– in alphabetical order, sorted by last name

Anthony Abeson (high school acting coach) said:

“I wrote and asked her, ‘When was the last time you read Molière? He’s a brother of yours; and you must look at Tartuffe; the role of Dorine is a part you might want.’ And I also wanted her to read O’Neill, particularly Desire Under The Elms, where the part of the young wife is one she could do.”

“Jennifer wanted to be a serious actress and [her scene in Chekhov’s The Three Sisters] was a very serious scene but people laughed and was really bothered by that. Here she was trying to achieve some credibility I guess as a serious actress and people were laughing at it. Afterward, when we went through it, I sat her down and told her, ‘This is a wonderful gift you have.’ I really tried to make it clear to her that this was not something to be upset about, that it was really kind of marvellous that she had that ability but that she didn’t want to rely upon it to the exclusion of the development of her talent as a whole.”

“I am always saying in my classes that comedy springs from the truth and here is Jennifer doing Chekhov and she wasn’t lying, she wasn’t being fake, she wasn’t trying to be funny – she was being truthful and naturally funny.”

“A lot of actors are out of sync with the universe. The breath is coming in and out, the tides are coming in and out but some performers are just going out; when you are only going out – on exhale – you’re forced to be acting. It’s only when you’re taking in that you can abandon ‘acting’ and simply be reacting which is what we want. Jennifer naturally took in. She was always very generous towards other actors, revealing a benificial lack of ego.”

“It was another sign of her seriousness. A lot of kids graduate from Performing Arts and think, ‘Oh, I’ve got a driver’s licence to act,’ but Jennifer thought, ‘You know what, I want to get more training.’”

“It was very plucky of Jennifer I think to continue her studies downtown [on Lafayette Street] in some bizarre building with strangers. She’d been in a very safe, controlled environment but, as well as revealing a serious purpose, it displayed a sign of appetite. That’s something you can’t teach but which you’ve got to have to really succeed and realize potential. Jennifer was very generous and giving in the class. Even with no lines, she would, as we say, ‘feed’ him [fellow student Tom Cavanaugh, in a moving scene during his monologue]. She totally understood that being up there [on stage] was not about her but to help Tom. He began to connect to the idea that Jennifer was his child and that she was dying. Unfortunately he was so absorbed that when I gave him a direction he said, ‘What?’ shrugged his shoulders and hands and dropped poor Jennifer’s head on the floor. Bang! Many, many actresses would have been annoyed and would have shouted, ‘Why the hell did you drop me?’ or ‘Argh!’ Jennifer just laughed. Throughout the time I worked with her she was in no way a diva. She put on absolutely no airs.”

“What you see on TV is only one part of what Jennifer has got to offer. She can go much deeper.”

“Did you see what she wrote about me on my website? She was very generous about that. But the thing that’s remarkable, and something I can’t take credit for, is what she had when I met her. That story about doing Chekhov and people laughed; with your theater background, I’m sure you remember that Stanislavsky drove Chekhov crazy. Chekhov kept saying, “These are comedies!” Particularly with regard to Three Sisters, which is what Jennifer was working on at the time. Chekhov said, “You’re making my characters crybabies!” For decades and decades, this was one of the classic artistic nuts to crack: how to find the humor in Chekhov – which is very pastel and, admittedly, difficult to discover. And here was this kid who was a teenager at the time who just naturally solved it. It was remarkable! She just went in there and made Chekhov truthful, and she found the humor! That’s really astonishing! I can’t take credit for that. But what I also tried to share with Jennifer, and what I say to everybody, is, “Listen, that’s the kind of talent that deserves to work with the giants.” I would love to see her do Molière. I would love to see her tackle some of O’Neill’s heroines. But this is not the kind of culture that is really alive to the concept of developing talent; they’re much more alive to the concept of using it.”

“The audience found [Jennifer] hysterical [in a dramatic play]. Hysterically funny. But Jennifer was not happy. Something that was going to develop her ability to be a serious, dramatic actress had ended up [getting] laughter from the audience. And I sat her down and I said to her, ‘You were being truthful but you happened to be naturally funny.’ I said, ‘In fact, you’re so gifted comedically that you are going to be on a sitcom someday.’”

“Jennifer was in my acting classes after high school and I remember her, one night, after class, my wife came to pick me up and she asked Cherry, she said, ‘What do you think? I think about going to L.A. What do you think? Is that – you think I should? Is that a good idea?’ And my wife got busted, said, ‘Yeah! I think you should. I think you really have a shot.’”

Marie Ackerman (floral industry veteran) said:

“[Jennifer and Judy Greer] cleaned a bunch of roses [in preparation of their acting job in Love Happens.] They used real florist tools … and we spent time talking about using the right tool for the right job. [Each made a vase arrangement and] walked their final arrangement around to the crew proudly, ‘See what I made?’ Whenever there was something floral being done, I was there to watch the details and offer advice. [After arranging the floral shop for the movie, Jennifer walked onto the set and] smiled and said, ‘Wow, beautiful. This looks like a shop I would own.’ I think she really got the personal pride we all have in our businesses and how they are an expression of our creativity.”

Bryan Adams said:

“We shot this photo in the back of a parking lot in Los Angeles. Jennifer is so lovely, she was on the set of her new film (Friends with Money, co-starring Scot Cann) and was nearing the end of her day but there was an army waiting for her to get out of her trailer and into the car. Every time I arrange a shot with Jennifer there’s an issue with the paparazzi. Some of the longest lenses we’ve ever seen were being paraded around the streets near the set that day.”

Joey Lauren Adams (co-star in The Break Up) said:

“Jennifer is just a really down-to-earth, nice person. She’s very open.”

“I was going back and forth between LA and Chicago a lot during the shooting of The Break Up. Jennifer would give me free rides on the private plane that the studio let her use, which was really sweet and so generous. Jennifer went out of her way to befriend me – she went above and beyond. It never felt forced. She’s so honest and upfront. She’s not a person who has all these walls built up. You can see inside her – she’s very open, in a beautiful way. You’d think that after years and years in America’s living room and the sort of fame that brings, she’d become more distant from people for her own sanity. But she doesn’t say, ‘I’m going to shut myself off.’ Instead she says, ‘I’m still going to live my life.’”

Adele Adkins (known as Adele) said:

“I went for a wee with Jennifer Aniston in New York. Security wouldn’t let me in the toilet, I met her a year before with John Mayer, and she was like, ‘No, it’s fine, you can come in.’ We sat down and I could hear her, ‘Pssss.’ And then through the cubicle, she’s like, ‘How are you, honey?’ and I just called her Rachel. ‘I’m fine, thank you, Rachel.’ So I actually heard Jennifer Aniston’s piss come out.”

Ben Affleck (co-star in He’s Just Not That Into You) said:

“She always struck me as extremely smart, kind, and funny—and her talent is evident to all.”

“[I worked as an actor again in He’s Just Not That Into You because] it’s four days’ work. Four days you know? Directing, that’s years. Years. But four days? You’re in, you’re out. You know they asked, and I thought it was a funny script. And I wanted to work with Jennifer Aniston.”

Malin Akerman (co-star in Wanderlust) said:

“[Jen and Paul Rudd] are just dreamy. They’re lovely human beings and funny and you know, there’s a reason why people love them. And they’re right to love them because they’re talented, they’re humble, they’re funny, they’re all of the above. They’re kind of like these perfect people that you love so much.”

“Since I know this is gonna be a Jennifer Aniston love fest, I thought I’d come up here and tell you all the things that she’s not very good at. Cause nobody ever does that. So let me just start by saying that she’s not very good at being a bad actor, alright? She comes to set on time, she’s professional, she’s funny, she’s talented. So if you want a bad actor, it’s not Jennifer Aniston. The other thing she is really not very good at is being a diva, okay? When you want a diva, maybe you should try out, I don’t know, Mariah Carey? Jennifer is not that. She wants to be with everybody, she wants everybody to be equals, she’s telling everybody how terrific they are. So she’s definitely not a diva. There’s also the fact that she’s very, very bad at following direction. So if an invite clearly says, ‘Do not bring any gifts’, she shows up with gifts. So if you’re gonna invite her to a party, just know she’s really bad at following direction. And the other thing of course is, you know, she sends everyone amazing Christmas cards at Christmas and you know, instead of sending us a gift, she says that she’s gonna put money in your name to a charity, so she’s definitely not very good at being selfish. There#s a lot of things [she’s] not very good at. [She’s] gotta work on that.”

“But Jen did teach me one thing and that is if you put moonshine in a Smartwater bottle, then it looks like Smartwater and you can bring it on set and you can drink it on set. It’s great. So in all seriousness, I feel so honored to be up here. Jennifer is one of the loveliest human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting. She’s talented, amazing and so deserving of this star she’s getting tonight. She’s a true superstar. We love [her].”

“She’s talented. Funny as hell.”

“She’s good at just going with a gut feeling.”

“Jennifer and Paul [Rudd] are amazing. It’s so interesting because I always find whoever is the lead in the film, they sort of create the tone for the film. And I couldn’t imagine better people to create a lovelier tone. I mean, they both just – I was shocked, to be honest with you. Not because I didn’t expect it but it just went beyond my expectations to meet Jennifer. She’s just so lovely and pure and loving and so interested in people. And truly interested. Just a great collaborator and everybody is an equal and you know, we’re all here because we love this project. You just feel that vibe, you know?”

“The turnout is amazing although I have a feeling a lot of [the fans] are here for Jen [at the Wanderlust premiere].”

“[Jen and Justin Theroux are] both lovely people so I’m really happy for them. I think it’s great. It’s always fun when people find love. You’re always happy for people who are in love.”

“At that point [the entire cast of Wanderlust] were just friends. That all happened after the fact because he was with someone at the moment. There was a lot of respect happening. I guess it was sort of like being at a commune. We all were living together. Every weekend we would hang out. Karaoke together.”

“I have a little personal relationship with Jennifer Aniston and Katherine Heigl, so I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for those two lovely ladies [to win at the People’s Choice Awards] – just two wonderful, all around great actresses and wonderful people.”

“We were living in little log cabins [when we were shooting Wanderlust], and it was as if we were out there camping. It really was one of those magical films. It kind of felt like we had all known each other forever.”

“We kept in touch ever since [shooting Wanderlust], and we have dinner whenever we can.”

“Jennifer doesn’t even look at the tabloid magazines. It was interesting because after we shot Wanderlust, there was something in the tabloids about how she wants people to be 20 feet away from her and no one is allowed to talk to her. Well, that would be pretty impossible… She’s so loving. It’s just fascinating how there’s so much BS out there.”

“Guys, get out there! Nab her! She is every guy’s dream.”

“Jennifer is one of my favorite people now. Not only is she an extraordinary actress, she is such a loving, genuine woman and fun. You want her to be your best friend. She’s amazing.”

“It’s funny, because I kind of expected her to be amazing. I would have been more surprised if she hadn’t been the great, down-to-earth girl that she is.”

“[She’s] amazing. She is an incredible woman in every area of life. She’s just so giving and wonderful with both feet on the ground. Just lovely, really exceptional.”

“[Might Jen appear topless in Wanderlust?] There’s a very big maybe, yes… One of the cast members is a nudist. I am not the nudist!”

“[It was] an amazing love fest. We all really got along, and it was nice to be in such a small town and you end up having dinner together and hanging out. Lot of karaoke!”

Laura Allen said:

“She was wonderful. Her character drops two big bombshells on mine — two major pieces of information — in the season finale. She plays a rival magazine editor to Courteney’s, and they have it in for each other and apparently have a romantic past.”

Kirstie Alley said:

“I like the healthy thin side, that’s what I admire in others. A perfect example is Jennifer Aniston. I think she has an incredibly beautiful body. I think she looks healthy. I don’t think it’s too skinny.”

John Aniston (her father) said:

“She’s doing extremely well.”

“I don’t think any father who knows anything about this business would be thrilled to have a daughter in it. I wanted her to go to college, and she just didn’t want to. She was anxious to get on with it. Once she decided what she wanted to do, she was very driven.”

“She was visiting me when I was doing Search for Tomorrow (a tv series in which he starred from 1978-1984) and she was in the actors lounge. And Jen was on the phone and she’s saying, ‘Bobby, now listen…’ I realize she’s talking to my agent. She’s called my agent to get an audition for a job.”

“Greeks like to eat. Jennifer was built like an Aniston.”

“The pressure on her is unbelievable, but she handles it with aplomb.”

“She has a bit of that [girl-next-door] quality. But you should be so lucky to find a girl next door like her.”

“I’d never tell anyone to pick this career, including my daughter. You realize about five percent of actors make a living. And the other 95 percent have jobs as waiters and whatever and have to do something else. So it’s a very difficult profession. And you have to be very fortunate. And fortunately for her, she is very talented.”

“She told me [she wanted to be an actress] when she was in ninth grade. She came to me one day and told me she wanted to go to Performing Arts high school in New York. And I said, ‘What? Be an actor?’ She said, ‘Yes.’ And it was June, I think, or April and the auditions for the school were in February. I said, ‘I don’t know if you’re going to be able to get in now because you have to audition. No way you can get into that school without auditioning.’ And we finally managed to arrange an audition for her and she got in.”

“I like them all. Friends, of course, went on for years and [she] had some wonderful shows on Friends. But I like all of her work.”

“I think she got plenty of Greek inculcated into her from my mother. From her yaya [‘grandmother’ in Greek.] They were very close. And the rest of the family. The family is all very Greek.”

Nancy Aniston said:

“We had a misunderstanding and it caused the usual kind of anger. This was a little more intense and it seemed that it would go on. Longer than the normal misunderstanding.” (from 2000)

“Through an agreement I had made with the producers of the show, the interview was to be restricted to the Waldorf Method Of Teaching [the system that had educated Jennifer], it was not to be about my celebrity daughter! [They cut out all the scenes that where about the school and only showed those ones with the comments about Jen.] I was livid. [When Jen called to say that she’ll never forgive me] Jen’s voice was so distorted with rage I didn’t recognize it.”

“I knew on some level that I had lost Jennifer forever…” (September 1999)

Judd Apatow said:

“[Jen and Justin Theroux] do bring out [the best in each other]. It was a very happy set. They were in Georgia in the boonies, it was like going to summer camp. It was fantastic. It was really fun, when we made it they weren’t dating at the time. […] I was glad to hang out with them.”

“Jennifer was really excited about doing something more extreme in comedy and she certainly got her opportunity. She’s, you know, one of the most gifted comedy actresses of all time, so it’s fun to combine her with Paul [Rudd] ’cause they’re such good friends. They’ve worked with each other before and when people have that chemistry to start, I think it’s a lot more enjoyable to put through this nightmare situation.”

“[Jennifer was] just easy. That’s why people like her and like working with her so much.”

“I actually met her when I was a young man 20 years ago. She dated a friend of mine, so I’ve seen her from a distance on and off. And she’s always been an incredibly funny person. She really is what she appears to be. She is just a great person who really is skilled at what she does and is hilarious!”

Christina Applegate said:

“I hope ‘f$ck’ was part of [Jennifer’s] response [to Bill O’Reilly’s criticism].”
Drew Barrymore said:
“I agree 100%.”
Christina Applegate said:
“I was raised by a single parent and there are children in orphanages who need to be adopted and if someone’s going to step up to the plate and do it, who cares if they’re single, if they’re gay. There’s somebody out there who needs you and needs to be loved, so…”

Christina Applegate said:

“Backstage [at the “Stand up to Cancer” benifit event], Jennifer Aniston said something like, ‘I don’t like having to see my three girlfriends up there, but I am so proud of you.’ That was nice.”

“It was great to work with Jennifer and be around Friends one last time.”

Miguel Arteta (director of The Good Girl) said:

“I told her there’d be no makeup, her hair would be dirty and it would be intense from the start.”

“Surprisingly, Jennifer, who comes from a bigger budget world, led the spirit on set. She encouraged everyone to feel like it was a special thing we were doing, to enjoy and appreciate it.”

“[For her role] there was minimal makeup, and her hair was just like someone who has given up. She was game.”

“Yes, it was fun to cast her in this part [in The Good Girl]. When we were first looking for Justine, we were like,’well, where are the dark, independent actresses that could do this?’ But suddenly, we were like, ‘Let’s go the other way! Jennifer Aniston! America’s Sweetheart!”

“We were so excited to think about her, I mean, I think she’s a comic genius, and I think she’s done really good work. A little movie that she made called Office Space convinced me that she could do this. And you know, it just would be fun to see her do all this morally ambiguous stuff. We gave her the script, and she was a fan of Chuck and Buck, so she read it. She read it overnight, which people in Hollywood never do, and she called us the next day and said, ‘I love it, I love it. I think this is a great script, but I just have one question: do you have the right address? Were you really thinking about me for this..?’ But she was ready. After eight years of doing Friends, she wanted to do something that was different, and she had been looking. She said to me, ‘I’d been looking for my Ordinary People.’ You know, like Mary Tyler Moore did…”

“I think that she would be the first one to recognize that Friends has become almost a brand name and something that she has to play against. But she really believed in this script. You know, she knew what it was like to feel trapped… and she worked her way up to stardom, and she physically gave herself to the role in a way that was amazing… ’cause she’s a very animated, happy person.”

“She wore ankle weights and wrist weights for three weeks before we made the movie to teach her body to slump. And there were many times on the set when I would look at her between takes and she was sitting on her hands. She really gave herself emotionally to the part. It was very different and very challenging. You know, she’d never had a sex scene on screen before? And here she was having sex with Jake Gyllenhaal, Tim Blake Nelson and John C. Reilly! And some of the sex was pretty outrageous, you know, Tim Blake Nelson’s character is blackmailing her…”

“I knew she could do it. She has what every director wants from a dramatic actress, which is an open heart.”

“She was behind her cosmetic counter in between takes and there is this old lady walking in, thinking it’s a real store. And, you know, didn’t realize it was Jennifer Aniston. I looked at that and was like, ‘Jennifer is gonna pull this off.’”

“She was a little nervous [about her first love scene].”

“The good thing is, when she came to the set, she really just gave herself to the whole thing. I didn’t feel as though we were dealing with a super-celebrity, or anything like that, she was just part of the ensemble.”

“She’s incredibly beautiful, but it’s not other-wordly beauty, like a Sharon Stone. She’s very relatable.”

“[Jake Gyllenhaal and Jennifer] are subtle actors. They’re great. They’re amazing. That is why you gotta cast Jennifer Aniston in this part. To hear her deliver a line like that. Yeah, she’s awesome.”

“She had all these funny people around her with funny stuff to do around her, and she’s such a comic genius, she could go head to head with you guys. But she was really restrained.”

“She’s not harsh in real life. This was pretty intense, talking about ‘who needs a fucking baby anyway.’ It was pretty intense.”

“[Jennifer and Jake Gyllenhaal] had never done a full-on love scene before. They were both screen virgins. I’m really grateful for their trust to go ahead and really put themselves into this. I can’t imagine being an actor. It must be insanely absurd and hard.”

“[Jennifer and John C. Reilly] were very comfortable. They shot this scene at the end of the schedule. They were, like, ‘This scene is going to be a piece of cake.’”

“She’s really into it, as a performer. She’s really amazing. It was really amazing that she got how restrained this part had to be. There wasn’t much discussion about it on the set. She just came prepared in a way that just seemed to make sense.”

“I love the walk she made for the character. She came to the set with all these ideas, and it was great.”

“It’s amazing what she got across with this close-up, here. It’s like you almost get it all from just this look, here. Directing is weird, how you get these people to act things out and they don’t seem like part of you.”

“You do want [Justine, Jennifer’s character] to get caught, but you’re also, like… you know, because of Jennifer’s performance, you’re hoping that she gets what she wants. This was a very intense day on the set. We did this scene and the next one, where they’re crying. They spent the whole day crying. All morning. All afternoon. We shot close-ups for this scene, but this was an instance where they’re worn out and you’re just… The two of them [Jen and John C. Reilly] are really great. It’s a two-and-a-half minute take. They go from comedy to drama. Back and forth. All within this take. It was great. It was a treat. I remember, my lawyer was on set and her cell phone went off in the middle of this scene. John was, like, ‘My God, how could you do that to me?’ I felt so bad. She felt so bad. I’m really proud we were able to do it in one shot.”

“She can do great dramatic work. But in a way, The Good Girl is the first role that has a real wide range of emotions all in one movie.”

“I was amazed. It was a physical transformation. She’s a very happy, animated person in real life. She’s the emotional center of the movie.”

“She reminds me of Mary Pickford, who, even though she was glamorous, played regular people, seemed very approachable and had an uncanny knack for physical comedy and drama.”

Alan Arkin said:

“I had a great time. I loved working with [Owen and Jennifer].”

“I have to admit it, she looks great. My initial reaction was, God, I wish I had a tie like that.”

Courteney Cox Arquette said:

“I was just at the airport the other day and there was a picture of Jennifer talking about her twins. It’s just ridiculous, I mean she’s not having twins. She does have a new puppy however and it’s really cute.”

“We’re very close. Having dinner with her tonight.”

“Jennifer Aniston can remember every episode of Friends, what we were wearing, what we said, what we were doing while we said it.”

“It was amazing and fun — just everything about it was fantastic. I don’t know how long we’d planned [for Jennifer to guest star on Cougar Town], it was something that Bill [Lawrence, Cougar Town’s co-creator] — I remember in the summer she was over and he was like, ‘It would be so great if she could do the show and do the opening episode,’ but she was doing a lot of films and we had to try to film it in a time that she was going to be around and have a day off. She was so busy last year. But it was great, I’m so glad that it happened.”

“Jen’s been a great friend and we’ve grown up together over the years. She’s very involved in Coco’s life.”

“We just were trying to find something that would be fun for her to play and she wanted to be a character — something that kind of would be kooky and fun, and that [role of my character’s therapist] seemed to be the right job for her.”

“I’m so sure I’m not in a fight with Jen. I don’t even need to call her and say, ‘Are we in a fight?’ because I’m positive. Even if I haven’t talked to her all week, I know I’m not in a fight with Jen.”

“Well, I remember meeting Jennifer at the – before the table read [of Friends] – we met at the, when you read for the network. [With Matt LeBlanc], the three of us. And I just remember thinking that Jennifer was so friendly and warm. It was just nice to – there was no – she’s just not competitive at all, just so sweet.”

“I don’t think she will come back on [Cougar Town]. That is the busiest woman ever. I would love it if she wanted to.”

“[For her 40th birthday party,] there [were] so many… I’ve never seen so many people in my life, it’s… If all those people had brought presents [on that day], then she wouldn’t be able to close the door.”

“She is truly my friend. I love that girl more than anything.”

“I mean, I think she looks so beautiful. She’s wearing very little makeup and her hair looks fantastic and her body is amazing. I mean, it’s just really rare. That you can be that beautiful without any or very little makeup. She just looks gorgeous.”

“I would say that – I love a lot of the Friends [crew], but do I spend the most time with Jennifer and is she my closest friend of the Friends? Yes, I will say that. I see Jennifer all the time.”

“[When Friends ends], I hope we will keep in touch, but girls are better at that than guys generally.”

“I’d love for her to be on the show [Cougar Town], too. Obviously we can’t cast her so close to Lisa [Kudrow]‘s appearance. But I’d love for her to be on the show. We talk all the time, mostly on BlackBerry, and see each other almost every weekend. She’s younger than me so she can’t play my contemporary, even though she did on Friends. But if there’s a great part for her, I’d send it right away.”

“Here’s what I remember [from the days of Friends]: putting a Turkey on my head in a Thanksgiving episode. I do remember a monkey running around on set because I’m not a big fan of animals touching me, so that stands out. And I remember certain lines, like Jennifer saying, ‘Monica just broke my seashell lamp!’ Or when Lisa said, ‘Nest-lay Toool House.’ Because that was so funny.”

“[Jennifer and David Schwimmer] have a lot of chemistry together. [They] play off each other so great.”

“She is so busy, but I’m sure at some point she would [play a part on Cougar Town. She would play] something fantastic, something she would just have a blast doing.”

“She’s already directed a short film [Room 10]. She’s amazing. [A film directed by her] would be great.”

“A lot of time I just go to her house and have pizza. She has great, close girlfriends and we all hang out and talk. She comes over on the weekends and stays with me at the beach.”

“We just have fun, we laugh, we’re inseparable and it’s great. It’s funny, a lot of really close friends are kind of going through this [separation or divorce] right now or like Jennifer [who] has gone through it. I don’t know what’s going on in the planets or what, but things are being shaken up and I don’t know what’s going to happen, but, yeah, Jennifer has been amazing for sure.”

“[Working on Cougar Town together] just felt like fun. It didn’t feel like Monica and Rachel at all, which is great because our characters are so different. But it felt natural and we had a ball. I doubt [that she will be back.] Maybe. She literally did, I think, four movies this year, so she is just going to be…”

“Jennifer loves [performing in front of a live audience.] She was in New York last week doing a play reading. I thought, ‘Why would you do that? It is horrible.’ For me, it is too much pressure. I think I am a high anxiety person. I do better when there is a controlled number of people around me that I know and I feel safe and then I am free.”

“[My daughter,] Coco calls her Noona, which is Greek for godmother; they see each other and play together every weekend. The other day Jen came over with her yoga teacher and Coco stuck it out for an hour doing yoga with them!”

“Every Sunday we have people over to our house. David does the barbecuing, and we have a fantastic chef, Patrice, who makes great salads, vegetables and fish. Sunday is my favourite time because it’s really about friends. And, yes, Jen’s there just about every Sunday.”

“We’ve known each other nearly 15 years now, we grew up together emotionally. I lost my father, Jen got divorced, and I had a baby. We’ve been through huge life changes together. I can be myself around her. We never judge each other, we support each other, but we’re honest with each other too. I feel lucky to have her.”

“I want for Jen whatever she wants; she’s really happy at the moment, so I don’t have to worry about her.”

“It doesn’t surprise me [that critics liked Jennifer in The Good Girl]. She’s an amazing actress and she had the opportunity to show what she can do, so… Yeah, she’s fantastic.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s what girls do. We talk a lot. Yeah, we probably had lunch with each other almost every day for ten years.”

“I remember the last episode of Friends. There was – her best friends were all in the front row and I just thought, ‘That’s just so great.’”

“She’s a great dramatic actress, she’s a great comedienne. She’s – she can play any character, so I think the sky is no limit for her.”

“I met Jennifer [for the first time] down at the network and she was so sweet.”

“I have close friends asking if we are having a fight. We are not. She’s my friend and I love her dearly.”

“I don’t know if I’ve had an easier ride [than Jennifer when it comes to the press], but I can say that Jennifer has a lot to deal with on a daily basis – more than probably anyone I’ve ever met. I think it might be getting a little better now, but for a while her life was expected to be everyone’s life.”

“Just be there. There’s nothing else you can do [to help Jennifer in this situation]. Look, I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I usually don’t talk about Jennifer in interviews. People should stop worrying about her life. I could talk about just how great she’s doing at the moment, but then it’s just an interview about her. I understand your position because her world is so public but, well, I can tell you we’re both very fortunate to have each other.”

“We’re shooting [the finale episode of Dirt, in which Jennifer will appear] this Thursday – I can’t wait. We’ll have a ball. We’re just going to have fun.”

“It is really not a big deal to kiss [Jennifer].”

“I am not saying don’t tune in to watch Jennifer on the show, because she is fantastic and you get to see us together again, but if you think it is just about a major make-out session, you will be disappointed.”

“Our first (assistant director) on Friends wanted us to [kiss]. In order for us to get a later call time, (the assistant director) dared us to kiss once and we thought about it. For the whole year we would get a later call time. We didn’t do it, no.”

“When she first arrived [on the set of Dirt] everyone was really quiet. It was like they were giving her respect and I was like, ‘This is my bud Jen. Come on people, let’s have some fun.’ And by day two everyone was more loose, and by day three we were having a ball.”

“Let me tell you. That girl cuts up just as much as the rest of us. She is very fun and she’s goofy and she is just a doll. She is a great fun person with a great sense of humor.”

“Can I say, in my defense, I have no memory, I’ve had a kid, so you don’t remember anything anyway and Jennifer can tell me exactly what I wore the day I auditioned for Friends. She’s a freakoid.”

“She loves [Dirt]. She thought it was beautifully shot, and she knows this is a show that is fun and not to be taken seriously.”

“Jennifer said she’s not opposed to [doing a Friends reunion]. When we say ‘reunion’… do a little thanksgiving episode, sure… why not what are we all doing? It sounds fun. Jennifer and I talk about it because we love each other and we hang out all the time. Why not do it? Will it happen? It’s a lot of different people to get into the room, its a whole big thing, so the chances of it happening is so slim. But would Jennifer and I? Sure, we’ll eat some turkey together.”

“Every single day she eats a salad and she orders it the exact same way. Light on garbanzo beans, turkey and some kind of lemon dressing made by a wonderful craft-services woman we call Mama, and pecorino cheese – Jennifer’s favorite.”

“I know the paparazzi are really tough on her, as far as just being able to go someplace without having her picture taken. But she’s doing great. I don’t know what they’re printing now, but she has a great life.”

“Jennifer really is a great sent to a lot of people. She’s never changed, even with her fame.”

“I remember the last episode of Friends. There was… her best friends were all in the front row and I just thought, ‘That’s so great.’”

“She played Rachel in a kind of, like a little bit of a dizzy way, a little spoiled, a little – she had all these layers to her and she’s so likable that it just – it worked. I mean, you really loved that character.”

“We had fun. We had a lot of little cat fights when we were playing those characters. Rachel and Monica would fight over things.”

“She just sent me the most beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day, but I don’t know [if Jennifer and Vince are getting married]. They have fun, I’ll say that much. They spend a lot of time laughing.”

“She’s a real girl’s girl. Guys love her, but women really love her and are not threatened by her. It’s a really good sign when someone has a lot of good girlfriends.”

“We had such a great time together and I love them both so much. We went through relationships and breakups together, through my marriage to David and my father dying. Those relationships are really sacred. I can trust Jennifer and Lisa [Kudrow] with anything.”

“I love this picture. First of all, I think Jake Gyllenhaal is the cutest thing in the world. And then Jennifer’s expression is just so Jennifer to me. And I had just seen her movie, and I was so blown away. That’s probably what I was saying to her, how wonderful she is, and she was probably saying, ‘You’re so sweet.’”

“Jennifer can be a little distracted. Like her character (Rachel). But she’s so warm and funny. It’s impossible not to like this girl.”

“She’s a very deep person. She’s had a complex life, and it’s not just been easy, which makes her extremely compassionate. Jennifer’s been through so many things, with relationships and family, things that have made her stronger. But she also has tremendous feelings. That’s what makes her so interesting. We kind of have a pact. If anything ever bothers us, we don’t hold it in for one second. Bottom line is that I trust her implicitly and the reason why I love her so much is that I feel very safe with her. Always.”

“I never have to say, ‘Are you mad?’ and she doesn’t have to say, ‘Are you upset with me?’”

“Sometimes I can’t believe that we’ll spend the whole day at work and then, let’s say, we get out of work a little early and there’s time to go get something to eat – and we’ll actually do that! I say, ‘We should split up, go somewhere else, see some other people.’ But we don’t. It’s pathetic. I know.”

“She’s one of the most loving, caring people I know. No matter what’s going on with me, I know I can talk to her, and she would never judge.”

“Jennifer is going to be an amazing mom. She has a huge, huge heart. You never have to wonder where you stand with her. She’s completely loyal. Even if she disagrees with you, she stands behind you. I think all those things will make her a great mom. They sure make her a great friend. I love, love, love her.”

“Jennifer is an amazing actress, and I love her so much. She is such a real person, and she has so much talent it’s unbelievable. Watching her play the dramatic parts on Friends and in other roles, and then doing the comedy in such an ethereal way, it’s just fantastic. She’s like my sister. I adore that girl. She’s my friend for life.”

“I was so jealous when I went to her house once and she was actually watching the sunset. She has a beautiful rose garden, and she takes things in. I’m too busy puttering and moving around. She has an amazing love of life.”

“I love her so much I can’t see straight. I’m very proud of her.”

“She’s one of my favorite people in the whole world, and always will be. One of my best friends.”

“Everybody talks about her hair. Don’t get me wrong, she has great hair! There’s just more to her than that.”

“Jennifer and Lisa are both two of my closest friends. I love them so much.”

“I don’t have the same qualities that Jennifer has. We have the same morals and sense of humour, but we’re different in many ways. If I had played Rachel, she would be more neurotic, whereas I think Jennifer has made her sexy, fun-loving, a little absentminded, and ethereal. I’ve got to tell you, I love the character of Rachel and I think there’s no one better to play her than Jennifer.”

“Yes, we truly are [all friends]. We all say it. Today, when I wasn’t feeling well, the first person I spoke to this morning was Jennifer.”

“Jennifer gives me good advice a lot. So does Lisa (Kudrow), but David (Schwimmer) gave me the best advice in my life when he said I should ‘be true to myself – and be true to the importance of your wish or want.’ Jennifer always encourages me to be like that, too.”

“[I’m at the premiere of The Good Girl] because one of my best friends in the whole wide world has a new movie and I have to see it!”

“She completely transformed. And, of course, she can because she’s a great actress. People think it’s hard for us, but it’s really not. The hard part is just getting the opportunity to play other roles [like Jen did with The Good Girl]. We’re not really our [TV] characters and I know people don’t believe that.”

David Arquette said:

“Jennifer loves the show [Dirt]. She’s already like, ‘What am I going to do? We were like, ‘Okay, if you came on the show, would you want to play yourself, or do we write a fantastic character for you, or you know maybe you take Dirt down?’ We’ll think of something good if it happens.”

“Jennifer’s great. When the marriage [between Jennifer and Brad Pitt] ended, it was sad.”

“[Jennifer and Vince Vaughn] dated, they really cared about each other.”

“Jennifer is the greatest girl. Those magazines, they take something and it’s working for them so they play it out, but she’s not really that sad about the whole thing. She’s the greatest, she’s such a sweetheart, she’s so funny.”

“I don’t think Jennifer hates [Angelina Jolie], I don’t think it’s like that. The way they depict it is completely wrong. She’s a very strong woman, she’s totally solid and she’s just got a great attitude.”

“My wife and Jen are a great support system for each other, it’s fun to even look at them.”

“They became real friends while playing them on TV. That won’t end because the show is going off the air. They can’t just turn that off.”

Nelson Aspen (celebrity interviewer) said:

“How gorgeous Jen Aniston is… Very funny and generous interviewee too. We go way back to when I worked with her dad on soaps.”

“Jen and Adam [Sandler] couldn’t have been more sweet and playful. Love them both to bits.”