August 23, 2010

‘The Switch’ at the box office ( Updated )

I usually don’t play the numbers game with Jens films, but it has gone beyond the absurd this time.

Actual  Numbers are from Box Office Mojo.

UPDATED WITH ACTUAL – Tue, Aug 24, 2010

Title Theaters Gross/Theater
1. The Expendables 3,270 $5,189
2. Vampires Suck 3,233 $3,774
3. Eat Pray Love 3,082 $3,930
4. Lottery Ticket 1,973 $5,399
5. The Other Guys 3,472 $2,927
6. Piranha 3D 2,470 $4,092
7. The Switch 2,012 $4,193
8. Nanny McPhee 2,784 $3,020
9. Inception 2,401 $3,265
10. Scott Pilgrim vs. 2,820 $1,845

This is the actual order when the average per theater total is used instead of the gross:

Title Theaters Gross/Theater
1. Lottery Ticket 1,973 $5,399
2. The Expendables 3,270 $5,189
3. The Switch 2,012 $4,193
4. Piranha 3D 2,470 $4,092
5. Eat Pray Love 3,082 $3,930
6. Vampires Suck 3,233 $3,774
7. Inception 2,401 $3,265
8. Nanny McPhee 2,784 $3,020
9. The Other Guys 3,472 $2,927
10. Scott Pilgrim vs. 2,820 $1,845

You cannot compare the gross take of one film showing at over a thousand more theaters any more than you can compare the performance of a 500 horsepower engine to one with only 200 horsepower. It’s simple grade-school arithmatic.

Only $37.00 per theater separates the number 3 and 4 spots, a virtual tie for third place.

UPDATE: Difference between 3 and 4 is $101.00 using final weekend numbers.

If  ‘The Switch’ had another 1000 theaters it would have finished with a gross of over 12 Million for the week end and landed in the third place.

The Switch didn’t under perform, Disney and Miramax dropped the ball.

And with a production budget in the neighborhood of $16 Million it made back half of its cost to produce in 3 days.

And yet you have US Weekly proclaiming “Jen Aniston’s ‘Switch’ Bombs at Box Office”.

CNN and the LA Times join in too:

The film’s shoddy opening weekend led several media outlets to pose questions like, “Jennifer Aniston: Exactly why is she a movie star?” and “Why don’t Jennifer Aniston’s friends help her more at the box office?”

All this is absolute nonsense. And the LA Times and CNN should be ashamed for being so superficial in their reporting, just parroting the tabloid press with the “poor Jen” headlines.

As to the Bill Simmons ESPN article that Patrick Goldstein of the LA Times quotes, Bill Simmons and his sources obviously get all of their Jen news from the likes of Star, Us Weekly and the National Enquire, the epitome of all that we have come to love about journalism in the 21 century; BS is entertainment and the LA Times and CNN are really just that, Entertainment.