January 6, 2011

WanderLust’s director David Wain: ‘The real work has begun’

Filming in New York can be a grueling task when one of your cast members is Jennifer Aniston, writes WanderLust director David Wain on his blog.

After the quiet of filming in Atlanta, the film required three shooting days in Wain’s hometown New York. That didn’t go unnoticed, especially to the paparazzi.

Wain writes: “There’s a whole game you have to play with them, because they know the laws I guess, and they can legally make it literally impossible for you to shoot unless you play along give them some access. So weird. At the end of the last night, Jennifer came out of her trailer which was parked on the street, and there was a crowd of photographers waiting right there, who’d been taking pictures of her the entire day. She stopped and posed for a moment and then politely asked that they wrap it up for the night, so she could walk on the street in peace. Amazingly they all agreed and let her go on her way.”

WanderLust tells the story of a married New York couple who tries to escape modern society, after having suffered economic downfall, and ends up in a hippie commune in the south of the US.

The coming months Wain will spend most of his time in the editing room, finishing WanderLust. The movie is set for a October, 2011, release.