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Jess Cagle (an editor at large for People magazine) said:

“It’s hard to transfrom from small screen stardom to the big screen. But she’s a really, really good actress. There’s no question she’s got the chops. Once audiences forget about Rachel Green, she can graduate to the bigger stuff.”

Eddie Cahill (Tag Jones on Friends) said:

“When I was hired, I knew that there was the possibility that Tag and Rachel would become a couple, but it wasn’t a sure thing. That being said, the possibility alone was incredibly exciting.”

Keenan Cahill said:

“Jennifer Aniston was probably one of the big ones [I have met and worked with.] I mean, it was just really, really cool. She was like, ‘Oh my Gosh…’ you know? Chelsea [Handler] actually brought it up to her and she said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ She’s really down-to-earth. She’s like, ‘Come over here.’ And I thought I was in trouble when she called me over but she was like, ‘What’s going on with your career? What’s been going on?’ You know, ‘What’s going on right now? What’s going on in the future?’ You know. She was just, you know, awesome. And when we did the bit, another thing she [did was - when I was done], ‘Oh my God, let’s give a round of applause for Keenan Cahill.’ She’s really nice.”

“Actually all of [the celebrities I've met were] all really nice. Jennifer Aniston was one of the nicest.”

Brandon Camp (writer-director of Love Happens) said:

“Both actresses [Judy Greer and Jennifer] did a little bit of improvisation in this [movie], as well.”

“It’s really fun to watch these two actors [Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer] work because their instincts were always so good and Jen’s comedic timing is incredible and sometimes they would just go completely off book. Our poor camera man would have to keep up with them because they’re supposed to stay in one place. You never know what you’re going to get with these two. A lot of it ended up on the big screen and wasn’t scripted at all. It was just the two of them going.”

“Jennifer actually had to take a flower-arranging class to look like a professional as she sticks a flower in a vase like [she does in the movie.]”

“There’s a big transition from screenwriter to director. You realize all of a sudden that the director in you can actually fire the writer in you. Because you don’t necessarily need some of the words. The great thing about some of the actors and actresses in this film is that it really enabled me to feel free to cut words, to cut lines and dialogue, even pages. Jen Aniston, for example, she can convey so much in just a single look that the screenwriter in me would think, ‘Oh, my Goodness, you’re going to need 15 lines to do that.’”

“There is so much chemistry between Jen and Aaron [Eckhart]. It did shock me a little bit, to be honest. I was hoping it would be there, I believed it would be there but then they really felt it. There was a spark there that you can’t even explain with lines of dialogue.”

Kelly Carlson said:

“Look at Jennifer Aniston. She doesn’t diet. She goes running. And she’s gorgeous. Why aren’t people focusing on that?”

Adam Carolla said:

“Last week, [I] went to the Soho House. It was on Thursday night. Sat right next to Courteney Cox and Jen Aniston. [...] So I got up and started walking over there and start talking to ‘em. Both of them, nice as could be. [...] And then I said, ‘Listen, my agent James “Baby Doll” Dixon. Big, big fan. Huge Jennifer Aniston fan.’ And you know, ‘If you could say, before you left, it would make his night.’ So then they came over and he just gushed on her. Donkey semen. I mean, when I say ‘gushed’ I mean absolutely gushed. All over her.”

Glenn Gordon Caron (director of Picture Perfect) said:

“Very few people can be funny and intelligent. She’s got the chops to be a wonderful dramatic actress.”

“Her character does things that are not very nice, [but] we forgive her. That’s a quality that’s rare among actors. Jack Lemmon had it; we let him sin and then redeem himself. Tom Hanks has it. But women, as a rule, are not afforded the opportunity, or we don’t recognize it as quickly in them. It’s a great gift that she has.”

“On some level, everything Jennifer does as an actor has to be with the business of being a human being. What makes her special isn’t peculiar to youth. I could see her working into her 60′s.”

“Like everyone else in the country. I watch Friends and think she is fantastic. We understood each other very quickly and I knew she’d get to the heart of her performance right away. You see, as a director, if you are really prolific, you make one film a year. If you are a motion picture star, you may make two or three films a year. Jennifer, on the other hand, has been doing a television show for three years which puts her in a heightened state of readiness as an actress. This is her first starring role, and she was in every scene, every day. She did a wonderful job.”

“I knew Illeana’s Darcy would make a great counterpart for Jennifer’s Kate. Their relationship reminded me of the relationship Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau had in ‘The Fortune Cookie’.”

“Jennifer exudes an extraordinary humanity, which you need to do this kind of comedy. No matter what kind of ridiculous or morally questionable things Kate does, you can always hear her heart beating.”

“When I told Jennifer that Kevin Bacon had signed on, she went, ‘I can’t act with Kevin Bacon! I love Kevin Bacon!’ She was so humble, so adorable.”

Jim Carrey said:

“Yeah, he [Brad Pitt] was all over me like a cheap suit. He kept saying ‘Watch it buddy! No tongue!’”

“Brad turned to me and said ‘Thanks, man!’” – on the Bruce Almighty scene where he lets Jen’s breasts grow bigger

“[Brad Pitt] was constantly harassing me! ‘Did you kiss her? Did you kiss her?’ He came around once or twice – really a great guy. They’re a nice couple. Really sweet. We worked well off each other. She’s completely different than me. I’m a guy that goes out and completely throws myself out there – wild stuff. And she’s like the center of the wheel as I’m doing this [crazy stuff] all around her. She’s the kind of person that can sit there and allow things to come to her. I seek them out and destroy them. She deserves everything she’s got. You look at all those magazine you see her in and you say, ‘Why are people so interested in this person?’ They just never seem to get enough. Then after meeting her you go, there’s a reason: this is a very cool centered person. A lot of times when you meet people like that you’re disappointed at the reality of them. The Idea is always better, or that they are ‘playing’ an idea. – She’s real and being herself.”

“She’s very cool. A very cool person. And you just kind of realize why people want to see her all the time, you know? She’s a real good head.”

“She’s so nice, too. I don’t think she’d mind me giving her number out.”

“She’s great. She’s awesome.”

“She’s so crazy busy, too. She’s insanely busy. She’s doing three things at once. All the time. She’s a multi-tasker.”

“One day, she was really upset about at the time – everyone was waiting for Jennifer on set because she’s two hours late and I’m pissed – no [I'm kidding]. And we’re waiting for her, she shows up two hours late, completely upset because she accidently went to the Friends set. And there were no Friends there. [That's how tired she was and how confusing her schedule was at the time.]”

E. Jean Carroll said:

“Jennifer Aniston knows more about men than I’ll ever know.”

“I admire Jennifer Aniston more than I can say. I just don’t like her choice of scripts – with the exception of the The Good Girl.”

Aaron Carter said:

“I don’t [date] any trashy girls… I gotta be with an older, more mature girl, who’s not insecure… Age is just a number. Jennifer Aniston would be great, I would love that. That would be amazing… Just think about our kids!”

Vincent Cassel said:

“I was glad to work and have any scene with Jennifer, but it’s not like I was like, ‘Oh my God! I’m going to be kissing Jennifer!’”

Kristin Cavallari said:

“I know! I saw the [GQ] cover. She looks amazing, amazing. I think she’s the best she’s ever looked. She looks amazing, good for her. I think it’s awesome.”

Tom Cavanaugh (fellow acting student) said:

“She was very gracious about it. She was such a nice, honest girl.”

Kristin Chenoweth said:

“It’s really funny because I didn’t meet [Jen and Justin Theroux]. I believe we were at the same restaurant and people started reporting all of these things. First of all, I would never interrupt them. For all I knew, he could be just a friend. But would I like to meet her? You bet! I think she’s adorable. I bet she’s awesome.”

Patricia Clarkson (Mia in Five) said:

“It was an amazing experience. It was one of the most extraordinary experiences I had in my career and I have had a lot at this point because I am over 40. Seriously, I could never have done the film in four days without Jennifer. Never in a million years. We hit a stride. We hit a place. There was levity when we needed it. There was gravity when it was called for. Jennifer has a beautiful way on the set. I have worked with many great directors. They are surprisingly ego-less and that is what is extraordinary. They are gorgeous and talented and they are who they are. But when they go on the set, something shifts and they become part of something much larger than themselves. It is very apparent and it was very beautiful.”

“We still look good naked!”

“She made it happen every day. The whole thing [Five is something I'm so deeply proud of."

"She wrote me a very beautiful note to woo me to do this. I just had a feeling that she would be very right for this and that we would both get on," she said. "In 20 minutes I had to go to hell and back. Thank god Jennifer Aniston was with me every step of the way ... She's a very gifted director as you can see in this piece because the piece is very difficult. I'm very thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her and get to know her. I could never have done this, I don't think, without her, just her humor, her intelligence and her strength throughout this piece and for every one."

"It's funny, funny, funny. With Jennifer Aniston directing the light and dark are ever present."

"I don't think I could have done it without her. She knew the tone and timbre of this piece. She got it. She knew what she wanted. She's quite a director."

"I've worked with some of the best directors in the world. They all have a common denominator – trust. And they're egoless, surprisingly, which is what makes them great, because they really need to be able to take your energy, and if it's right, let it be. Jennifer wasn't about elevating or alleviating darkness on the set, because some of it was just dark. There was no way around it. It had to stay dark. She was joyous and fun and wonderful to be around, yet we knew when we had to just hunker down, and we knew when we could have some breath and levity. She was masterful at navigating that. We laughed our butts off at certain times. We had to just keep ourselves afloat. It was tough, one of the toughest things I've ever shot."

"I could never have done this without Jennifer. She's a fiercely gifted director. She brought her energy to it, and I brought my energy... It was beautifully written and funny as hell."

"Jennifer wrote me a beautiful letter asking me to do this part and I couldn't say no. She's a really kind and thoughtful person. She has great intelligence and humor and empathy and she had a very strong vision about this project. She was very much in control every single moment. There were some very brutal days and she was with me every step of the way. I wouldn't have wanted to make this movie without Jennifer."

"I was drawn to this project for two reasons: First, as a woman because of the importance and the relevance of this project. Second, as an actress. I got to play the wonderful part of Mia, and I got to be directed by the glorious Jennifer Aniston. It was a win-win situation for me. It was a beatufiul experience — one of the highlights of my career."

"She's timeless and infinitely talented, and I said to her, 'You are good as a director! S... you! Go stand in the corner.' Great actors make great directors."

"I'm so glad I got to do it with Jennifer Aniston. You know, they say great actresses - they do. They make great directors for a reason. They do understand us. They understand - you know, we're mercurial and this part was, so... And she knew the highs and lows that I had to - and the lightness and the darkness. And she just got it. And she's so amazing with actors. She has a genuine love for actors. And I mean, this is a woman who has a stellar career and so she just knew what to do. She understood the chemistry that actresses have to have every day on the set with the people that we're working with, with the crew, with our director. She gets that. She's very - she's incredibly in tune at all times with the people around her. It's a very beautiful quality."

"I think - well, I'll tell you: when I was first told about it, I was like, 'Oh.' I didn't want to work, I was like, 'No. I don't want to do -' And then Jennifer wrote me this beautiful letter. And then I read it. I read my part and then I went, 'My God.' It frightened me. And I like to do things that get me up in the morning and shake me loose. [It frightened me] because I knew it was going to be so demanding and I thought – I didn’t know if I could do it. That’s what frightened me. I really didn’t know if I could actually get to all of these places and physically accommodate this woman. And the physical duress that she is in. And then I read all the other pieces and fell in love with the whole project.”

“She’s exactly what you’d think she would be. And more. Just kind and understanding, available. An actress-director, you know? She really helped me in so many ways. Whew! It was just a tough part. It was a brutal part and she was just with me, you know, at every moment. At every moment. Emotionally, physically, it was just a tough ride I had and she was just there, you know?”

“It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever done in my entire life and I’ve worked with remarkable people. But to have made this journey with Jennifer Aniston directing which was… you know, a dream. She was remarkable. I could have never done it – I could have never done this project without her. Ever, ever, ever, ever.”

“She is born to be a director, she has a beautiful eye.”

“[Her directorial style is] very calm.”

“She was so beautiful and yummy. She was such a heartfelt and powerful director. Boy, I would never want to do this without her.”

“I loved working with Jennifer—every day was just an absolute triumph.”

“It was exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. And I had the beautiful hand of Jennifer Aniston with me all the way behind the lens. You can’t – there isn’t a better face you want behind that lens. She was so stunning to work with on this. I owe her much.”

“I was just surprised at how formidable she was. I worked with a little someone named Martin Scorsese and a little someone named Woody Allen and let me tell you, Jennifer holds her own, baby!”

“She makes light in the dark, on camera and off. It was so emotional and physically so brutal for me at times, and I would look at her and there was such compassion. It was quite moving to me at moments. I would’ve never wanted to do this with anyone else.”

“She understood the humor of this character. She understood the physical demands that I had going on in this character. We would play a scene and she always had some remark or suggestion, and sometimes surprising things, she would say to me.”

“It’s a radical journey I take in this little 20 minutes that I’m still recovering from, and I could never have done that without Jennifer Aniston.”

“She’s a wonderful director; she understands it.”

George Clooney/Brad Pitt said:

George: “We had some good water balloon fights. I hit her in the head and she cracked her head on the window. I felt bad about that.”
Brad: “Well you know, if you’re going to play with the big boys… [But] she kept going. I think she got a shot off after that. She’s got an arm.”
George: “She did. She kept firing. She’s tough.”

George Clooney said:

“Whenever you’re in trouble you throw it to Jennifer and she makes the lines sing. I would read things in the draft and go, ‘Wow, I don’t think that works.’ And then I’d see Jennifer do it and say, ‘All right, I was wrong.’”

“[Jen and Brad] are really fun. She’d come by the Ocean’s set, and you look over and go, ‘Well, there’s a homely couple.’”

“When it’s suggested that such an offspring [meaning a child from Jen and Brad] would emerge glowing or just explode – too much for Earth.”

Frankie Cocozza (X Factor singer/Celebrity Big Brother housemate) said:

“Jennifer Aniston will be my girl. I’m going to stay with Michael Madsen in Malibu, make a movie and win some Oscars and get Jennifer Aniston as my girl.”

Diablo Cody said:

“I think Horrible Bosses is gonna be my jam. I’ll really go see anything Jason Bateman does. Because of Juno, and also because of The Hogan Family — let’s credit the right projects here. I thought the trailer looked funny. I saw Jennifer Aniston with a banana. And the mystery of her midsection will finally be revealed to all.”

Ted Cohen (executive producer of Friends) said:

“Jennifer brings a truth to Rachel that allows her to be funny, even when she and Ross are fighting, breaking up, having a baby, etc., which is incredibly rare.”

Steven Cojocaru said:

“I’ve always thought she was amazing because less is more and if your style is minimalist, go with it. This year (2006) was the emancipation of Jennifer! She really sort of came out and there was something fiery about her, and she wore great, sexy clothes.”

Sarah Colonna said:

“There’s nothing really to make fun of [Jen and Reese Witherspoon] for. Listen, everyone has their thing with Jennifer Aniston, but she’s dated a lot of hot guys, so what’s sad about that?”

Bradley Cooper said:

“I like her. I think she’s fantastic. Who’s better than Jennifer Aniston?”

“[in French] She’s a friend of mine. Simply, simply, just a friend. [in English] In America, it’s not like it is here. She’s someone who is super, super known. Famous. If someone says ‘hello’ to her, it’s given that he’s fallen in love with her. So, no. No. She’s a very, very interesting woman, but she’s simply a friend. We made a film together but we didn’t have any scenes together. I got hired in at the beginning of the casting, and my part was solely with Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Connelley. Which isn’t bad at all.”

Jennifer Connelly said:

“I thought she was such a sweetheart. I’ve always thought she was very talented and lovely, warm, generous and after the film [He's Just Not That Into You], I thought, ‘Ooh, I want to be her friend. I want to hang out with her.’”

“On this movie, with all of the Jennifers, you can imagine the jokes. Truly, the whole film was so much fun.”

“I think Jennifer Aniston’s storyline [in He's Just Not That Into You] is quite moving and sweet.”

“Jennifer Aniston was so much fun. I thought she was such a great woman. Oh, yeah [it would be cool if Jennifer lived in New York and we were friends]. You know, a girl can dream. She seems like a good one, you know? She’s one of those girls.”

Kevin Connolly said:

“Jennifer Aniston would have been nice to have a few scenes with.”

Kevin Costner said:

“Well she’s quite good and she’s the lead, I’m just a supporting character in this. And she’s beautiful and she’s working really hard, she’s very funny and we got Shirley MacLaine so it’s just really fun.”

“Uh yeah. We wrestled. We wrestle in the dark. And we do that too (kiss). She shoves me up against a wall. It’s love ain’t it.”

“She’s a decent woman. And that’s a.. that should minimize how great it is. That’s a good thing to say about a very decent person. And that’s a quality in which we could all be described and feel good about that.”

“She’s a very pretty woman, and very, very talented.”

Allen Covert (executive producer of Just Go With It) said:

“We had to make Jennifer look bad, so we could make her look pretty.”

That was a great Jen dress, by the way. I remember we shot this scene and the next day online, there were pictures of her in this dress all over the world.”

Stephanie Cozart Burton (makeup artist on Cougar Town) said:

“We had a mini Friends reunion in the Cougar Town makeup [room] – Jennifer Aniston came by – such a class act! Spoke to all in the room – love her.”

Michelle Cozens (casting associate) said:

“Jennifer Aniston is so beautiful in person and such a doll. Soo sweet!”

David Crane said:

“We had a meeting with the guy who created Muddling Through and asked him if he’d let her go. What chutzpah.”

“Rachel was another case of incredibly-hard-to-cast. The role is potentionally, actually so unlikeable. Spoiled and whiny and upset and she’s crying and no one likes to see that. Unless you’re like one of those few actors that cry funny. And then Jen – again, Jennifer – wasn’t even in second position for a pilot [like Matthew Perry]. She had a series. But she was head and shoulders the best one. The series was a summer series and there were people who were saying they didn’t think it would go and so we – we took – that was a huge gamble. Cause we didn’t know – even after the show was picked up, we shot four or five of our episodes before we heard that Muddling Through definitely wasn’t moving forward. Cause if it had moved forward, we would have to reshoot four episodes which is just unheard of but – Big gamble.”

“As I recall, Jennifer was very invested in having Rachel be fairly blithe about the [relationship with Joey]. That it was kind of like a crazy whim. ‘Let’s just do it.’ And she liked being very aggressive about it but not having any deep feelings. That this was just about, ‘Oh, let’s see!’ as opposed to ‘I love you.’”

“When we showed [the baby beauty pageant storyline from season 10] to the actors, Jennifer had a really strong response. She just – was horrified that she’s entering her baby in a baby beauty pageant and we basically said, ‘Yeah, you’re right. But it’s only – it’s just one scene. And she wins. And there’s money.’ And I think Jennifer didn’t want to make us re-write it, so she got on board.”

“Jennifer added that little piece of business [in The One in Barbados where Rachel is going, 'Ugh' while getting up from the bed after Joey says they'll both help Ross and Charlie with the lecture that got deleted]. Makes me laugh every time.”

“Jennifer is so funny in this episode [The One Where Rachel Has A Baby].”

“Her work on the show was so remarkable this season [season 8]. Moving and funny and both at the same time. Then at the end of the season where she got to be pissed off and mean – she was hilarious. And I think the episode where she gives birth was one of the best we’ve done.”

“I think Jennifer cries funnier than anyone I’ve ever met.”

“I think this [scene in The One Where Rachel Tells Ross where Rachel is in the stirrups] is one of the best scenes Jennifer has ever done on the show.”

“Apparently, Anastassakis is Jennifer Aniston’s Greek family name. It was originally something else and she asked us to make it that [in the scene in The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding where Rachel is looking for a Joey stand-in for Monica and Chandler's wedding].”

“Jennifer has a difficult job [in The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding] because the actress knows the character is pregnant and she has to play it truthfully without giving it away at all which I think is a really difficult task.”

“The actors could not get through this scene [with Ross playing the bagpipes and Phoebe singing to his "song" in The One With Joey's New Brain]. And you’ll still see, in some of these cuts as they’re starting to lose it. We cut around them laughing. But they just couldn’t keep it together. When Lisa [Kudrow] starts to sing, Jennifer couldn’t keep it together.”

“It’s fun to see Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox as just flipped out, adoring fans [in The One With Joey's New Brain].”

“She plays drunk wonderfully. Not a lot of people do. And she does it – it’s funny but it’s real. One of my favorite episodes is when she got drunk in the restaurant and threw the guy’s cell phone in the ice bucket.”

“I think it’s also interesting how Jennifer changes [in The One That Could Have Been]. How she holds herself, how she speaks. That she’s really taken on a bunch of mannerisms that Rachel doesn’t normally have.”

“She’s so wonderful in that moment and you’re so with her [when Rachel decides not to tell Ross about her feelings in The One With Ross' Wedding].”

“It was very tricky keeping the fact that Rachel was in love with Ross out of her own awareness [in The One With Ross' Wedding]. We’ve done a couple of episodes leading up to this where she clearly has feelings, it’s hard for her seeing him with Emily and yet even through this scene, she had to remain unaware until she had this epiphany. And we had to do it in such a way that felt funny but also truthful. It’s amazing that Jennifer could pull this off.”

“This just killed all of us. When she says, ‘I think you should go’ [in The One With The Morning After]. It sort of ripped right through everybody.”

“We just did this [break-up scene] twice. It’s asking a lot to make them do it again and again and again. And they were both so wonderful. We couldn’t come up with anything we’d want from an additional pass at the scene. It was so emotionally full.”

“I think this has to be some of the hardest acting to do where you’re playing something so dramatic and still getting your laughs. And [Jennifer and David Schwimmer] are both so good at this [in The One With The Morning After].”

“Jennifer has done some great physical [comedy] on the show [Friends].”

“The thing about when we edit an episode of Friends that you don’t hear on the show is when Jennifer Aniston walks out in a dress like [the one at the end of The One Where No One Is Ready], there’s a very distinct audience reaction including everything from howls to whistles. We tend to take those out of the episodes as we do the Ohs and the Ahs – not that we don’t think these are appropriate reactions in certain points but we think the people at home watching don’t need to be cued by the audience to feel that way. We wanna let you hear yourself Oh and Ah in your living room.”

“It has certainly been an amazing journey [for Rachel and Ross] and that’s been one of the toughest. Eight, coming on nine, years of the show, on again, off again, coming down and then we go away for a while and then it keeps coming back and I think that’s a testament to the two actors. David [Schwimmer] and Jennifer are fantastic and when they play together, they are great. So when each time we return to it, the dynamic is there and you find yourself caring. Sometimes remarkably. At the end of this season, season 8, which we’re just finishing up now, we did this whole 6-7-episode arc with Rachel and Joey. And people got very invested in the idea of Rachel and Joey. And when it came time for Rachel to have the baby, we needed to shift the focus back to Rachel and Ross, ’cause it’s his baby and we had an interesting direction for the season to go in. People were saying, ‘We’re not gonna be able to do this. We’re so invested now in Rachel and Joey that there’s no way you’re gonna get us back to Rachel and Ross, ’cause it’s been actually years since they’ve been a viable romantic couple. And yet in just 3 to 4 episodes, we do manage to take it to a point where right before they have the baby, you’re going, ‘Yeah, Rachel and Ross! Right, Rachel and Ross!’ So that’s really gratifying.”

“The idea that Rachel had another nose, we had not established that before [The One With The Prom Video]. It was really fun to do and Jennifer was quite the sport.”

“This moment of her walking across the room and kissing him [in The One With The Prom Video] was so great. And then [the audience] cheered.”

“[The line about Rachel's chubby ankles] is an example of [how difficult it was to create a con list for Rachel in The One With The List]. Finding a physical attribute that’s problematic about Jennifer? Good luck.”

“Jennifer was imminently loveable [as Rachel].”

“Jennifer also was in second position [for us] to a series that was actually on television. And so we took the risk that it might not stay on television because she was worth it. She was that wonderful. And the idea of going with someone who didn’t bring to it what she brought to it… we thought we’d throw the dice.”

“In the wrong hands, Rachel is kind of annoying and spoiled and unlikeable. And you need an actress who brings to it what Jennifer brings to it, for you to really root for this girl.”

“As we were shooting our episodes, we went, Okay, if her other series [Muddling Through] goes, then we were going to replace her and re-shoot everything. And it didn’t.”

“Each of these actors in their own way has the same combination of two things – the ability to be hilariously funny and the ability to be hilariously funny in dramatic situations. You have to believe them. Look at Jennifer. She was amazing in so many of the scenes we did regarding Rachel’s pregnancy, like when she’s looking for the first time at the sonogram of the baby, and she can’t find the baby. And she’s crying. It’s so moving because it’s so real and it’s hilarious at the same time. That’s an amazing skill, and a rare one. With most actors, you get one or the other: crying is sad and comedy is funny. As Rachel, she was able to sort of embody all of it. And there’s a warmth to Jennifer that comes through the screen. And that’s crucial because if you look at the character of Rachel, a lot of what she does is not that appealing. She can be selfish, she can be spoiled, and yet… Because of her this character – coming from this pampered lifestyle and reluctant to cut up her credit cards – suddenly becomes so winning that you’re rooting for her. You’re not judging her at all. If you imagine what we’ve had the character do and then you slot in some other actresses, suddenly it could be very off-putting.”

“There needs to be some special element to make people want to pay money to see people they’ve been getting every Thursday night for nothing. Whether that element is The Good Girl, where she’s doing something entirely different, or Bruce Almighty, where it’s got a size you never see on television, [then] you’ll go, ‘That I want to see.’”

“Look at Jennifer. She was amazing in so many of the scenes we did regarding Rachel’s pregnancy, like when she’s looking for the first time at the sonogram of the baby, and she can’t find the baby. And she’s crying. It’s so moving because its so real and it’s hilarious at the same time. That’s an amazing skill, and a rare one. With most actors, you get one or the other: crying is sad and comedy is funny. As Rachel, she was able to sort of embody all of it. And there’s a warmth to Jennifer that comes through the screen. And that’s crucial because if you look at the character of Rachel, a lot of what she does is not that appealing. She can be selfish, she can be spoiled, and yet…”

“Jennifer is wonderful at playing zany — she’s always pushing to do more physical comedy. But she can also break your heart.”

“What makes her extraordinary is that she can do emotional stuff in a way that feels so moving.”

David Crane and Marta Kauffman said:

“When we pitched the show [Friends] to NBC, we didn’t mention Ross and Rachel. We didn’t know about it. And then we started writing and then we went, ‘Wait a minute. This is really cool. – And then we saw [Jennifer and David Schwimmer] do it and it just took your breath away. – The moment at the end of the pilot where he actually says, ‘Can I maybe ask you out sometime?’ … They were so wonderful in that moment. And that’s, I think, when we knew, ‘Oh, this is something really great.’”

Emma Crosby (GMTV interviewer) said:

“Joint first on [my top ten lists of famous faces on the show] are Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Aniston. Neither had any ego (nor, indeed, any wrinkles) whatsoever. After the interview, we discussed local shops and restaurants as if we were old friends. Jennifer and I bonded over our love of Jimmy Choo shoes. I have only one pair but was wearing them when I met her, as was she, although I am sure she owns considerably more.”

David Cross said:

“I’d say hotter. But she was hotter in a different way than I expected — in a really ‘together’ way. You forget about how hot a woman can be when she’s completely independent and her own person. She’s awesome.” – when asked, “Is Jennifer Aniston as Hot or Hotter Than You’d Expect in Person?”

Sheryl Crow said:

“She’d be great at anything. I mean, my gosh. Who wouldn’t want to see Jennifer Aniston and Courteney [Cox] again?”

“I told her she’s got a lot to look forward to [once she turns 40]. Jen is just beautiful, inside and out.”

“We’re really close. It’s nice. I think as you get older, you have your tribe of women that you grow and age gracefully with and you share wisdom with. That’s your clan. That’s your family. That’s your strength.”

“Jen’s an amazingly soulful person. She was completely generous in spirit and embracing and loving and compassionate and wise.”

“I think what she’s had to go through has been kind of demoralizing. To see that we’re stooping this low to press so heavily into somebody’s personal life and to vilify them, it’s discouraging. Yet she handles all of it with an immense amount of grace and compassion. She seems to always be operating from the heart.”

Joan Cusack said:

“She was very professional, and very relaxed and funny and pleasant and great. She was really great.”

Miley Cyrus said:

“I’m a huge Jennifer Aniston fan. Jennifer Aniston can put on a plain black dress, with plain makeup and hair, and look so stunning. And [she] bounced back after her divorce. If anything like that ever happens to me, I’m like, ‘Pull a Jennifer, Miley!’ She is so classy.”

“I used to love all the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movies. They were my favorite. And now I love Jennifer Aniston because she can do kids movies and she does a lot of fun movies but then she also can do ones that are for [the] older audience too. And that is what I would like to do, stay in touch with the kids and then be able to do more mature movies too.”

Pauly D (from Jersey Shore) said:

“I just heard the other day that Jennifer Aniston is a fan of the show, I can’t believe that. I’m star-struck when these people come up to me, I don’t know what to say half the time, I don’t want to look like an idiot.”

Eric Dane said:

“I’ve been handed this [GQ] picture [of Jennifer with the two male models] six times already. I think she looks beautiful, but she always looks beautiful, so… I’m the one with the tattoo. They darkened my hair and gave me a tan, which was nice. I appreciate that. I’ll co-star with Jen any time.”

“I’m going to renew my subscription [of GQ magazine]. She always looks fabulous, she will look fabulous at 50.”

“She’s very sweet. I would put sweet before hot. Obviously, it goes without saying, Jennifer Aniston is really attractive but she’s also a really good person.”

Alan Davies (British comedian/actor) said:

“I once met Jennifer Aniston and she was really flirty. It was about 10 years ago. She had seen some of my stand-up and she kept on saying how hilarious I was. I was really flattered.”

Charlie Day said:

“I couldn’t find a single dentist that looked like Jennifer Aniston. I looked all over.”

“She really is as sweet as you’d expect. We had to go through some really awkward scenes together and she was really good at disarming the tension and make me feel comfortable. I was supposed to feel uncomfortable as the character, so I just had fun. She had a good time with it [too].”

“You certainly are afraid that there’s going to be the situation [of getting turned on when you shoot sexy scenes]. You do have to picture – ’cause you’re not alone doing that, there’s like that sweaty sound guy. There’s really, like, this kind of gross dude, chewing his egg sandwich, holding the boom, looking at you. It’s really pretty unsexy. And she feels miserable. I had a raging boner the whole time, is that what you’re asking?!”

“I’ve never worked with her before, so I can’t say if she was different or not. But she seemed to be having fun and I had fun too and it was great.”

“She looks okay. I gave her some tips on her hair. It looks good. Yes, she does [have a filthy mouth in the movie.] It’s the true Jennifer finally coming out.”

“That would have been fun, that would have been nice but we were not given that luxury [to get to know each other before shooting the movie]. Because of her schedule and mine, so we had to dive right into it. We met at the table read, yeah, and we had to get over any awkwardness and not cry about and she was very nice at making me feel as though we had been friends for much longer than we actually had been.”

“With Jennifer, I think people will be very surprised to see her playing against that America’s Sweetheart image that they’ve put upon her.”

“[The most embarrassing scenes to film?] I had to remove my clothes and stand next to this woman. I was embarrassed about myself.”

“She looks fabulous in the movie and she’s got a really dirty mouth in it, too.”

“[The role of Julia] came a little to easy for her, so who knows what she’s like at home. No, she had a blast with it, she was fantastic.”

“It was a a little difficult to make it believable that someone would not fancy Jennifer Aniston but I had a lot of fun with it.”

“Seth [Gordon], the director said that he wanted Jen Aniston [to play Julia in Horrible Bosses] and I couldn’t believe she said, ‘Yes’. I was thrilled.”

“Not a bad gig, right? Not a bad day’s work. I wasn’t nervous but I was worried she’d be nervous but she seemed to be having a lot of fun with [her role in Horrible Bosses.]”

“If you weren’t married, it’d be fantastic [to have Jen's character be your boss. If Dale wasn't engaged, he wouldn't have participated in the murder] he would have the best job in the world!”

“You don’t welcome her; she welcomes you. She’s the heavy in the room.”

“She was great. I was super lucky to get to work with her. She was super sweet to me and I think people are really going to enjoy her in the movie.”

“[I was shocked to do so many] dirty scenes with Rachel from Friends. I was intimidated. My job was to act shocked at what she was saying. That was real shock.”

“It was awesome. [No, we didn't go out to dinner before shooting this movie.] Not taking me out to dinner, she doesn’t call, she doesn’t write. You know, she knows what she wants and she’s in and she’s out.”

“I think there were a couple of times we really had to rein her in. We were like, That’s too raunchy.”

“[She] is great at this. It’s nice seeing her play a character who is not forgivable.”

“I think [Dale in Horrible Bosses and Charlie in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia] are both pretty innocent and they mean well—except that Charlie would have slept with Jennifer Aniston.”

“I didn’t have it so bad. It was great fun. The rest was just acting and reacting.”

“Yeah, it’s [uncomfortable to watch someone undress in front of you] especially if that someone is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. It was extremely awkward.”

“Yeah, she found me irresistable. In the movie.”

“I had all the scenes with her. Working with Jen was fantastic. She squirted on my crotch, yeah. You know, she’s America’s sweetheart.”

“Yeah, she kept apologizing. I don’t know what the hell for.”

“She had a lot of dirty things to say and wanted sex really, really bad and in the movie, she’s good too.”

“I think people will get a kick out of seeing her play a character that’s as far from safe as you can get. Or tame. She plays it so well. I was shocked but I have to be in the role, so… She fully embraced the part.”

“I signed on to it before it was Jen Aniston, so I didn’t know if I was getting Jen Aniston or Jenny Craig. [When Jen signed on, there was some extra buzz], yeah. Extra – yeah. Better boobs.”

“Yeah, she’s great. What can I say? She looks good, she acts good. Friendly.”

“Yeah. I’d choose my same boss. Yeah, the dentist lady.”

“It was an actual photo shoot. We took those photos [that ended up in Horrible Bosses] together! We had a nice little private session and we took some photos. I’ve never been more embarrassed about my body in my life standing next to this woman. I’ve since started to see a trainer.”

“[She] did bite my ear pretty hard.”

“Those words sound weird coming out of her mouth. She says a lot of dirty things.”

“Here’s the good thing about being naked with Jennifer Aniston: Nobody will ever look at you. I’m as good as invisible.”

“I was pretty much humiliated the entire time [of the shoot]. That woman is in fantastic shape! We had to – as you’ve seen in the clip, there’s some – we take photographs together where we don’t have many clothes on… It’s a very awkward. It’s very awkward. I never felt more pasty and doughy in my life. I mean, look at her [in the clip, spraying water on my pants.]”

“She really is [as sweet as everybody thinks she is.] She’s a very, very nice person, so I couldn’t have thrown her under a bus if I tried. But yeah, she’s sexually aggressive towards me in this movie and – it doesn’t make any sense – but I’m engaged to be married (in the movie), so naturally I decide to have her killed.”

“She gets to the point of blackmail. For my character, and a lot of people have said to me… Everyone says, ‘I can’t understand why you wouldn’t just sleep with her.’ [And] I am a happily married man in real life and if she was asking me to sleep with her I wouldn’t sleep with her. It doesn’t seem like such an outrageous thing. [But] yeah. I would bring [a threesome] up. [But] she hasn’t done that since Friends. For my character, yeah, it might be a little extreme having her killed. But her character really is giving me no option. It’s either sleep with her, or lose my job, or at the expense of my marriage. At a certain point, it starts to make sense for my character, who is not the brightest bulb, that maybe I just should rid the earth of this woman.”

“I think [they just told me I'd be playing Dale] or when I read it I responded to Dale. I can’t remember, but I am happy with the [boss] I got.”

“I knew when we got in front of the camera there was a chance for great chemistry.”

“You’ve got to hand it to the director, Seth Gordon, who had the balls to ask Jennifer to do this. Sure, you’re going to want Jennifer Aniston to play your demented dentist, but who would have actually approached her about it?”

“I play a dental assistant, and she is a dentist, my boss, who wants to sleep with me even though I’m desperately in love with my fiancée. I won’t do it. My character is not into it. It’s a hard concept to sell.”

“I’ve never been sexually harassed by a gorgeous dentist [played by Jen in Horrible Bosses], so I can’t really draw from experience. I haven’t had the right boss, I guess.”

“Jennifer spent the whole movie sexually harrassing me, talking filthy to me and basically doing everything she possibly could to get me to sleep with her… As for her performance, it was pretty damn good too.”

“She pushes it real far. We had a lot of fun in the scenes. She looks great, she’s super funny in it. I think people are gonna like it.”

“It was just realizing that I was gonna be invisible – when teenagers do, like, they’re looking up pictures of the two of us together – they’re gonna see right through me [and will be focused on Jen.] I’ll be gone.”

“In Horrible Bosses, Jennifer Aniston is making sexual advances towards me, in the office, and I’m playing a rather innocent character who is engaged to be married and doesn’t want to screw that up, so I’m refusing her sexual advances, which only further aggravates her character. It was hilarious and surreal. In some ways, it was easy to play the role because I’m supposed to be intimidated by my boss, and by this woman who’s playing my boss, and her presence, and it was easy to let myself feel the intimidation I needed to feel through her celebrity and her great fame. Although, she’s such a wonderful and disarming person in real life that sometimes it was a challenge to think of her as who she is. Last night, I was filming a scene with Kevin Spacey all night, so it’s been one of the most exciting things I’ve gotten to do. I keep pinching myself. You catch yourself acting with these people that you’ve watched and loved in movies for years, and you feel truly blessed to be in that position.”

“Of course, it’s awkward because we really had just met each other. I think she was quoted as saying we had met minutes before, and there was some truth to that. There was solace in that we were going through it together. I felt just as uncomfortable about taking any of my clothes off, as I’m sure she did, so in that mutual awkwardness, we found a way to enjoy it and have a little bit of fun with it. I’m choosing my words carefully ’cause I’m sure, when it comes to being naked with Jennifer Aniston, they will be printed. But, believe it or not, it was just really silly, fun, funny and entertaining, at the end of the day.”

“It’s got to be an R [rated movie]. There’s no way around it. If somehow they don’t make it R, I don’t want to see the movie ’cause we’ve done some amazing R stuff. And, they’re going for a full-scale R. It’s a big, bold comedy.”

“She is [awesome in the role and people will be] shocked and highly amused.”

“We were thrust into getting to know each other pretty quickly. We get naked in a dental office because she’s a dentist and I’m the dental assistant. It was awkward. Because we are naked. Awkward but entertaining. [It's going to be] hilarious.”

“I didn’t even know she was married to Brad Pitt. She couldn’t believe that I didn’t know. But I had no idea, for real. And I frankly don’t care.”

“Jennifer Aniston is sexually aggressive towards me and demands I sleep with her or she’s going to blackmail me into making my fiance think I’m sleeping with her. She has an elaborate way of doing that. I don’t want the anxiety attack that I know I will have if I’m a scoundrel going into the wedding, so I avoid that. But she’s persistent in an extremely aggressive way.”

John Francis Daley (writer of Horrible Bosses) said:

“The Penn Badgley line was there from the beginning with our draft. We actually thought we might have to tone it down as far as how much raunch was in her dialogue. We didn’t think she’d necessarily be comfortable. But she was absolutely all for it — she did not hold back at all. That was refreshing.”

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (writers of Horrible Bosses) said:

“[One of the worst moments at the premiere was] sitting next to our parents as Jennifer Aniston’s character tells Charlie Day’s, ‘You’re going to #!@* my #%$ little *!@%.’”

Laura Day said:

“Jennifer creates love everywhere.”

“They tricked me and told me they needed me and I should come out to LA. Jennifer had my hair done, Demi [Moore] had my make-up done. It was a group effort just to get me to a party where I had to be the centre of attention.” (talking about her wedding day)

Brooklyn Decker said:

“I wanted to go pinch her little hiney, it was so cute! She looks so good! She’s wonderful.”

“She is unbelievable to work with. I can’t really think of a bigger star in the world. And she’s, you know, she’s totally – she’s a girl’s girl. Every girl is like her best friend. For example, the first time we ever met was at the table read. She comes up and goes, ‘Oh my God, hi! I’m so glad you’re here!’ Gave me a big hug and that was her introduction to me. So I think that tells a lot about who she is and again, this is a comedy and as far as comedic women go, she’s up there with all of the greats. To learn from her is really amazing.”

“I think it’s been written about that there was [some sort of rivalry between us] but there really wasn’t. I was staring at her with envy because she looks so darn good and her abs are ripped and she just looks beautiful. But it was actually fun. We were shooting in Hawaii in these waterfalls and all of us were pinching ourselves.”

“Yes, [she is tiny in real life]! But then I’m like 5ft 9ins so I’m a giant compared to most people in Hollywood. She’s so little and petite and the cutest thing. She has these giant eyes. They’re like big pools of blue, so beautiful, and I caught myself drooling a few times staring at her.”

“She’s wonderful. I think she’s just the ideal woman in Hollywood. I mean, to find a beautiful woman who is good at comedy and drama is a rarity and I appreciate she can do it. She’s so beautiful and yet somehow incredibly relatable.”

“I was completely terrified, so nervous… Jen and Adam are my idols and I grew up watching both of them. I was so starstruck. The first day I met Jennifer Aniston I think I maybe said two words to her because every time I tried to say something it was like I had verbal vomit!”

“I think Jen is really active and healthy. I was just trying to keep up with her. Have you seen her in a bikini? I was just trying to keep up with her. She looks stunning.”

“She’s wonderful. She took off her bathing suit and I found myself just staring. I was like, ‘She’s a woman. I shouldn’t be staring.’ But I was just looking at her body and she is in such great shape. She looks awesome in the film.”

“I was terrified. I was shaking, I was nervous. I was completely beside myself. She’s wonderful. Wonderful. And made me so nervous because I have so much respect for her.”

“The cast is absolutely amazing. They’re just the best people to learn from. I can’t imagine a better first big gig. They’ve been getting me along. They understand that I’m new and it’s my first film. And Jen’s just so encouraging and gives me tips here and there. They’re just these great comedians. So, to watch them… it’s on another level. I can’t imagine a better team to learn from. Everyone’s so exciting and the fact that we’re doing a comedy… everyone gets excited to go to work every day. It’s like we’re building our own little family.”

“First of all, she’s stunning. And if you can have somebody that’s as beautiful as she is and as kind as she is… she’s such a great mix. I think the most suprising thing, the most amazing thing about her is that she treats everyone like she’s been best friends with them for years. The first time we met, she came up and said, ‘Hi!’ and gave me a big hug and goes, ‘Nice to meet you!’ and she’s been like that the whole way. Someone in her position doesn’t have to be that way, so it’s incredibly refreshing.”

“[Jennifer and Nicole Kidman] were so sweet, just the whole time they were so encouraging — they knew it was my first movie. So they were more than generous with being patient and just pulling me along the whole way.”

“She’s such a team player, and such a pro — truly professional on set all the time. And there’s a reason she’s so successful and it’s because she’s such a pro at what she does.”

“[The hula scene] was a really amazing scene, it’s going to be so hysterical — the two of them [Jen and Nicole Kidman] together are unbelievable! But I wasn’t there to even to get to be a part of the hula scene — I actually saw it on TV like everyone else did.”

“She looks amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Jaw-droppingly amazing. She’s beautiful.”

“I don’t know where that stuff comes from. Two people fighting is much more interesting than two people getting along. But I find it disappointing that people’s first instinct is to pit two women against each other. You get a few bad apples in there, but overall women do root for each other and want to help each other. Jen is such a doll — she is such a girl’s girl. Guys are terrified that if all the women band together we’ll take over the world, so they’re trying to keep us apart.” (On Jen being jealous of Brooklyn’s body)

“This is comedy and as far as comedic women goes, she’s up there with the greats.”

“We have so many people in this movie. Me being the newbie, it was intimidating to be entering a comedy set with legends like Jen and Adam. But it was so much fun!”

“I was terrified going into this. Because it’s Jennifer Aniston and it’s Adam Sandler! And I was so nervous to try and go in and do comedy with them. But the best thing is – the first time I met Jen, she introduced herself by giving me a giant hug. Adam was the same way. That really set the tone for the entire movie. They’re were so welcoming. I just got to watch them and learn how they do what they do. It was just fun. It’s fun to watch comedy. It’s just fun being part of their chemistry on screen.”

“[She's going to be 42 this year] but she looks better [in a bathing suit] than I do. It was intimidating for me. For me. That girl – she looks so good. I love Jen ’cause she’s such a girl’s girl. She encourages her girlfriends, like, ‘Oh, you look hot today!’ There’s just something about her – you feel so comfortable around her. When we were shooting these bikini scenes, it was more the crew cracking up and all of us laughing and I think she might have in the scene flipped the bird at Adam which was quite funny. The whole time, we were just joking around with each other and that made what could be potentionally uncomfortable – it was a fun scene to shoot.”

“Working with Jennifer was wonderful. She is so kind. Her introduction to me was her arms spread out to give me a giant hug which just tells you she’s such a super sweet person. She knew it was my first movie, so she was very patient and very kind with me.”

“The bikini scene… whew, she looks smokin’ hot in that scene, so I was nervous. Doing extra work to look good next to Jen because she looks unbelievable. She was just so much fun. Thank you, Jen, for being such a sweetheart.”

Ellen DeGeneres said:

“She’s very shy. She’s a friend of mine and she’s a sweet girl. She’s a really good person.”

“[She's] fantastic. She is sweet as can be and funny and honest and all those things you are looking for.”

Danny DeVito said:

“Being on Friends was a wonderful experience and I feel honored to have been a part of such outstanding television history. Three luscious babes, it made me feel like a sultan in a tent full of beautiful women.”

Dagmara Dominczyk (co-star in Rockstar) said:

“I think I was the only non-blonde in the female cast [of Rockstar], so I stood out for that reason alone. I’d walk onto the set and it would be a veritable sea of hair, between Mark, Jennifer, the band members and the Steel Dragon wives – and there I was, with my short black hair.”

Tate Donovan said:

“We lived together for a period of time. We went out for about two years but when I was finally on Friends, we were breaking up, so that was the worst. It was the worst, yeah. We were either breaking up or had broken up. I did like 6 [episodes] and it was about the most painful, you know? It was awful. We have to pretend that we’re, you know, have feelings for each other. She was in her wedding dress at one point.”

“I definitely want to get married; she definitely wants to get married. There are no proposals or anything, not yet, but we definitely think about it.”

“I haven’t had overnight success. But I’ve seen people who have. On my second date with Jen we were followed by paparazzi. It’s unbelievable. In England Jen’s like a rock star! We went there recently and she was just mobbed.”

“[For our first date], we went to a Japanese restaurant that she hated so much I was amazed we made it to the next date. The place had no charm at all. I figured I’d impress her and I didn’t want it to be romantic at all, I just thought I’d take her somewhere for good food – but she didn’t eat anything at all. It was only after a month or so that she said, ‘Remember that first place? Awful!’”

“I don’t know about marriage but things are going really well and we have clodagh rings. They are love rings and you can give them to anyone. But if you wear it one way, with the stone facing upwards, it means you are taken – and we both wear them that way. Amazingly, we both bought one for each other on our first anniversary last November – without knowing the other had got one too.”

“I didn’t know who she was – I’d never seen Friends. Literally, our second date, there were video cameras everywhere and I was like, ‘I’m out of here.’”

“[Yes, we greeted each other fondly.] I mean, it’s been 150 years, so, if you can’t bury hatchet in that amount of time, something’s wrong with you.”

“I ran into Sandy [Sandra Bullock] and a lot of my exes [meaning Jennifer, at the Golden Globes 2010].”

“I thought she looked gorgeous [at the Golden Globes 2010.]”

J. Timothy Donovan (Tate Donovan’s dad) said:

“Jennifer and Tate are both nice people. Nice people just don’t always get married and live happily ever after.”

“[Jennifer and Tate] are both unhappy about the breakup. They may get back together, who knows?”

Tony Dovolani said:

“Who would like to be paired up with [on Dancing with the Stars]? I always say Jennifer Aniston. I always say that. Hang on, I’ll tell you why. I have a reason. When she went through the break-up with Brad Pitt, she remained so classy, she was so in touch with her[self] – she never really let her guard down. She didn’t follow the tabloids, she didn’t fall into anything. She always handled herself with such grace and class. But I think she would be a perfect partner.”

Robert Downey Jr. said:

“Jennifer was there for me [in prison] when other so-called friends turned their backs. Thanks to her, I have hope, a way out… Before there was none. I’d even thought of doing myself a favor by ending it all.”

Dennis Dugan (director of Just Go With It) said:

“There’s no bad angle on [her].”

“Even though there were cliffs on both sides of this canyon, steep cliffs – even though – covered with jungle flora and fauna when we got here, there were paparazzi 200 feet up, clinging to the walls in camouflage gear to get shots of Jen and Brooklyn in their bathing suits.”

“I think the hardest job anybody ever had in the movie is Jennifer, walking downhill in those heels without falling and looking like a regular person. Walking and still acting. I wish there was a category for that at the award shows but – Golden Globe for highest heels and steepest hill. Cause a normal person would have fallen over forward but not Jen.”

“I admire Jen for [grabbing Nick Swardson's tongue.] I’d never touch Nick Swardson.”

“Jen plays a great drunk. She really, really gets convincingly drunk in this – we cut the second scene in here where she really gets smashed but that’s actually the kind of scene that may make the DVD. But she gets smashed in the second scene and just so subtly, it’s so good. It was fascinating to me how good that is.”

“[The scene at Barney's in Just Go With It is] all improvised. Those two [Jen and Adam] together, just terrific.”

“She couldn’t make your job easier on the set. That’s the best thing. One of the nicest things about it is that she’s completely professional, completely prepared, ready to do anything, all the while being hounded by hundreds of thousands of people with camera lenses longer than an elefant’s tusk.”

“She and Adam have known each other since they were just starting out and they always wanted to work together. And man, oh man, when they got together, my job was so easy. Just because they have a really [great] time together and I’ve never seen anybody who worked with Adam who could – when he ad-libs, slaps back an answer and always a funny answer and always a clever answer and always a quick answer. The two of them together made my job easier. Just say ‘action!’, then they act for a while, spar verbally for a while and then I’d say ‘Cut!’ and we’d do it again and we’d move on. It was an absolute pleasure to see two people this funny and this good working together, day after day.”

“Let’s talk about Jennifer Aniston. Very, very, very, very good funny comedienne on television, started doing movies. Did all these – if you look at all of her movies, she’s done like [a] crazy – first of all, a crazy number of them – but just a very amazing depth and breadth and not only the comedies, she does serious things and she does movies that cost 18 dollars and she’s great in those and she never stops working. She works like a mad woman but she comes in, she’s the most professional person that you ever wanna be and she knows her stuff and she works really hard and takes direction well.”

“[Adam Sandler told me] that we were going to push Jack & Jill and we were going to do another movie in between. I should stop preparing Jack & Jill and start preparing Pretend Wife which became Just Go With It, so we dropped all preparations and started preparing this because Aniston wanted to do it and Adam and Jen had wanted to be in a movie together for a long, long time. They thought this was the perfect opportunity. We just jumped into prepping this and before you know it, there we were, shooting away here in Los Angeles and then in Hawaii for a long time.”

“I always thought that she was a wonderful actress. But then working with her was like… I go, ‘Man, oh, man, she’s good.’ Because literally in three months, he – there was nothing [Adam Sandler] threw at her that she didn’t smack out of the park. Or not for six, as you say.”

“I’ve never seen anybody who can hold up to Adam like she can hold up. I mean, anything he threw at her, she just smacked back, you know? She just – I always was her fan but I didn’t – never realized how great and funny she was until I got onto set with her. She’s phenomenal.”

“Adam and Jennifer together is magically wonderful. They just get each other. When they start improvising, it’s just thrilling. I’ve always thought that she was one of the absolute best: she can do comedy, she can do drama, she can do anything. I was very excited to have a chance to work with her, and she has met and exceeded my expectations by miles. She’s always in the moment, always prepared, always completely professional, and just as funny and charming and witty and sexy as anybody can be.”

“My Goodness. She’s done comedies before I’ve seen her do comedies and be funny. But she’s like explosively funny in this one. It’s just this crazy, wild, competitive, drunken kind of character and she’s just – she’s just surprising[ly] – I guess it isn’t surprising since she’s such a brilliant actress but being funny is a whole different thing and she’s as funny or funnier than anybody in the movie.”

Olympia Dukakis said:

“Stupider people than me know that [Jennifer has what it takes for the long run].”

Adam Duritz said:

“A lot of these relationships were completely invented by the press. I could date someone for a week and still be reading about it three years later. There are whole albums credited to Jennifer Aniston, who is a very nice girl I dated for about a week. I don’t, myself, remember writing a song about her. It’s just a great story for the press.”

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