March 2, 2010

Tabloid Update

Well let’s try this again. Stopped this for awhile because let’s face it, it is a colossal waste of effort and there are better sources ( and writers ) to slap the bogus out of them, and naturally Gossip Cop comes to mind.
Anyway Star has Jen purchasing a new $3000 telescope for her latest hobby ( you will recall the cook book incident. )

Now as an avid and long time amateur astronomer I am thrilled at the prospect, but and however, Star has an abysmal track record.
Oh and what do you know, the article moves into the poor Jen territory claiming Friends, ( oh sorry “Source” ) say Jen is looking outside the showbiz box to find a wealthy business man.

And, as if you need reminding, Jen was once married to Brad Pitt and she is devastated because of John Mayer.. uh huh…