In Hollywood, it is quite commonplace for celebrities to go under the knife, and usually not for medical reasons. With all celebrities put under a microscope by the public, it is understandable that they feel very pressured to look carpet-ready every single minute, even if they are just doing a grocery run or going to the gym.

Jennifer Aniston is always in the public eye.

Jennifer Aniston is no exception. Voted People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2004 and 2016, and Men’s Health Magazine’s Sexiest Woman of All Time in 2011, everyone wants to be her. Whenever she changes her hairstyle and hair color, people go crazy and copy her. Every time she is in a relationship, people are obsessed about her being pregnant. And her personal appearance never goes unnoticed as well.

There has been a lot of speculation about her appearance. Has she or hasn’t she undergone plastic surgery? A lot of her old pictures are dug up, from her first TV appearance to her latest, just to prove and disprove it.

Augmentation mammoplasty or Breast augmentation

When Aniston first came out, it was quite obvious that her chest was almost non-existent. But looking at her now, her chest is fuller and she has a more visible and deeper cleavage. That is why she can get away with wearing those strapless dresses she loves so much. From a 34A she jumped to a 34C. Good thing that she did not go crazy greedy and got a ridiculous bust size. Her new chest size still looks natural and complements and emphasizes her svelte figure quite well.

Facial peels

Aniston has oh-so-smooth skin, just like most female celebrities thanks to laser facial peels. She has actually shared that she gets laser peels regularly to maintain her silky soft skin. These laser peels actually reduces wrinkles and blemishes, which explains Aniston’s youthful glow and minimal wrinkles. She says that the downtime is about 1 to 2 weeks. Her face looks burnt for a week then new skin is revealed.


There have been reports of using botox on her face too. It is plausible since botox reduces deep forehead lines but freezes the muscles too.


Rhinoplasty or Nose Job

If you compare Aniston’s picture in 1990 and 2017, it is quite noticeable that her nose was larger before. Looking at her pictures now, her bridge became thinner and sharper, and looked finer. Not that we are complaining. The change is not so big and too outrageous.

Aniston admitted to getting a nose job – a series of them, actually – to get it just right.

Lip augmentation

Rumors spread that Aniston also had her lips done. If you contrast her before and after pictures, Aniston had fuller lips when she first joined show business. But now, her lips look thinner. Some claim that she got a filler that was easily absorbed by the bloodstream and did not last very long. But it may also be part of the aging process. Did she or didn’t she? Your guess is as good as mine.


Chin implant

One of Aniston’s beautiful features is her chin. Did she have it done? Many allege that she got implants. Considering her old and new pictures, her chin looks less sharp now. Though many insist that she had work done, the change can be chalked to camera angling and the natural aging process of the face.


Since Aniston never confirmed nor denied any reports, the beholder is free to call it any which way.

Jennifer Aniston is not against Plastic Surgery by any means

In a nutshell, Aniston is not averse to running to science to improve what she has naturally. The great thing about it is that she never goes overboard and maintains a natural look to look healthy and radiant as she reaches her golden years.