“[Jennifer] was very loving and calm and knew what she wanted. She’s not aggressive, meaning mean. But (she’s) assertive with her vision, and making sure that everybody was in the team together.”

“I was approached first with… ‘Hey, you want to do this short that Jennifer Aniston’s directing?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I do!’ because I always loved her from afar. And then they told me that it was stories made by women for women and I just thought, what a great opportunity. This is the new millennium for women. Women are in film. They’re here. There is a pulse. It’s just we need to open the screen door.”

“I loved working with Jennifer. She’s very in tune and a very calm presence. There’s such a genuine feeling on the set, just, you know, girls. There was a real sense of that community. And she being the leader, she was incredible.”

Ron Yerxa (producer of The Switch) said:

“I’ve found Jennifer to be amazingly earthy, charming, direct, very easy to talk to.”

Steve Zahn said:

“She’s a brilliant actress and a very modest, humble person. It was just an absolute delight to work with her. I couldn’t wait to get to work every day – and I really mean that. There were three gigs that I’ve done – out of fifty – and this [Management] is one that is one of my favorites.”

“Of course [I looked forward to grabbing Jennifer's butt] – especially those scenes because they were so hysterical.”

“We had to [film the intimate moments] so many times. It’s so weird, very awkward and bizarre. [But] she’s a pro, a gifted actor, humble, modest, a genuinely kind person. She has no agenda.”

“She’s just a really beautiful person.”

“Jennifer is an absolutely delightful, modest, considerate person and an excellent actress who shows up to work and gives it everything she’s got. Why the world is interested in what coffee she’s buying, well, she’s as baffled by it as anyone else.”

“It was truly one of the better gigs I’ve ever done. We really clicked. We clicked from the first minute, and that was very exciting, because we knew that was kind of essential in playing these people. I’ve never done a gig where I couldn’t wait to get to work because you have so much fun. A lot of times, it’s the kiss of death – “Ah, it was so fun on set, but is it going to make a good movie?” The fact that we both think it’s a very good movie is just kind of a cherry.”

“Yeah, [you see] a little bit [of her as a tabloid fixture] – obviously, if you hang out with someone of that notoriety for an extended period of time. What you find out, especially with someone like Jennifer, she really is such a modest, honest, smart, accessible person… . I never thought about the other thing. It crushes a lot of people. She’s very smart and is able to balance it.”

“Usually with those kinds of scenes [where you have to touch someone inappropriately; in this case Steve touched Jennifer's butt] you’d be really nervous, but we just couldn’t wait to do it!”

“I was ecstatic when I found out Jen was doing it. I don’t think there’s anyone more perfect to play Sue.”

“I knew Jennifer from a previous film and I did an episode of Friends once, so I kind of knew her. But not on a basis, like a daily basis.”

“There was chemistry. We felt it immediately, at the first rehearsal. And we’re very excited about that. I mean, I really – it’s one gig that I’ve done and I’ve like 50 movies or so and I couldn’t wait to get to work every day on this one. And it was because of the people and it was because of the script and because of Jennifer. It was just an absolute joy. We had so much fun.”

“She’s one of the most down-to-earth, humble people. If you talk – if you’re having a conversation with her, I guarantee you, three years later – when you run into her – she’ll remember what you were talking about and that’s saying something about a person.”

Joe Zee (creative director of Elle magazine) said:

“I love Jennifer. I think she has incredible style. I can tell you right now, someone like Jennifer Aniston is so easy. She shows up, she’s already ravishing. She’s gorgeous. Do some hair and makeup. She puts any dress on and I can tell you that the dress comes to life. Nothing looked bad on that girl.”

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