January 13, 2011

Rumour Has It…

that  backstage at the People’s Choice Awards, Jennifer had comforting words for Taylor Swift, who’s relationship with  Jake Gyllenhaal has just ended, and told her ‘to hang in there’.  The verdict: Not true, Jen’s representative let E! News know.

“No, it is not true at all. Jennifer was only at the People’s Choice Awards for about 20 minutes. She arrived, presented Adam [Sandler] his award and then had to go to another commitment right after. She did not even see Taylor there.”

That’s not all. The National Enquirer thought that Jen, being on a roll, also reached out a helping hand to Lindsay Lohan as a mentor, after being asked by Lindsay’s mother Dina. No such thing, reports Gossip Cop, who asked Dina Lohan for a comment. Her answer was short and simple: “Lol! No!”.