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Jennifer Aniston is considered to have one of the sexiest feet and legs in Hollywood.  And she has quite the fitness and diet routine to accomplish that. 

Jennifer Aniston has legs that belong to a 20-year old

Her beautiful legs in an elegant white dress, sitting down.

Jen can get away with short dresses easily, as proven by the image above.

She can get away with wearing practically anything – short dresses, long dresses with thigh-high splits, shorts – because of her beautifully toned gams. Her toned legs give her a svelte silhouette when she hits the red carpet or just running around town. Aside from her smooth and silky skin, there are no scars or visible imperfections. Through her regular exercise (she does yoga), there is no excess skin or flab anywhere. You’ll think they are the legs of a 20-something.

Her feet are to be jealous of

Talking about her feet, it is inevitable to have visible veins. But her feet are moisturised well that you will not see any dry spot anywhere. No cracked heels here! She must have regular mani-pedis because her nails are always kept trim and clean. No crazy nail art. She sticks to classic nail polish colors. She also sports a simple ring around her middle toe for accessory. Perfect when she wears those sandals and stilettos.

Her feet in very high stiletto’s, also note the tattoo on her feet. It’s the only tattoo she has.

Who wouldn’t kill to have Jennifer’s feet and legs?