The public has seen Jennifer Aniston sport different hairstyles over the years. She is most known for “The Rachel,” her renowned ‘do as Rachel Green in the hit TV series, Friends. But Aniston has tried and tested several other styles and colors since then. Whatever she does to her hair, the world forever watches and copies.

So what does it take to keep Aniston’s tresses beautiful?

She does not buy into fashion trends anymore.

Once upon a time, Aniston committed some fashion booboos – or did she? But she learned her lesson. Even with new trends coming out left and right, she is not one to try them all or follow them all. Instead, she selects what she feels suits her aesthetic and works with that.

She understands that it takes time to achieve awesome color.

Her go-to colorist, Michael Canale, talked about changing Aniston’s tresses from blonde to brunette to blonde again. He detailed the steps and he shared that the secret is not to scrimp on the steps and not to rush it. As he handled Aniston’s hair color change, he did not plop on the desired hair color at once but slowly brought it one lighter hair color – or darker – at a time until they achieved the desired color.

She uses heat strategically.

When she is in a rush, she only blow dries her hair with her fingers at the roots and near the hairline. She knows the damage heat can do on hair. But when she has more time, then she uses a round brush to make her hair straighter.

She went for an unconventional blowout.

Her long-trusted friend and hair dresser, Chris McMillan, reveals that, for a magazine cover, he threw all the rules about blowouts out the window. “Bad blow dry” is what he calls it. He used different-sized round brushes to curl wet hair. And while the hair is half wet, half dry, he removes the brushes. This way, the hair curls but considers its natural form.

She does not wash her hair often.

Aniston is one who belongs to not shampooing their hair every day mentality. She uses Living Proof Night Cap and Dry Shampoo to keep her hair smelling fresh and clean even after 4 days of not washing. When Aniston does wash her hair, she never uses hot water. Only warm, to protect her hair color.