Jennifer Aniston is the quintessential example of a California girl. With her blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, she exudes coolness and a sense of fun. And this is the spirit of her new perfume line, Chapter One. Her latest fragrance wants to bring the feeling of the West Coast. It blends the wondrous smell of teakwood, citrus, and grapevine flowers. One whiff of it sends you to California.

The Inspiration about her perfume line, Chapter One

Aniston explained the inspiration behind Chapter One. She wanted to give people a taste – or smell – of the California lifestyle in this perfume. She used grapevine flowers because the smell is very common in California wine country. It sends a sophisticated vibe that is also effortless. It all works together to get the feeling of peace and tranquility which is what living in California gives.

What Jennifer Aniston looks for in a perfume

When it comes to her own preferences, she could live with the smell of fresh cut grass all her life. She also loves the smell of sandalwood on men. It is the closest to men’s natural odor, she explains. She personally loves it on her ex-husband, Justin Theroux. He picks scents that have a sandalwood note to it because it is closest to his own natural smell as well.

When putting on perfume, she lightly spritzes on her hair, her nape, and behind her ears and she is good to go. Not too strong, just delicately perfumed.

Chapter One by Jennifer Aniston is available at Kohls’s stores, with the price ranging from USD 25 to USD 45. You can also purchase her other perfumes, like J Spray, online here