We were already wondering if the October 7 release date for Wanderlustmight have been moved to January when Jennifer mentioned that month during the UK press junket once or twice.

In this podcast ( The Plug-In Drug ), David Wain, Ken Marino (the guys behind Wanderlust) and Paul Rudd talk about a release date. January 13, according to them. The host points out that IMDb still lists it for October but they agree that IMDb is not that reliable when it comes to that type of information. So if that’s true, mark your calendars.

And don’t be too disappointed. Lifetime already ran a trailer for Five, the film anthology about the impact of breast cancer, at the Summer TV Tour on July 27. It will premiere October 10 on Lifetime!

Patricia Clarkson plays Mia in the part Jennifer directed and had such nice things to say about Jen, “It’s a radical journey I take in this little 20 minutes that I’m still recovering from, and I could never have done that without Jennifer Aniston. She makes light in the dark, on camera and off. It was so emotional and physically so brutal for me at times, and I would look at her and there was such compassion. It was quite moving to me at moments. I would’ve never wanted to do this with anyone else. She understood the humor of this character. She understood the physical demands that I had going on in this character. We would play a scene and she always had some remark or suggestion, and sometimes surprising things, she would say to me.”