March 4, 2011

‘Just Go With It’ Premiere in Berlin

I met with Laura and Sarah, two other JACF members very early on the day of the Berlin Just Go With It premiere. We wanted to make sure we got a place in the first row. We arrived at 1:00 pm at the Sony Center and to our surprise we were the first ones there. And then the long wait in the cold began. The temperature was about -10°C (14 °F) and it was so frosty.

The premiere started at 6:00 pm with some local celebrities. About one hour later the main stars started to arrive. Brooklyn Decker was the first one and Adam Sandler followed her. We then spotted Stephen Huvane and Chris McMillian, so we knew Jen must arrive soon.

The moment Jennifer stepped out of her car, people started yelling her name as loud as they could. Just like her co-stars she started to give autographs.

We were standing in the first row but on the other side of where she was and she nearly skipped us. Stephen Huvane already guided her to the photographers when we started yelling her name so loud that they both noticed us. She then came over to us. We will never forget that moment. Jen looked absolutely beautiful and her smile is just gorgeous.

And then came the moment we were hoping for: we were able to give her our scrapbook. This book was a belated birthday present from the members of the Aniston Center forum. Twenty people designed a birthday page for Jen and I put it together in a book. She was very touched as I gave it to her and thanked us in German. I was so overwhelmed when she said ‘Danke schön’ that I could barely respond.

Jen then walked over to pose with Adam and Brooklyn for the photographers. From our place we could seeing her giving interviews and signing a few more autographs. The host of the premiere then draw off some tickets and we were lucky enough to get some. Once we got those tickets, we ran across the red carpet to get into the theater, passing by Adam and Jen.

We loved the movie from the start. In my opinion, it’s one of Jen’s best films. It’s definitely one of her funniest. It was a great closing to a day we will never forget. You can read the detailed reports from Sarah and Laura in the forum.